Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lovely Memories...

Living from glory to glory Blog

Lake Michigan in all her glory;
No Salt
No Sharks 
No Worries

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Truly the handy work of a mighty God!
Dew in the morning

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Fresh fruit to fill our bowls to overflowing!
Taste and see that the Lord is good!

Glory to Glory Blog

May the wind blow;
And the waves of His Love cover you!

May you live and move and have your
being in Him!
Every step I take I take in YOU...

A game of shuffleboard anyone?
Fun and games in the sun...

I am saying goodbye to another summer season...
I have had so may changes in my own life,
And I believe this is a season for many changes in your
own lives!

We must always be flexible so we will not break when a new
and wonderful change does come about.
When we stop to realize God is the potter and
we are the clay...
Girls were going to be so beautiful!

We had a lovely vacation this summer!
We had our 8th grandchild born!
We left our old church, after 12 years with them!
We have joined a new very small independent Baptist Church!
We saw so many rainbows this year!
We had a few hard trials.
I have noticed I am getting older and a bit slower.
I prefer my home and a few close friends over crowds.
My Hubby is my dearest friend...
My two closest friends are moving away soon.

My heart is heavy and glad all at the same time!
His mercies are new every morning...

Tell me about a new change in your own lives...
Where may this next season be taking you?

I pray each and every one of you who visit this humble blog;
Be blessed and filled to overflowing with His Word!

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Path to No Where...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog
Why would someone take a path that leads nowhere?

Why would someone take all the time and cost,
to build a path that leads nowhere?

This walkway really had me stumped!

For the life of me, I was just thinking,

What was this person thinking??
This brick path just stopped!
And it was leading nowhere...

As we all know we have seen or experienced this very thing.
Some, pathways have no profitable destinations.
So, I ask you this;
How can becoming a Godly woman be worthy and profitable?

A woman who will choose the right path can change a life,
and turn a country around!
Daily she can take steps that lead to a known destination.

A woman who keeps the home fires burning.
Keeps the home alive...
Our world needs women who will choose this path!

 Homemakers who love God! 
Living from Glory to Glory Blog

 Who will lead the next generation of Young Ladies?

Who, will desire to take the path that will keep our homes set apart!
 and for bringing Glory to the Lord!

May becoming a Homemaker never be looked at, as a path
that leads to nowhere!

 I have noticed a trend on how married couples, have put off having children!
 They have made the decision to save enough money till they can afford children.
Others do not ever want to have children!

They are just waiting...

I do not want to be judgmental or critical in any way;
But I can't help but wonder if being a Mother or Father has
lost it's appeal for this generation?

I have purposed in my heart not to be a Christian woman who does not
 Just blend and fit into a culture of friends or family.
 In other words, to not just rock the boat!

Being a light, sometimes can annoy others!
We are called to be set apart!

I have always admired the pioneer spirit of women and men who
would be willing to travel the path less traveled!
Do you think we should be more willing to not just go along
with the crowd?
The Lord has said that His path is narrow...
But Lord help us to discern those paths that lead to

We are all looking for more freedom and self expression!
At what cost may I ask this generation?

The Lord said to multiply;
We are not even replacing ourselves!

I do understand the problem with most the worlds problems
Come from a three letter word!!

May we ask the Lord to show us His path of righteousness and holiness
Living and looking for that narrow road in life's situations!

Living From Glory to Glory...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Invest In Things With Eternal Value...

Living From Glory to Glory Blog

When I woke up this morning I felt such a sweet sense of memories!
Feeling the expectation of what a day might bring.

Seasons will come and go...

But we are all looking for bedrock relationships.
Some things require more of us;
Are you willing to invest in things with eternal value?

Let's face it ladies, we all live in a world with more distractions,
Then Carters got pills!
(My Mom always said that, I had no idea what it meant)
But it must of meant way too much!

Well, here goes;
Do you want to be right?
Or keep the peace?

Are you so Bossy even your dog runs away?
Who fears you?

When you get a phone call if they say something like this;
I was bored so I thought I would call you.
(Sure sign something wrong with that relationship)

When was the last time you got a sweet card in the mail from a friend?

