Friday, December 29, 2017

Why Is Everything So Hard...

Why Is Everything So Hard, Morning Sunrise, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...
Early Morning Sunrise was breathtaking...

Why is everything so hard?

Why Is Everything So Hard, Endurance, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The reason everything is so hard is so we might learn patience!
And so we will build spiritual endurance and strength...

After a long period of trials you acquire inner stability!
Every step forward requires an ice pick to grab and pull yourself up!
But notice it is being plunged into the ROCK...

When things are tough and do not go smoothly, we must stay steady!
This world is filled with many slippery slopes.

We are all walking and moving in different directions,
Yet, we are all doing the same thing;

In my own small way I try to encourage those I have
contact with daily.

Don't get me wrong, there are days I want to lay down on the
Floor and kick and scream!

But mostly, I may shed a tear and I get myself going with
Prayer, and I quick shower and a lot of lipstick (smiles)

I can still hear the geese honking over the house this morning!

Look your world is not coming to an end!
But rather your striving and clinging to the only thing that matters!

I am just so thankful for the moments or seasons where things
are going smooth or are a bit peaceful;
I have learned to treasure these times of (calm) before the (storms)

If life was easy and always bright you would be weak in your faith!

Easy Peasy is just a word
But there is HOPE in the very air we breath...

Living From Glory To Glory

Saturday, December 23, 2017

God Works The Nightshift...

God Works The Night Shift, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Have you ever worked the night shift?

Well, every new mother than has a newborn has worked the night shift!

I am so thankful that God works the night shift...
It brings me great comfort!

How many nights were you all alone?
 Or in a hospital room all by yourself?
Have you ever been home alone?
 Maybe you have had to drive through your town all alone in your vehicle
Where all the homes are dark, and all the business are closed.
It is a bit eerie!

But not everyone is sleeping!
Some are driving straight through the night to get to their destination.
There are doctors and nurses working in the corridors of a hospital.

A cop works the night shift!
A baker bakes its bread in huge ovens during the night.
A young soldier has guard duty and must stay alert on his post!
A student must study all night to be able to pass his finals.

God Works The Night Shift...
~All that night the Lord drove the sea back~
Exodus 14:21

"It's much easier to trust God when the sun is shining"

Our God never slumbers or sleeps;
We can take great comfort in knowing that while we sleep
He is always guarding us and watching us!

If you are struggling with anything in your life;
Encourage yourself in knowing this!
Even while it is night, He is working on your behalf!

Give your troubles to him in the dark!
Roll your burdens upon Him...
He sees in the dark, it is as day to Him!

Go one dear ones in boldness and confidence
This is what I have been realizing
For God that holds the universe watches over me!
~Every move YOU make~
He is near...
"God With Us"

Keep your Lantern's trimmed, and filled with oil'

You are never alone,
Living From Glory To Glory

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Snow Wonder...

It's No Wonder...

Wonder where (not underwear you silly goose)
All the Time Goes?

Have you ever been so very sick during a holiday season?
Well, if you ever have, you will learn this one thing;
You will do only what you can do and it will have to be good enough!

Many times we will have something that will hit ourselves;
Or another one of our loved ones. And then we have to stop and take stock!

Sometimes you may have to eat just plain old canned chicken noodle soup
with crackers and cheese!

Some of you ladies are so great at making holidays and birthdays 
such special occasions. I have always felt a bit lacking sometimes.

But a quick detour on a roller coaster ride of health issues,
Can make you quickly realize what is needed and what else is fluff.

Life can be filled with great joy and sorrow
side by side...

I have been so weary and tired, yet by God's great Grace
A new day comes and a bit of strength returns!

My focus has changed in so many areas anymore.

As you run your race, as we both well know it's what we must do;
Keep your eyes on the prize...

Don't look at your feet for you will surely stumble!
Just hold tight to the Baton you hold in your hand!

Oh, and if you feel a bit lonely at times it is completely normal,
For this is not our home!

Oh, and if you are moving a bit slower some days no worries;
Even if you drive over the speed limit, they will still
Pass you like you're sitting still!
Take those extra few moments to get your motor running!


~laugh till you cry~

As Always, It is By Grace...
 Living From Glory To Glory

If You are interested in how to make these adorable Snowmen
Here is the link;

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Why We Need To Have Boundaries, And How To Make Them...

Having Healthing Boundaries, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...


Why are so many people powerless to set boundaries?

Most the time is because we do not want to hurt another person's feelings;
Knowing your own personal boundaries will keep you healthy!
Knowing what is my stuff gives me freedom!

There are things and people that will try to diminish you!

Learning to be able to tell others what "YOUR  BOUNDARIES ARE"
This is key...

Have you ever heard someone say, well they never told me that!

People cannot read your mind!
You also can not assume!

We must learn are own comfort and safe zones.
Being able to say I am not comfortable with this;

Knowing your boundaries helps you,
And in the long run, it helps others!

We are not responsible for other adults boundaries.
But if you do not take care of your own perimeters
You will open the gate to wolves!

No one can do certain things for us!

People will try to lay all their burdens upon you!
We are all called to carry our own burdens!

So many people are just plain irresponsible, and then we are backed into a corner,
If only you will say enough and NO to certain things!

Look, it's your home and your life;
Believe that you have a right and an obligation to keep certain things out!

The reason a good fence has a gate you can open is so you can let the
And keep the

If you don't, you might as well put a revolving door on the front of your home.

God limits what He will allow in His Yard!
He guards His house and will not allow evil to live there.

I learned many years ago to set boundaries!
We do not have to be a door mat for everything that comes along.

Our Words will have to be our defense for setting boundaries!
That behavior is not acceptable
Smoking (cigarettes, pot)
Foul language
We can say these things with a voice of ownership!
Mean what you say

Passivity will never set boundaries, but will keep you stuck and  you will become resentful!

I had a problem years ago with someone who always brought their dog
Huge dog and he always would pee on my floors!
I finally told them nicely that it was not going to work for me any more.
Guess what, they never came back;
They were mad at me forever!
Yes, it was sad, but that was the beginning of finding my voice and knowing
My limits and my boundaries...

Being honest or truthful will hurt someone!
But the truth will set you free.

Preserving our own soul from wolves that desire to kill us!
Being aggressive for the right to keep our homes safe and our hearts healthy!

Stress and saying yes to everything makes one weak and vulnerable!

Take heart, we are more than overcomes!

I am thankful that in this season of my life I have very few people who
try to manipulate or diminish me, we have a sweet family and friends!

Keep watch and learn how to set healthy, safe boundaries for yourself!

Blessings To All
And To All A Safe And Healthy Life...

Living From Glory To Glory

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