Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Truth About Tattoos and Piercings...

 With great trepidation, I write this post.
I always want to love and encourage woman!
Let there be no condemnation to any of
My dear sisters in this post, 
May it be perceived in love.
We stay quiet at times for fear of offending.
But, we may be too quiet and in that we not addressing
Showing, what might be harmful to someone. 

Also, there is a scripture about tattoos in the Old Testament
Leviticus 19: 28

We live in such a day that we really don't think
about the way something will affect us long term!
Years ago I had a clip on this subject of tattoos,
But it now has been removed from the web.

At the rate of how the tattoo population is growing just blows my mind!

I an say honestly in my own opinion; I have never seen a tattoo on anyone
that I thought looked beautiful or lovely!
And for the record I love art and sketching and paintings!

I want to cry when I see so many beautiful arms and legs
covered with some picture of an other's persons art form.

Just for the record;
 If you have never seen a very old tattoo on a very old person!
Well, it is not a very pretty picture...

Look, You are gonna sag, and get crappy skin, you will lose muscle and fat!
Or get more fat, so it will stretch...

The colors will fad, they turn black and bluish.
What other health risk will soon be discovered from getting these?

Time will tell all...

One day we will be a minority of the few that said NO to this fad!
Trust me; this is all just a fad.

Its about standing out and look at me;
I want to do this just for me, I don't care how it will affect my future.

Kids now days think all these things are normal behavior.
Look, I am not bashing them, I am just saying this;
some of us do not want them...

The clip was really good,
 it was about a man that had covered his whole body in them!
He was the actual artist, but he realized that it was an addiction.
and caused him to regret it!

He now wears a long sleeved shirt and pants!
He first thought he looked beautiful, but soon felt regret!

Just think about it, before you do it!
Just Saying

Blessings, Roxy

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