Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Out With The Old And In With The New...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

We can all start this New Year with a clean slate...
We can start each day with a clean slate...

Out with the old and in with the new!

I have always loved a new journal or a new pen,
Crisp and clean.

I have always liked new beginnings...

We have the ability to do and be and give and respond;
Like never before.

Are you a man pleaser?
Or do you want to please God?

This world has turned into a me program;
Beware and keep your heart pointed to true North
The star that has kept many that have gone adrift;

Say no to the distractions that keep you busy with no real direction!

If you know the Lord there will be a leading to what He has for you!

Restored relationships!
Closer walk with the Lord!
Getting your house in order!
Learning a new skill to better your home life!
Being available to your husband!
Learn to take pleasure and enjoy the moment!

Shake the dust off your feet...
Have ears to hear and eyes to see, 

Awake and smell the coffee!
Do not embrace another year to become more like the world;
But rather desire and strive to be the women, wife and mother that will hear;
One day, well done good and faithful servant,
Work while it is yet day!

Blessings to each and every one of you that desire the encouragement
To each other, to be a Godly woman!
For it is truly a worthy calling!

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Little Sadness As Another Holiday Cheer Ends...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

There is just something about a soft light of a candle;
But my favorite is a string of twinkling lights...

I must share with you a deep sense of sadness that came over me today.
We decided to take down the Christmas tree and decorations;
As we had the thought it would be good to start the 
New Year out with the house in order and fresh and tidy!

Yes, it was a good idea, but the feelings and emotion of sadness
Just came over me, but I did find myself weeping a few tears.

I always feel such a sweet and tender range of thoughts and emotions at
this time of the year...
I know that it is such a busy time of year;
But there are so many memories attached to Holidays...

The house looked oh so lonely with all the snowmen put away
No more jack frost nipping at my nose!
All the red and white and golden tinsel put into a box and put away!

All my old fashion Santas are packed away!
My tree is down and the needles swept up...
Oh, what a very sad day!

One thing I do to console myself and to keep some Christmas cheer
All year round, is to keep two separate strands of the multi colored lights up.
I place one at the bottom of my mantel and the other is on top
of my kitchen cabinets over my stove.

So whenever I need the soft and comforting light, I just turn them on!
My Mother-in-law always had a strand over her kitchen sink.
She used them as a night light until bedtime.

I also have been using those fake candles with timers on them.
I place one in the kitchen window and some on the tables.

I am missing the Christmas songs and presence under the tree!
I must tell you all this;
I took pleasure in every detail of Christmas this year!
I did a bit of sewing and some baking!
I did get a few Christmas cards sent out!

So as we say goodbye to another Christmas,
I pray you all heard the bells on Christmas Day!

We never know what the New Year will hold...
Live each day by taking pleasure
 And holding memories close to your heart...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Gift...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The Lord Indeed gives what is good.
~Psalms 85:12~

Our God does give many, many gifts.
And in the course of our lives, I believe many gifts go;

How different this world would be and I own lives if we started
 Viewing all the good things of our lives

If we would start with the small and insignificant things:
All those things that bring us pleasure!
Start looking at these things as love gifts from our Father.

Dear Lord, may I not have an ungrateful heart!
May my eyes not be blinded to your kindness!

If there was one gift I want to give myself is this prayer...
"Thank you for your sovereign love;
 That is revealed in the little details of my life."

I do not want to go through life being unaware of
Gifts from my heavenly Father...

I think it is the same as when we give gifts to our children,
We do hope that they will tell us thank you!

So we are his children, and I know we are a blessing to Him
when we give Him thanks...

Good Will is a powerful thing...
Give Gifts
Give Thanks

Much Love To You All
"Living From Glory To Glory"

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Little Pins And Little Tree And A Little Giving Goes A Very Long Way...

Just a Little...

I am always amazed at how much a little can mean to someone!

Just a little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down!

She was cooking and baking and wrapping all day;
She lives to make her house a home.
She answers the question at ten times a day,
Yes, Christmas is on its way!

She makes every effort to put a twinkle in each person's eye.
She smiles and wonders how she will make it through another day!

The joys of being the one who makes Christmas special...

Oh, how I pray for all those special women who have the bare
Minimum to make their Christmas cheer.

Life is not easy for many,
 they feel the stretch and the lack and some cupboards are bare.