Okay, here is the other side of this thought,
When do you stop investing in relationships with friends,
That seem to use and abuse it?

We all have a few cracked pots for friends
But lets face it, we all have a few quirks about us!

I am in a place right now that two very dear friends will be moving.
We just left a church we had been at for a dozen years.
We are going to celebrate another wedding anniversary.
The dog ran away!

Now I just realize summer is almost over!

Okay, back to what I was getting at!
Be wise in who you invest in!

All the time you spend reading the Bible will bring profit!
Every smile you share brings hope!
Every cup of cold water offered in His name,
He says you shall surely not lose your reward!

Invest in your man...
Love him and feed him and be there for him!
Be the cutest, sweetest secretary in the world!
I always liked that song;
~Your not women enough to take my man~

If you have girlfriends that challenge you in the right way;
To grow in Christ, to be a better homemaker,
And makes you laugh, she is probably a keeper!

God has put all things in His timetable,
We all have the same amount of minutes per hour.
May we inquire of the Lord for all we set our hand to...

Notice that picture at the top?
Well, it was an anniversary gift many years ago, and the very
first time I used it for a pot of tea;
To my shock it cracked, I cried!
Yet I still display it in my china curio cabinet!
She is a treasure and a keeper even if she is cracked!
Not perfect, but beautiful to me...

Friday, August 22, 2014

How To Make Mississippi Mud Cake...


Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Mississippi Mud Cake

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, Also Grease a cookie sheet pan

In a saucepan, add these ingredients;

2 sticks butter

1 cup water

4 tablespoons baking cocoa powder

Whisk together and bring to a quick boil

Remove from heat;


Add 2 cups sugar

½ tsp. Salt

2 eggs

½ tsp. Soda

2 cups flour

Mix well and then pour into a greased cookie sheet

Bake 15 minutes at 350 degrees

Take out the cake and wait for 1 minute to frost it!

Frosting; Place these ingredients listed below in another saucepan and bring them to a quick boil

1 stick butter

4 tablespoons of baking cocoa powder

4 tablespoons of milk

Remove from heat and now add;

2 cups powder sugar

2tsp. Vanilla

Stir well and frost your cake quickly

Now who here has not ever tasted the classic Mississippi Mud Cake?
This cake has many alias names;
Texas sheet cake ...
Call it what you want, but please lets just
Eat Cake...

This sheet cake is the best company cake you can make,
 as it feeds a large crowd!
 It is moist yet not too sweet. It always looks very elegant and decadent.
It tastes very buttery and so chocolaty rich.
You can hardly eat just one piece of it.

This cake always brings me very sweet memories;
As my Mother-in-law made this often!
And I made this so many times when the children were younger!

What is a dessert that you make that just floods you,
With sweet memories?

When we bake and prepare something filled with love and history.
We are investing in things that make and bring;
Happy Memories...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Disrespecting Your Husband...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog
He looks upon his wife as his most trusted confidants!
Or do you repeat every confidence he speaks to you?

I have heard too many things over the years that I believe were meant
To be private, and unreported.

We must make allowances for some of these things that are spoken;
They may be spoken while tired or angry!
We can all attest to saying something we did not mean to say!

So we must remember that when our Husbands speak in confidence to us,
We are not given the liberty to repeat it!

If you are not sure if it is something you should repeat;
Ask Your Husband if you should mention it to anyone?
I would rather ask him if I should repeat something, then to feel
Very bad that I broke confidence!

He needs to know that He can trust you with his sorrow or frustration!
We all need a safe place to speak about such things!

By keeping confidence you are showing respect for your Husbands name!
We do not want to be the ones bringing reproach upon our own Husbands
And families!
A good name is very valuable...

An older woman many years ago told me this very statement!
She said:

Are you guilty?
We have even done this all in the name of fun!
BIG mistake...
A man needs to be shown honor and integrity!
And if you make light or fun of his sharing his heart he will stop!
Then you whine and complain He never tells me anything.

If you are guilty of this type of behavior ask him to forgive you!
Ask the Lord to forgive you!
We need to learn to ZIP it...

