Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Momma's Cooking...

 My Mamma's Cookbook's

The Encyclopedia Cookbook

Better Homes and Garden

There are so many cookbooks out there!
And we all have our favorites.

It is funny how now days every star has their own cookbook.
Every single ingredient's  warrants is very own book.
You name it!
But really it is an investment as a homemaker to
purchase a few of them.

Sometimes you can just sit and have a good read
while looking at all the different choices for making any one recipe.

And baking is another skill that brings great pleasure.
Making the time to learn culinary skills, is a wise investment.

Remember the saying the way to a man's heart,
is through his stomach.
Now, I really do not think that...
But; A wise woman will feed her man!

I myself prefer good home style cooking.
I love things that make me feel satisfied!

I do think casseroles were God's gift to Mommas!

Give me a potato any way you like,
Baked, mashed or fried!

I also like to cook my meat slow and tender.
Crock pots are very economical (thrifty tool)
And they serve up very moist and tender meats.

I always like to have a fresh vegetable.
Or some I have canned myself (Green beans)
Or serve a nice green salad.

I love any kind of root vegetable,
 they are so easy to grow!
(potato and butternut squash)
They really last a long time in a cool place.
But the potatoes are best to eat up quickly.
We still have some we canned last Fall.

I just think it is so wise to own a few much loved cookbooks.
So you can hand down yours to a daughter, or a young new wife.

We must reach out to this new generation that really knows so
little about cooking and baking.
Reading it in a book is great, but as my Momma use to say;
The proof is in the pudding!



  1. I really enjoyed this post! I love collecting cookbooks and have a couple of neat vintage cookbooks. Cooking is one of my favroite things to do, and my husband enjoys that fact. : )

  2. I love my old cookbooks, Roxy. I have some that belonged to my Mom and some recipes handed down from my grandmother, too. I could "read" cookbooks like others would peruse a novel. Love them! xo Diana

  3. Mother had a well-worn cookbook just like the Better Homes and Garden one in your picture. Wow, she was a good cook. She didn't know how to cook when she married young, and she went right by that cookbook!

  4. Love it...:) I love recipe cards too that were hand written by a loved one. Sounds like we have much in common when it comes to cooking! Have a blessed evening my friend!

    Hugs, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. I have a whole shelf of cookbooks and the ones I use the most are the spiral bound ones that contain recipes from people I know. I love them and the people who submitted the recipes!

  6. Wow... this post was so for me! I have over 50 cookbooks and believe it or not, I have read through them all!! I love to bake and cook and create new dishes! My hubby loves the fact that I am willing to try anything new (at least once) and I'm really surprised he isn't heavier than he is!! :) Always cook with Love! That's an important tip to know now a days! If your angry, your food will reflect it.

    Great Post Roxy!

    Love you,

  7. Roxy, I have my moms old black cookbook. It is so time worn, but I love it! Especially since she has a few hand written recipes inside. She was a great cook and all 5 of her daughters have followed in her footsteps. We all like to cook and like trying different things.

  8. I love your cookbooks. They are treasures indeed.
    I can't resist cookbooks; I read them in bed like novels.
    I'm not sure what that says about me. I enjoy the planning and imagining part I guess. I have a few of my Mom's old cookbooks, but they aren't this vintage. 1980's I think. Himilce gave me a wonderful vintage "Good House Keeping" one. I love it.

  9. I have a collection of old cookbooks which I have bought 2nd second hand. I love looking through them as they are quite different to the modern gloss versions. I love to cook and like to try new recipes on my husband, those that don't work, I don't try again!!! Nothing nicer than a home cooked meal!!

    Blessing for the coming week.


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