I have prayed that someone out there will become aware 
and give a special gift to someone unaware of a little help coming
Their WAY

If you can be a little bit of help to someone near you,
It is not too late to give a gift and little help...

A little given in much love;
Is better than many with little love!

I am reminded of the widows mite;
She gave all she had!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Family Circle...

Good Morning...

Christmas each and every year seems to come more quickly,

Yet, I have found a deep sense of peace in the process this year!

It really goes back to not allowing the worlds commercialism to rule.

We have the ability to stop and do what is important!

Every Christmas has a great potential to teach us the real truths!
God and His Son, given to us as a gift, a babe wrapped in a manger!

Why do we blow it all up and try to act super human?

Taking two lovely, godly young mothers out to lunch today,
I want to give them a moment to breath and relax...

Helping each other to do things in a way that breed love and family!

Is your Husband feeling the comfort and joy coming from you?
Is your home peaceful and Christmas softly playing in the background?

Do you have a few sweets in the freezer?

Have you watched Christmas movies as a family!

Have you read the Christmas story yet?

Well, no worries...
Just enjoy this most wonderful time of the year!

Give Your Husband what he really wants for Christmas
Give Your Children what they really need for Christmas

We are a family, because God put us together!
We are part of God's family if you are His child!

Blessings, to each of you!
Take a deep breath and sing;

JOY to the world, the Lord has come!

Just file away all those  wonderful Christmas ideas for next year!

Merry Christmas
Living From Glory To Glory

Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Cookie Formula...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

 Sugar and Butter And A Few Cups Of Flour + Love = Cookies

Just A thought from my heart to yours today!

Cookies and gifts galore, or very simple and quaint...
I think many of us have looked at the simple and sweet things
 That makes Christmas special!

Spend time in the kitchen baking and decorating is so very therapeutic;
We need the warmth and the feel of dough in our hands...
Stirring and cracking and measuring and rolling out the dough
Then bring out the cherished cookie cutters. So many shapes 
Stars and Bells And Angels, And Christmas Tree's
 Can bring comfort and a sense of HOME...

This world was created accurately and with form. No element missing.
We have a recipe for cookies that bring a few simple elements together.
That creates a very sweet and simple enjoyment that gives joy.

We can lose sight of what is really important!

Give, and it will be given back;
In smiles and awe, saying this is so good...
Thank you so much for thinking of me!

It is in what we had to everything we do that makes it special!

So many of us together really do change the world;
Maybe for me it is one cookie at a time...

I am what I am by the grace of God!

One cookie One step in His direction daily
Makes a woman very wise!

Okay, it is time to share the name of your favorite cookie that you 
"Bake This Time Of Year"

Thank You ALL for coming to my Home
Living From Glory To Glory...

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Candle And Preparing To Be A Homemaker...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

The Candle Stick

A candle placed within a candelabra, or a simple candle holder.
Can cause a soft and loving atmosphere.
It has always been a very visual and symbolic picture of being the source of light!

Years ago these were the only source of light used as it was carried from room to room.
I think the use of those tapered candles for the home lighting, were very simple.
Yet they were a major item of a home.

The making of these candles was a very big job and needed to be completed
In a timely fashion. It did take a long process to make them.
They would have to use quality ingredients.
And to also make enough to get through the long winter nights.

I believe when a young maiden fills their Hope Chest;
They know that they will need a strong and sturdy candle holder!
Having the actual candles will be an ongoing need.
But the holder was something that needed to be unbreakable,
Yet, lovely and functional!

And as a contrast
We are carriers of the light as lady's we must shine with love.
We will need to be strong;
And not easily broken or haphazardly put together.
One thing we can be certain of as we walk and live out our calling;
We can either be a bright and happy light that fills a room with joy.
Or a dark shadow of doubt and worry.

We must try to be a positive light for others to see the love of Jesus in us!
For He has asked us to let this light shine…

Keep your candles and candlesticks handy!
For as soon as the sun starts to set we will need them to make
All the rooms of our hearts bright and filled with light.

I have always loved how the word tells us to expose the darkness!
Allow the Lord to work in your heart to keep the flame flickering brightly!

He is our only HOPE…

Monday, December 14, 2015

Doing Life Together "I'll Be Home For Christmas If Only In My Dreams"...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Doing Life Together...

We all know that doing things with another is so much easier and enjoyable!

It can even be a very simple task or even the hard things;
Doing it with someone we love or care about is so much better.