Just because they said it; does not give us permission to repeat it!
And if you are in the habit of speaking badly about your Husband to yourself
Or to any of the others listed below
Parents, or children, or girlfriends, you are sinning!

As an older woman I beseech you to stop this disrespecting
Of Your Husband...

Ask the Lord to set a guard over your mouth!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Strawberry Fields...

Living From Glory to Glory Blog

This lovely Old Bread bowl is just filled to overflowing!
We picked these lovely sweet and juicy strawberries, while
We were back East visiting family!

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Bread
Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Smoothies

John 15: 1-9 speaks of only three amounts of fruit being produced
More Fruit
Much Fruit
In our lives, these are the only levels we are producing at!

Does your life have Fruit?
How about More Fruit?
We are looking for MUCH FRUIT...

Have you been experiencing pruning in your life?
If we are not being pruned you will not be able to bear more fruit.

Strawberries grow in the fields and they can bring a good harvest,
If many conditions are available.
Sun and rain and mulch!
Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Fruit from the Lord in our lives will be sometimes visible,
And other times it may take a while to see it!
Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Do we always have to have the biggest strawberries?
Actually the smaller ones can be very sweet!
I was wondering if size has any meaning at all when it comes to Biblical fruit,
But rather as to how MUCH...

After a lovely morning of picking fresh sweet strawberries we,
Then we washed them and smashed them and poured them
Over shortcakes and topped it with ice cream and whipped cream!

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

May each and every one of you bear MUCH Fruit!
It does not require labor and work;
But rather abiding in the vine...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Beware Of The Dog...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Alpha Dog
There is one in every pack!
In the hen house we call it the pecking order!

Aggression in animal or human causes distress!
I have never enjoyed bringing a new dog on the scene
 when they are larger in size!

I find myself feeling like I am not safe or comfortable.
There is an instinct that just reacts!

Just for the record, I am not a Dog Whisper...

I have noticed that even people need to be handled with caution.
So many people in the public arena seem like they are just maxed out!
Life for many of them are feeling more burdens than
 God ever intended
for them to carry!

I am so grateful to have a safe haven where I can lay my burdens down!
I heard my pastor say that these are perilous days...

Yet, we cannot be afraid or allow ourselves to be captives
 in our homes or cities!
We must pray for protection and use wisdom,
And still be about Our Father's business.
We must walk in holiness and His righteousness.
Walk in integrity and sincerity

I have noticed if I just walk in humility and love, I can feel
The atmosphere change so people do not feel challenged!

I have the desire to see the aggression dismantled,
Are we to allow this alpha spirit or attitude to control or ruin,
Our homes and church assemblies?

I do not want to be the Alpha,
To be in control over others with either my words or body language.
For I shall walk in Christ's authority in
Love and meekness...

May we look to Christ and His Word to help us to be humble,
But wise...

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gathering Rose Petals...

Living From Glory to Glory Blog

Gathering Rose Petals...

The Roses are still blooming, so it is a good time to
Gather the Rose Petals...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

This winter you will be so glad to have some rose petals put back
 for making some gifts! Or just for your own pleasure!
They always look so pretty in a bowl or on a pretty plate.

Dear Sweet Ladies, I have a confession to make!
I am a homemaker who loves her home!
I do not desire to travel and see the world?
I can stay home all day with no inner urge to just get out of this place...
I can clean my kitchen and not get irritated that I will be,
messing it up very shortly with the next meal.
I have come to realize there is no such thing as the last load of laundry.
I am not embarrassed that I do not have a degree.
I use a spell checker!
I have gray hair and my hairdresser knows!
The Lord is my stronghold in times of trouble;
and my help for every minor thing also!
I am simple in most things,
Yet I can think up more rabbit trails, then most!
I want an older pastor to teach me...
I do not want to get to Big for my britches...
So in saying all this;
I will stop to smell the Roses, while they are still blooming;
and not wait until. 
 All I have left are the petals!

Thank you all for being my friends via
this blog...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

How To Make Easy Lemonade...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog
Living from Glory to Glory Blog
Lemons and Limes
These always make me feel refreshed...

 How I make my refreshing lemonade.

