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The Candle And Preparing To Be A Homemaker...

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The Candle Stick

A candle placed within a candelabra, or a simple candle holder.
Can cause a soft and loving atmosphere.
It has always been a very visual and symbolic picture of being the source of light!

Years ago these were the only source of light used as it was carried from room to room.
I think the use of those tapered candles for the home lighting, were very simple.
Yet they were a major item of a home.

The making of these candles was a very big job and needed to be completed
In a timely fashion. It did take a long process to make them.
They would have to use quality ingredients.
And to also make enough to get through the long winter nights.

I believe when a young maiden fills their Hope Chest;
They know that they will need a strong and sturdy candle holder!
Having the actual candles will be an ongoing need.
But the holder was something that needed to be unbreakable,
Yet, lovely and functional!

And as a contrast
We are carriers of the light as lady's we must shine with love.
We will need to be strong;
And not easily broken or haphazardly put together.
One thing we can be certain of as we walk and live out our calling;
We can either be a bright and happy light that fills a room with joy.
Or a dark shadow of doubt and worry.

We must try to be a positive light for others to see the love of Jesus in us!
For He has asked us to let this light shine…

Keep your candles and candlesticks handy!
For as soon as the sun starts to set we will need them to make
All the rooms of our hearts bright and filled with light.

I have always loved how the word tells us to expose the darkness!
Allow the Lord to work in your heart to keep the flame flickering brightly!

He is our only HOPE…


  1. I just love this parallel Roxy. I find candlelight to be kind to my fifty year old features, too. ~grin~
    Have a peaceful cheerful week leading to that Blessed Day!

    Please drop by and say hello!

    Have a wonderful Christmas season!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. Timely post Roxy. I am making soy candles in teacups and vintage glass vessels right at this moment - they are on my kitchen bench and my house smells of cinnamon and vanilla. The candles in the teacups really glow beautifully through the bone china and they are very safe, no toppling over and no wax drips on the table. When the candle is finished I can scrape out the wax and refill them. I have some lovely holders for tapers too. I like to use a combination of tapers and votives. Yes, candles always remind me of our need to shine in this dark world and teacups remind me that God fills our cup!

  3. Yes, so true, and well put. It is interesting that God gave us things that will put off light and continue to keep things light in the darkness... I love that; He even put the Moon and the stars to shine the light at night. Well Rox, it is the count down to Christmas. May you be filled with His love and peace and joy as you celebrate His birth and the gift of Him. I will miss you all.

  4. Beautiful lesson here Roxy. I love candle light in the evenings and use timer faux candles for safety and ease all year long. It lights the way in the darkness and brings a cozy atmosphere in our home and hearts.
    Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and blessings in the new year. xo

  5. Oh Roxy I just love candles and the ambiance they bring. And yes, always reminds me that we are lights in this world, and Jesus came to this world to be our light. The brightness of the star that shone that night so long ago reflected the light that had come to the world. A very Merry Christmas to you Roxy. I have so appreciated this online friendship. Blessings to you!! Diane

  6. A beautiful parallel to our lives in Christ Roxy! I love the soft flicker of candlelight that brightens up the darkness, and just as our lives should be, a beautiful parallel indeed! Have a blessed and beautiful day my friend! :)

  7. I love that you have written this parallel of candlelight to our faith in Our Savior, Roxy. What a beautifully written piece of a soft burning glow and having a sturdy candlestick to support it. Merry Christmas blessings to you!


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