When we have someone to talk and perform a job with just makes the
Burden lighter or easier!

We were not created to be alone!
But rather to do life with our families...

Just having another person in our homes can help drive the quiet away.
And believe me, I love my peace and quiet!

But when you have someone to eat with or to do some baking with;
It just makes life special!

When you are young and your children are young you never even think about
Being alone or by yourself for hours or even days at a time.
But trust me as you become an empty nester or just are in a new season.
Or the worst emptiness is the loss of a loved one!

We need our loved ones close or to live close!
We need holidays spent with our multi-generational families.
We need each and every generation;
They all bring a dynamic that is needed!

God told Adam, It is not good for man to be alone;
So God created him a helper...
Look, we all need to be a helper and to have a helper!
I am not just referring to husband and wife here...

I say this because this is the time of year that loss and loneliness is at its peak.
When we are alone during the most wonderful season of all;
That loneliness can be so heavy and profound!

I might not be experiencing this myself, but I can assure you all of this,
Someone close or far is experiencing this...
And if we are not receptive to this in others lives, we will become cold!

Just because your days and lives are busy and full, does not mean
Others are not feeling lonely or forgotten about!

I love that song that sings this chorus
" I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams"

Some people have lost their dreams and spunk for life...
We need to be aware of those that are in loneliness!

Also, learning the fine art of helping others!

It is as easy as a phone call...
A letter or a funny card...
Asking them to come over to bake...
Or taking a small token or gift to them...
Praying for them...

Ignoring them is not an option!
Being too busy is not an excuse!
Look, we do not have to do it all, but we all need to do our part!


I'll Be Home For Christmas Song
If Only In My Dreams

Home For The Holidays

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 11, 2015

How To Make A Crocheted Snowflake Ornament...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

 How to  make a Crochet Snowflake!

Here are a few of the snowflakes I have made!
I find it very relaxing and it is a small project that can be completed in a sitting!
I used a very lovely white with a bit of silvery thread in it!
It sparkles and looks very festive.
I made one for each of my grandchildren...
I downloaded this video link
 And I can pull it up if I have forgotten how to make them.
I made a few different ones and I liked this pattern best!
It has the nice points on it and I also did a chain link to be able to hang it!

You can make these on long winter evenings and have them ready for next year!

Tell me if you give this pattern a whirl!

Crochet Snowflake

While teaching in a live class, we decided to wing making a snowflake together. This is what we came up with. It’s really simple but looks so pretty.

You can use your own yarn stash to make these little snowflakes
Size H Crochet Hook, 5.0 mm
Ch 4. Join with Slip Stitch to beginning Ch to form a ring.
Ch 3, dc into the ring, ch 3. *2 dc into ring, ch 3. Repeat * around. There should be 6 sets of 2 dc between each ch 3. Join with a slip stitch to top of beg ch 3.
Slip stitch across top of 2 dc in round 2. Then slip stitch into ch 3 space. Ch 3, 3 dc into same ch 3 space, ch 1. *4 dc into next ch 3 space, ch 1. Repeat * around. Slip slip stitch to top of beginning ch 3.
Slip stitch across the top of the 4 dc in round 3. The slip stitch into ch 1 space. *Ch 5, slip stitch to same ch 1 space, ch 5, slip stitch to ch 1 space, ch 7, slip stitch to chain 1 space, ch 5, slip stitch to chain 1 space, ch 5, slip stitch to ch 1 space. (There will be a total of 5 loops coming out in the same chain 1 space. Slip Stitch across the top of the next 4 dc’s and repeat * around. Join with with a slip stitch to final chain 1 space. Fasten off.

Click the link below for the directions;

A Crochted Snowflake Ornament

Here are three of them together!

Blessings to each and every one of you!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Famine Of Hearing God's Word...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Everyone is looking for truth and meaning to their lives!

Well, I will tell you this that you will not find the true answers
in this old world!
Yet God will use this creation and all our situations to bring us to the truth.
I believe He is always tenderly calling...
I told my Hubby this morning I am pretty sure we don't live forever
 in these old bodies.

I found this and I thought I would share it with some of you!

John the Baptist was such a powerful light that God chose to use!
Check out this link below and save it to your favorites!

We must learn to feed ourselves as the church is suffering
from a famine of the Word...

We live in a day in which there is a famine in the land for the hearing of God's Word. This famine has produced a generation of starving Christians who greatly desire the presence of the truth of God's Word in their lives. Our purpose is to use the means of the Internet to propel the Word of God to every tribe, tongue, and people.

