Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Golden Farm Fresh Eggs...

Living From Glory To glory Blog
Here are a few of my girls

Our Chicken Scratch mixed with corn

Fresh eggs daily

Meet Mr. Rooster

I have been really delighted to be able to have chickens for over
Fifteen years.
 I find it most pleasant to go each day and bring in the bounty
of fresh eggs.

When you have fresh eggs everyday you can  make many wonderful
and  very delicious meals.
We love omelets so we have them often,
I serve them with fresh salsa and cheese.

There are so many delicious
 Variations to add to them, so we never grow tired of them!

The other day I made a custard with the fresh eggs and it was
really yummy!

I also make a lot of quiche, as it is light and very tasty.
I will usually make a cracker crust, so no pie crust to make.

And the eggs for baking, make your recipes very nutritious, and moist.
The yolks are a golden color and very large.
Store bought eggs are very pale in color and have
very little flavor.

Another really good point for me is not having to throw out
Any scraps or leftovers. As the chickens love the treats.
I believe I have the fattest and happiest chickens around!

We are learning each day to be wise and to put back,
Be a (wise woman) and stock your pantry well!

Blessings, Roxy

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cozy And True

A painting made for me!

An amazing dessert!

Tea  Settings to behold!

Can you count your friends as true?

I believe our heavenly Father will ask us one day,
"How did you treat one another?"

I can say from my heart;
it is better to invest now in those who God has
given you!

One day your wee little ones will grow and leave home,
and you will say where did the time go?

A good and dear friend,
as many as your heart can be true too!

I want to honor YOU dear friend:
For you have been true!

A true friend sticks closer then a brother.

Blessings, Roxy

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Happy Days
My, things sure have changed around these parts,
or any parts for that matter.
Death and destruction on every front.
We will still see the goodness and sweetness of life:
Because we look for it!
We will look to the things that are good.
Whatsoever things are lovely,
And of good report!
With a heart to please Him, and using the talents and gifts we have been given.
We can make our homes and our communities
more lovely and pleasant. 
You dear one can change the atmosphere, with just a kind word,
or  by being a helping hand to someone in need.
May we be about our Father's business.
Stop and take pleasure in this day,
for it is a gift;
Use it wisely!
Blessings To All, Roxy

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Award Free Blog

"Why I Blog"
I really laughed over this silly picture.  I actually found it on someones blog.
To be a blogger or not is the question.
  We must have this deep sense and longing of being a  part of a bigger picture.
It always seems to be a pulling and a fulfilling feeling, as you push the publish
button.  We really all do have a story.  I like to read the tidbits of a life that is being
lived far away or maybe very close to ones heart.
We are a rare and beautiful breed.
We love ,we write, we cry, we sing, we dance,we create,
we live and we die.
This life is but a vapor.
May I leave a legacy, not with just written words, but memories,
filled with hope and kindness.
I long to be noticed, yet shy away from to much attention.
I desire to laugh long and hard, but not to hurt any ones feelings.
I long to be a gourmet cook, but a grilled cheese is my dinner plan.
I desire to be the perfect wife, yet I was short with him on the phone.
I long to write a book, yet I journal every morning of my private thoughts.
May my days be filled with words of highest praise,
to the one, I long to hear Him say:
Well done good and faithful servant!
Blessings To You All, Roxy


Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Time To Fight...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog
Stand Your Ground
I really do just want to be a sweet and gentle lady.
But let's face it ladies sometimes you just have to fight.
There are some things that if we do not fight for them
They will disappear!
We must be on our guard!

I believe that this world has been fighting us, we are told
that the God of this world, has come to make us
 feel discouragement and discontentment.
He keeps us so busy that,
we do not even have time to do the most important things.

And the days are just flying by so fast.
  and we say where did this day go?
Stand your ground dear ones!
Do not allow the enemy to take what does not belong to him!
For all that we have and own,
belongs to God.
We are only the stewards.
 So, learn what the Word says about His peace,
 For it is His promise to you.
Take back what the enemy has stolen...
Fight the Good Fight!
What is worth fighting for?
Your marriage
Your children
Your health
Your peace
Your Bible Study time
Your finances
Your friends
Remember Jesus never gave  GROUND to the devil!
In Ephesians 4:27
Leave no (such) room or foothold for the devil-
give no opportunity to him.
"Fight till God rings the bell..."
Blessings, Roxy

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Kiss...

Keeping Our Hearts Tender
My, how wonderful it is to be able to greet our husbands
when they come home with a kiss.
I always, even tell him I am so glad your home honey.
It is not enough to only do this once in awhile.
we must always take their arrival home,
as a special thing.
There are some men that do not even want to come home.
Our part is to always make it a comfort zone,
not a battle zone!
When the Lord has asked us to be
 Keepers Of The Home...
He does ask us to establish certain things.
The atmosphere of the home is set and established,
by the woman.
Let Love rule and peace reign...
Sometimes it just means to wait and choose
A better time to discuss a matter that,
may be pressing.
I encourage you to keep your home with diligence;
For the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy.
The home is where the enemy always is
trying to bring confusion and strife.
Keep your hearts tender, always remember
"The Kiss"
Blessings, Roxy

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Intimate Relationship...

