Saturday, September 28, 2013

Be Very Cautious

 I really wonder how many of the  people
I have seen on all the street corner's,
Would really rather work for their food
And not take Charity?
I have not seen on any signs lately that say,
"I Do Not Want Charity"
I had a very worry some situation this afternoon,
While shopping  today
We encountered a man outside the store
He asked us for any quarters we might have.
Now, I told him maybe on the way out,
But there was a creepy feeling that I was experiencing.
So as were were leaving we tried to be quick about it.
He repeated the same thing he said to us on the
way into the store.
The thing that really bothered me was how highly agitated,
He was with us.
I think we really need to be very cautious in these days!
I do want to help those who are struggling!
We must always remember the poor!
But, I felt a wee bit threatened in this particular situation!
My Hubby, has warned me many times be mindful of your situation!
And your surroundings!
So Ladies let's be cautious and use wisdom!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How To Come Home...

Living From Glory to Glory Blog...

Coming Home

I have been thinking for a while about this thought!

So many families almost all need two incomes,
Because they are now in a place that dictates this is how it must be.

As I was pondering this thought, I believe what I realized,
Is this:

The very first part of this transition has to be prayer!
Because coming home is a matter of the heart.

We have to get positioned!


We must go to the Lord and ask for Him to change
Our Hubby's heart, that his desire is for his wife to be able to stay HOME!
This can take quite a while, because everybody's wife works!
We are conditioned to think this is normal.

And we also need time to re-adjust our way of living style!
Our spending.
How are we now managing our HOMES?
Our we showing our Husbands we desire to be HOME?
Not by whining and complaining;
But rather setting the house in order and loving HIM!!
You may just have to sell your home and downsize.

You may have to double up and maybe work a second job for a while
To get out of some debt!
You discuss this plan together!

And just for the record, I get it!
Some women do not want to come HOME,
So this message is not for all women!!

I have seen God Bring many women HOME!

Because the world wants ALL women to leave their children and let the system
Raise and educate the children.
(Your Children)
Now, I am talking about even the first 5 years of a child's life.

So, step ONE is to PRAY!
Make out a prayer sheet and ASK God, how can this be done?
Because He has a plan that will work.
It may take some time, but well worth the investment!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Table Talk...

 Table Talk
How does your table get used?
For many, many years we did homeshooling at it!
We have done Bible studies on it!
We have laughed till we cried at it!

This wonderful hutch is filled with my many
Aprons, that I have made for myself.
I consider them my lovely uniform :)
Now, I have saved a many cute shirt or top from permanent damage,
By wearing an apron when I cook
Over the years...

Okay, Now I got your attention!!

 This is an Anaheim Green Chili,

Placed in an omelet mixed with a little bit of
Pancake batter to make it really full and filling.
You use a nice cheddar cheese on both the top and bottom.
Allow it to get fully done and slightly crisp.


 Yummy Yummy
This is for my Hubby!
I think he likes me...
I have many Girlfriends;
But this Girlfriend Rocks!!
Here she is....

This Girl has been known to get jealous over my other girlfriend.
(The Crock-Pot)
Isn't she just darling?
I have had her for almost 30years.
She has aged well, hasn't she?
It is because she is loved!

Buy a cookbook for your crock pot!

So any way you cook it!
It will bless and nourish your loved ones!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Mission Field

Loving Through Your Home
I have always considered my home to be a huge part of
My mission field!
Being in the very place God has called me, gives me much
More room to minister and to love others.
While in my home I can pray to prepare my heart,
As I go about my daily chores, and taking pleasure,
While I work or create a meal.
I have always seen the Lord lead me in the everyday moments!
Some of those moments I can speak a timely word to someone.
I always called these the teachable moments!
I can sing a song unto the Lord,
As I wash some dishes or clean and tidy up the kitchen.

 I have felt like my kitchen has been my secret place;
A cozy and familiar place that I have been
Allowed to create a sweet and homey atmosphere.
My mornings in my kitchen are filled with such wonderful memories!
Fresh eggs always on hand, so I always ask?
How do you want your eggs?
Omelet, scrambled or fried?
Maybe Biscuits and gravy will be served!
Almost always a bowl of yogurt with fresh fruit,
Topped with granola!
Always, Always
Give thanks for God's provisions!