To help accomplish this goal, we have launched Expositor.FM, a 24-hour Christian internet radio station featuring the biblical preaching and teaching of many prominent pastors, teachers, and leaders proclaiming God's Word.

Google... www dot expositor dot fm

Expositor.FM is committed to daily programming that will aid your personal Christian Walk.
Be encouraged by men who have established ministries founded on the Word of God.
Be instructed in verse-by-verse exposition for the renewal of your mind and transformation of your life.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Reassuring Those We Love...



Sometimes, as the women, we need to reassure our husbands!

And as a woman you will have times you will need to reassure many;
You know when you go through a stretch of trials or tribulation,
We can become fearful or unsure!

And it is very good to quickly respond to our loved ones;
To say yes, we are going to be okay...
Even during a difficult time, we can get pressed!

Even when we do not think we are stressed our bodies can and will
Still respond in a fight or flight mode!

Fear when dwelt upon over a crisis has its own problems!

When worry creeps up over a bad report or situation;
I remind myself of this
Worry is sin...

No, it does not just stop it!
But it puts me in the overcoming defense!

In this life we need to have a plan of defense.

Learning to respond correctly quickly is a powerful antidote for many things!

Even when things happen slowly, there is still a response.

We are to be good stewards of our bodies
Our finances
Our relationships

Being a good steward requires action, 
Keeping Busy
Can be so powerful in times of unrest, or sickness.

I think of times past, someone is always in a crisis or coming out of one.

Taking and making the time to reassure ourselves and others,
Every time a crisis comes we learn to readjust and overcome
So if any of you or your loved ones have been struggling
With sickness or a bad report my heart goes out to you!

I have many friends going through trials!
I also have had high blood pressure out of no where...
I started exercising and changed my diet to less salt
And taking a few supplements;
But still landed in the ER
The doctor told me I was not dying...
That was a relief... I needed to be reassured!

I still feel really weird, I go to the doctors again tomorrow!
I DO NOT want to have to take medicine for it!
(What are your thoughts?)

P.S. Now that I think about it all, I started feeling terrible after I had a
Flu and pneumonia shot in the same day...
My arm got all red and swollen for a week!
Did my body have a reaction from them?
I think so...

Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Spirit Of A Child...


Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Christmas Spirit Of A Child...

The wonder and excitement and glee!

Simple is always the better choice!

We do not have to spend a ton of money!

We do not need a ton of Christmas decorations!

Just watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate,
Can bring comfort and warmth...

Exchanging Christmas ornaments is easy and affordable!

You can always give gift cards!
(coffee or burgers)

I am looking for fa la la la la...

I want to awake to the joy and excitement of what
Christmas is really about.

I heard that Christmas is about kindness;
And I thought, wait a minute, I think something has gone astray!
Christmas is about the birth of Jesus our Lord and Saviour...

So my JOY comes from this;
I will still hang a red bulb on the tree
I will still bake cookies for those I love
I will sing
JOY to the world the Lord has come...

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Help Your Husband...


When you become self absorbed in things and self;
And forget to be the helpmate that is needed.

I have seen lately, many relationships that seem strained.
I can't help, but to look at some of these people that we know and love.

But I always really must go back to the basic of a healthy relationship!
Men were created to rule and protect!
But when the one they desire to love and protect, seem aloof or contentious.
This brings a weight that just kills their purpose.

Sometimes it is not the huge battles that break them.
Rather, it can be the accusing tone in your voice.
When they are tired we continue to push them with our words.

Sometimes it is just not meeting the simple needs of good meals,
And rest and a hug...
Men feel the weight, dear ones!

Helping is really very easy and when done with a word of encouragement!

If we really believe God is in control;
Why do we always try to rule and control things?

Spend quality time with your Husband!
Make the choice to truly help them...
(The benefits are huge)
Peace in your heart and home...

The best way to show love to your children of any age;
Is to love their Father!

Our Husbands are the treasure and gift to keep our homes
Safe And Together!

Do you always want to be right
Keep the peace...

As in the picture above, even a sheet of ice can break a stalk;
But the frost can stifle growth and movement!

Be his greatest cheerleader and supporter!
Remember that his job can be so demanding as ours can be also.
But giving love and support is what gives us purpose.

Let This Be A season Of Giving...

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