Sunday, February 10, 2013

Friends Forever

Times Of Refreshment
A woman must have friends,
good friends.
Those chosen by God, just for her!
Those friends my dear ones; are a precious gifts!
We must treasure those who have come alongside of us,
in this journey called life.
Never take those little chats, or long conversations for granted.
For these are His little treats just for you.
Be thankful for those dear sisters that encourage you when,
your heart is heavy and your feet feel like lead.
When their words were aptly spoken,
in His love and Wisdom.
A friend who stood by your side as the river roared,
or when it was so hot and dry 
 that only a wee trickle flowed.
A fair weather friend who can find?
Alas my dear ones they can't be found they must be given
from the only true giver of life.
(May we invest in those God has given us.)
Invite a dear one to tea,
 for we have much work to do, before the night has come.
Encourage our dear friends in the Lord,
to love their husbands,
and to love their children.
Come, my friend and join me for a cup of tea.
Blessings, Roxy

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  1. Hi Roxy
    I had a dear God given friend just pass away. She was truly a blessing so I agree with your blog.
    Love you,


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