Keeping your kitchen the Secret Place;
Is by keeping it welcoming,
Clean and organized.
Always something cooking...
Keep a Bible on the table!
Keep your daily planner on the edge of the counter.
Have your calendar on the kitchen wall.
Order your days!
Keep a CD player there so you can fill the atmosphere
With praise and worship songs.
Or use just Hymns with instruments only.
May His peace fill your Home!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Girl's Best Friend Could Just Be Her Crock-pot...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog
 The Crock-Pot
It's a girl's best friend!!

See me smiling??

Here I am at church enjoying the Praise and Worship!
A sweet message from the Lord has lifted my heart!
Now we have the long drive home, (Remember, we live in the country)
I think Sunday's are always the hardest day to prepare a meal.
After the long drive and the Word being preached,
And of course after visiting with everyone,
I am tired and hungry.

So; After many years

I have learned  to use
 My amazing Crock-Pot!
So when the service is over we can come home to a
Wonderful meal!
It is hot and ready to eat!
In The Winter And Summer Months Both...

Look for a site filled with great Crock-Pot meals!

Here are some pretty prairie flowers for all you lovely ladies!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Angels On Assignment

I want to tell you of how the Angels do watch over
The saints of God!
I have found myself this past week-end in a place
of great possible danger.
Everyone has heard about the rains that have hit Colorado.
Well dear friends; I was out and about on the
Highway that was affected from these rains.
I have never seen this kind of rain!
The heavens opened and it poured...
There was no exiting,
The exit's were flooded.
I can only tell you this;
While in this storm, driving for four hours at 20 miles per hour.
I felt a sweet presence and a great peace.
My God sent His Angels to watch over me!
Myself and my dear sweet friend were on our way to
A conference;
I have never experienced such a great opposition,
or an assignment
to try to stop me from going to hear a Man of God teach!
I felt a holy determination to get there.
Like a force helping me to go on!
Angels are real and I believe God had an Angel
Protecting me and my sweet friend Pam.
Many people have lost their lives in this flooding.
God protected us and I want to tell the
God has His Angels on assignment!
Thank-You Jesus
 For protecting us!

The Kings Table...

A knife cuts people off, is destructive, sharp and has no mercy.
 There is no forgiveness, understanding or grace.
 Often because of having been abandoned by a care giver,
 a person hides behind a thick wall, cannot commit and lives in constant fear.
 A fork picks at others constantly, is critical in a negative way.
 None of the good traits in others are ever mentioned.
 There is love and care but it's not consistent and not dependable.
 One day it's one way, the next it's another.
 The relationship is highly unpredictable.
As Christ's Ambassadors,
we are to be like spoons.
A spoon gently scoops up others with love
 and kindness and holds them in high esteem.
 Loving one another is done in deed and in truth.
The way we speak to one another and walk in love
 This truth is proof to others that we walk in the Spirit.
 As we are being transformed into the image of Jesus,
 The Holy Spirit enables us to be spoons,
This is from: Pastor Suel

I want to be a spoon at the Lords table,
May I tell each and everyone of you
lovely ladies out there.
Be encouraged and continue the desire
to be Godly women.
Take the spoon He offers us;
And let us dig in!
May we change this world one person at a time.
For if you are in Christ,
You are an Ambassador for Him!
One day He will serve us at His Banquet Table!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Momma's Cooking...

 My Mamma's Cookbook's

The Encyclopedia Cookbook

Better Homes and Garden

There are so many cookbooks out there!
And we all have our favorites.

It is funny how now days every star has their own cookbook.
Every single ingredient's  warrants is very own book.
You name it!
But really it is an investment as a homemaker to
purchase a few of them.

Sometimes you can just sit and have a good read
while looking at all the different choices for making any one recipe.

And baking is another skill that brings great pleasure.
Making the time to learn culinary skills, is a wise investment.

Remember the saying the way to a man's heart,
is through his stomach.
Now, I really do not think that...
But; A wise woman will feed her man!

I myself prefer good home style cooking.
I love things that make me feel satisfied!

I do think casseroles were God's gift to Mommas!

Give me a potato any way you like,
Baked, mashed or fried!

I also like to cook my meat slow and tender.
Crock pots are very economical (thrifty tool)
And they serve up very moist and tender meats.

I always like to have a fresh vegetable.
Or some I have canned myself (Green beans)
Or serve a nice green salad.

I love any kind of root vegetable,
 they are so easy to grow!
(potato and butternut squash)
They really last a long time in a cool place.
But the potatoes are best to eat up quickly.
We still have some we canned last Fall.