Intimacy and Romance
We were created for relationships.
We were made in His image.
We were the very last thing God created.
He had created every amazing thing on this planet earth,
And yet something was missing!
The man made after God's image had everything...
Yet, he was alone.
The man had seen and named every exquisite animal,
and had experienced a new dawn of sunrise
and sunset.
Yet, it was God who saw his loneliness.
He Said;
For it is not good for man to be alone!
So God took the very rib of His image, and
fashioned the most feminine and lovely
creature upon the earth.
She was the grand final'e !
She was the one who would help Adam (Her Man)
She brought the heart of Her Creator.
Which is:
Just as a woman longs to be desired, and to be intimate
so does God!
Dear women of Christ take your rightful place.
Be to your husbands what God created you to be.
"sustainer beside him"
We were created to do this together!
Romance, beauty; relationships, adventure.
Prairies, and meadows and flowers.
Stars and music,
a kiss.
'I have loved you with an everlasting love'
Jer. 31:3
We were made for relationship!
Blessings, Roxy

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Friends Forever

Times Of Refreshment
A woman must have friends,
good friends.
Those chosen by God, just for her!
Those friends my dear ones; are a precious gifts!
We must treasure those who have come alongside of us,
in this journey called life.
Never take those little chats, or long conversations for granted.
For these are His little treats just for you.
Be thankful for those dear sisters that encourage you when,
your heart is heavy and your feet feel like lead.
When their words were aptly spoken,
in His love and Wisdom.
A friend who stood by your side as the river roared,
or when it was so hot and dry 
 that only a wee trickle flowed.
A fair weather friend who can find?
Alas my dear ones they can't be found they must be given
from the only true giver of life.
(May we invest in those God has given us.)
Invite a dear one to tea,
 for we have much work to do, before the night has come.
Encourage our dear friends in the Lord,
to love their husbands,
and to love their children.
Come, my friend and join me for a cup of tea.
Blessings, Roxy

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman
All Women are beautiful!
I make this statement because it is true.
Every woman is an amazing gift.
We long to be loved!
We long to be appreciated, and noticed.
Love is the glue that holds this world together.
Being loved is more then just a basic need,
it is what gives us life.
We  women are the heart of our homes.
That is why it is so important each day to make
it a habit of preparing to meet each day.
We start with adoring ourselves with His Word.
Clothe ourselves with His love.
Then: We take the time to make ourselves ready.
Take the time to wash and do your hair.
Apply a good moisture to your face daily.
A bit of make-up if you choose.
Smell fresh and clean.
Be purposeful in your looks.
Dress as if you had an important engagement with a King.
For you are a Queen!
Take care of yourselves dear ones.
"Dress like a lady
And you will act like one."

The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express...

Blessings, Roxy


Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Truth About Tattoos and Piercings...

 With great trepidation, I write this post.
I always want to love and encourage woman!
Let there be no condemnation to any of
My dear sisters in this post, 
May it be perceived in love.
We stay quiet at times for fear of offending.
But, we may be too quiet and in that we not addressing
Showing, what might be harmful to someone. 

Also, there is a scripture about tattoos in the Old Testament
Leviticus 19: 28

We live in such a day that we really don't think
about the way something will affect us long term!
Years ago I had a clip on this subject of tattoos,
But it now has been removed from the web.

At the rate of how the tattoo population is growing just blows my mind!

I an say honestly in my own opinion; I have never seen a tattoo on anyone
that I thought looked beautiful or lovely!
And for the record I love art and sketching and paintings!

I want to cry when I see so many beautiful arms and legs
covered with some picture of an other's persons art form.

Just for the record;
 If you have never seen a very old tattoo on a very old person!
Well, it is not a very pretty picture...

Look, You are gonna sag, and get crappy skin, you will lose muscle and fat!
Or get more fat, so it will stretch...

The colors will fad, they turn black and bluish.
What other health risk will soon be discovered from getting these?

Time will tell all...

One day we will be a minority of the few that said NO to this fad!
Trust me; this is all just a fad.

Its about standing out and look at me;
I want to do this just for me, I don't care how it will affect my future.

Kids now days think all these things are normal behavior.
Look, I am not bashing them, I am just saying this;
some of us do not want them...

The clip was really good,
 it was about a man that had covered his whole body in them!
He was the actual artist, but he realized that it was an addiction.
and caused him to regret it!

He now wears a long sleeved shirt and pants!
He first thought he looked beautiful, but soon felt regret!

Just think about it, before you do it!
Just Saying

Blessings, Roxy

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