Monday, April 30, 2018

Clean Thinking And Living...

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Why we are told to think on everything lovely...

The human mind has become the dumping grounds;
Just think of all the trash you have heard or seen in the last month!
Scary and unnerving if you dwell upon it!

But, we must learn to sort out the clean from the filthy;
We were given a conscience to help guide us and keep us on track.

Do I have to listen to all the bad stuff?
Must I be exposed to all the darkness?

Heard any bad, rude or crude jokes lately?
Did you see a commercial that made you blush?

The world talks about clean eating;
Ha, what about clean thinking and living!!

People care more about eating the right foods
 then what their spiritual hearts are being exposed to!

If there is one thing I am truly praying to overcome is saying
To the airwaves of garbage and to what the world calls
eye candy.

Lovely is kind and morally pure.

Many think that it is okay to share every private detail with you!

A wise woman learns to be discrete, but also practices it daily!

Going to the library use to be fairly safe;
But now days the books are laced with infidelity and sin!

I always dread summer, and the fact of all the immodestly dressed women.
I enjoy seeing ladies dress pretty and summery;
But without seeing all the flesh, the three B's

Do All Things With Love
They way you think!
The way you dress!
The way you share your private matters!

Are you sure your house is built upon the Rock;
And not the sinking sand!

Do not become seared to what is unclean;
Be watchful, guard your hearts and eyes!

As Always...
Because He Lives,
I can face tomorrow...

Love, Roxy

Living From Glory To Glory

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Do You Have The Right To Say What You Think...

I Say What I Think, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I Say What I Think

There are many people that think and boast that this a fine quality!
They call this being honest, and feel they have the right to fling words,
around like they were spreading fertilizer on their spring grass.
With no thought of whom they might wound or harm...
Did you know that even fertilizer can kill a wild grass or a tender new shoot?

Saying what you think can be downright cruel!
Our thoughts and words are not to be used as a reckless means of communications!
Be mindful of the words you speak;
Be not like the lion seeking to whom he may devour!

There are ways to say and speak our minds, with tack!
And also will bring a sweet balm...

We have no right to leave a trail of;
Bad Humor
Critical Words
Miserable with oneself

Speaking our evil thoughts and hurtful words!

I have heard it said, I have earned my right to speak my mind!

We are told to grow in wisdom and grace.

I grieve when I remember a few times when a women spewed her mind,
(And they said; "what's her problem")

Her problem is this;
She is mad, has not learned self control, is abusive with her words!

Learning to take every thought captive is what I desire to accomplish!
Even if it requires biting my tongue!

Because bitter words, never produce good!

Words lovingly and softly spoken will bring a better outcome!

Sometimes, this is just not always easy;
This is why it is important to be well rested and eating well,
So you do not become a grumpy person!

As always sharing with you what I am learning or have learned the hard way!
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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Do You Allow Your Struggles To Define You...

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~What Defines You~

I have seen so many people who have gone through a struggle;
And they are having such a hard time with it,
And they have become the struggle...

What happens is everything is on the timeline of the struggle.
Trust me, I know this to be true in my own life;
And I have seen it consume the life of many.

Look the struggle does not ever go away;
Even if you get through this struggle, another one is on its way!
I have always loved the scripture that Joy comes in the morning!

Because if you will take each day in the struggle and purpose,
In your heart to live life even if you're dying or very sick.

Look mortality rate in at about 100%

But, I figure if I am going to live my days out;
I have purposed in my heart to pray to not allow anything
That is bad to define me.

I have learned the hard way to not burden everyone else with my woes!
I share with only a few people that we have the love and privilege
To help one another, but even then after a while it will become a weariness!

Each day is a new day with the chance to have a new beginning!
As humans we get a picture of what we hear and read in our heads.
I do not want to be known for my woes and sickness or troubles!

So even in my stage of life I want to be a joy to be around;
Not my woes and pain or struggles!

We all have them and as a Christian it has seemed to be a battle going on!
But if there was no battle we would not have any victories!!

Please pray about this word of wisdom;
I wrote it to encourage you!!

Do Not Allow The Battle To Define YOU...
Do Not Allow Fear To Define YOU


As Always...
Hugs and a Blessing to each of you that may read this letter!

Living From Glory To Glory

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Learning To Adjust And To Wait While In Transition...

Yellow Rose, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Sometimes we will find ourselves in the middle of two seasons.
Then again we will find ourselves in the middle of two situations.

Many times we will not have an immediate transition;
But rather a slow process...

It gives us a chance to adjust
We learn patience, as we wait for the completion.

We will find ourselves in the process of waiting most our days!

When we are in the end days of winter, we can hardly wait for Spring!
When we are in the dog days of Summer, we look forward to winter!

Adapting to change is a powerful witness!
We will say as good Christians;
God's timing is perfect...
But are attitude and actions speak a different story.

There are ways to make the best of our time and response to
all the waiting we will do in our lifetime!

Time to be born and a time to die...

Firstly, we must pray, look to your Father and tell Him your concerns!

Take the opportunities given to say something that holds truth!

Stop complaining...
Lord, set a guard over my mouth!

Find peace in staying put, till God moves you!

When I leave the house, I take along a pretty bag;
Keep this bag, by your purse!
Content Ideas
 Note cards to write little encouragement cards.
Keep a good book or magazine in your bag.
Always have a snack of nuts or power bars to eat.
(When you're hungry you can get Hangry) (Hungry) (Smiles)
Keep bottled water in your bag.

I  always try to be prepared to wait...

Are You In The Process Of Change?
Have You Learned To Wait Well?

Living From Glory To Glory

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