I just think it is so wise to own a few much loved cookbooks.
So you can hand down yours to a daughter, or a young new wife.

We must reach out to this new generation that really knows so
little about cooking and baking.
Reading it in a book is great, but as my Momma use to say;
The proof is in the pudding!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Homemakers Needed

 Being a homemaker is a real job!
It deserves to be resuscitated and given life...
Do not let it die on your watch dear ones!
I do not care what the culture is saying or doing!
We need the art of homemaking to make a complete
Not the worldly view of what a home should look like!
Many of the children our being taught from a  non-christian curriculum.
Why must the women be absent from their homes?
Maybe Because;
Woman want to be away from their homes and children. Or because the
Daddies are not available or just being lazy or never grew up.
Yet sowed his seed to bring another Fatherless child,
Into a world where we no longer cherish children.
So Many our suffering from rejection!
(Men and Women)
Because we have bought the lie of we need more.
We have to now pay the price. to COME HOME
What can we give up?
Two Cars
Big Homes
Perfect Hair
Living Large
We are selfish;
We no longer cherish our bodies,
We sell them for cheap sex.( No Commitment)
We place tattoos upon them!
Our bodies our a gift...
Watch out!
They may require you to wear a number one day...
But you will be so seared you will not even think it odd.
Come home dear Women
Come home dear Men
The battle is for the Heart Of The HOME
Do not let the enemy have what God has ordained.
The Home

Friday, September 6, 2013

Classic Pink

 Pink Classic
My cruiser style bike, she is so pretty!
My Hubby took her in for a tune-up early this Summer.
This surely is a sign this little Lady is getting older.
Let me explain;
When I was a young girl my bike was bright purple!
It had a Banana seat on it.
A slick back tire.
And no extra gears!
And chopper handle bars.
I loved that bike :)

Now fast forward almost 50 years.
Now pink is for flowers;

And Little Old Lady's  cruiser!

May we ride like the wind, and squeal with delight!
For time really does fly by.
I heard a sermon today that really touched me.
This man was telling us that while here on this earth,
We are all really dying!
It is when we get to Heaven we really begin living.
While on this earth,
We can eat really well and eat only organic and,
We can exercise and keep ourselves in shape.
We are all perishing!
Where are your treasures?
Our you investing into the Eternal?
Ride like the wind and enjoy each day!
For we are to take pleasure,
And treat each day as a gift.
Live with intent and desire a pure heart.
Invest in a life by being an example.
For living life is an art!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How To Make My Secret Walnut Recipe...

 A Delicious and Nutritious Walnut Recipe
This walnut snack is so delicious, I just crave it!
I have decided that this cannot be kept a secret any longer.

I have made and consumed so many batches of these;
They are very healthy for you!

My Secret Walnut Recipe
2 cups raw walnuts
 (I get mine from the health food store)
Here is a tip I have learned,
~ I place my walnuts in a strainer and shake them to get off all the little bitter peices~
2 heaping Tablespoons of coconut oil
Add a sprinkle of cayenne powder 
A shake or two of a Creole Seasoning
Also add a shake of a good mineral salt
Mix well

 I love coconut oil so much!
And it is so healthy and good for you!
Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I like a nice thick coating of coconut oil on my walnuts.
I add my spices to taste, you can also use a bit of garlic salt.
~I store my walnuts in a pint size jar in the refrigerator.~
They taste yummy cold!
Here is a link on how healthy walnuts are and why we should eat them!
Here is a link of 10 health benefits of eating coconut oil
I would love to hear how you liked this if you try it.
I will tell you they are amazing!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Eyes Of The Soul

Do you remember these eyes?
They were looking right through the pages of
The National Geographic Magazine
At me!
They captivated my heart;
Who was she?
Was she safe, did she have a home like me?
Did she go to bed at night fearful and afraid?
This picture of this little girl changed my world.
War, what is it good for!
Wars and rumors of war...
Will there ever be peace...
May we see this world through a child's eyes.
If only a glimpse!
It may be all we can take.
If we saw the whole picture and all our days before us,
we would not be able to bear it.
What happened to this little girl?
Did she get to grow up and see peace in her land?
Did she marry and have children of her own?
But here is the same little girl as a grown woman.

What does your soul reveal?
(Your mind and will and emotions)
All of our lives will be revealed in His timing:
Be very thankful for our America the beautiful!
Pray for her dear ones!

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