My lemonade recipe is very easy and it is tasty!
Also This Is a Very Frugal way to prepare a refreshing beverage!

I use my 1/2 gallon pitcher
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup Real Lemon juice
Add water
Stir well
Chill it well then serve it over ice!
You can always add a slice of fresh lemon in the glass!
I have been making this lemonade this way for almost 30 years.
It is quite cheap and it tastes very fresh.
I only use the Real Lemon juice brand as it is stronger in flavor.
I buy it in the large 2 packs from Sam's club.

My kids are grown and now my grandchildren drink this lemonade.
I know people may squeal over the sugar in it, but it
is more of a real and natural alternative to pop and sweet drinks.
No dyes and no preservatives.
We drink this all year round not just in the summertime.
I also make up two 1/2 gallon pitchers at a time.
 And put one in the back fridge.

Lemon Lemonade is a sweet memory that we all enjoy!
Try it, I think you will find it very delicious.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Living From Glory To Glory..

Peace like a river...

There are so many twists and turns;
Deep waters and calm waters;
Clear water and murky waters.
Fast and furious
But a River only flows in one direction...

Wild currents, and sedate pools.
Yet all part of the very same stream of water.

Every stream or river has a starting point...

The Lord spoke to me one time and He said the word to me;

I have pondered and prayed about this word many times!

I find my peace in Him,
My Headwaters...

Always flowing fresh and powerful,
New and Living waters...

Why drink from a tiny wee cup when we have a fountain;
pure and never runs dry.

This world will pull you along sometimes so strong that the current,
Can and will take you under. But a good strong swimmer
takes precautions and stays out of the currents.
Keep a watch for false doctrine;
Always check the scripture and read above and below
in content of what is being taught!

Staying away from rough waters ahead is just plain old fashion wisdom!
Because we know that storms are coming;
In the natural and the spiritual!

Yet we are called to sit beside the still waters;
to refresh ourselves!

Come sit a while and listen to the water bubbling and flowing;
To a place where it is flowing into another body of water.
Flowing and Growing and gaining wisdom and strength.

Headwaters, The source from which something proceeds 
or is supplied.

Have you made the Lord Jesus Christ your headwaters?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not...

Living from Glory To Glory Blog

Steadfast and Loyal...

A Faith that fizzles before the final;
Had a flaw from the first!
(This was a quote a pastor of ours use to say to us many years ago)

Who comes to mind when you think of the statement;
Steadfast and Loyal?

Is it your Husband?
Maybe a dear friend.
How about a sister or brother!
Maybe a Pastor!

Love now days seem so fickle;
Little things said or perceived cause you to pull back or away;
He said the wrong thing!
Did you notice the way she looked at me?
I just felt a funny feeling about them!

I think most love has an expiration date attached to it!
Time's UP

I seem to remember a verse that says something like this
Love is patient
Love is kind
Love thinks no wrong...

Ever feel like sitting down with a daisy flower
And start pulling off the petals and repeating
He loves me;
He loves me not...

We had better start shoring up our hearts folks
Things are changing!!

We are all looking for someone who will be steadfast and loyal.

Be that person yourself...

Do not being easily offended!
Stop trying to read every emotion as negative or it's just about you!
Quit thinking only of yourself!

I am learning and growing and I need to be ready to stand
And love when I might feel like He loves me NOT.

The enemy always wants to isolate you!
Be quiet and learn to love your own!
Do not look for love in the wrong places or people!

God is LOVE
To love others with no agendas or expectation!
I think of that scripture that warns us that the 
Love of most will grow cold... 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Please Be a Husband, Lover...


Living from Glory to Glory Blog

How to be a Husband, Lover...

Well, it is pretty easy; The only requirement is dying to self!
And consider the cost;
Think not more highly of yourself than you ought!

Prefer Your Husband over everyone else...
Keep your vows on your door-post of your heart!
Renew your vows to him daily in word and need;
(I am not talking about repeating them, but rather living them)

Start each new day with a plan and conviction
Read the WORD
Doing something just for HIM
Dust his desk
Bake his favorite meal or dessert.
Plan a picnic at a park or in your backyard!
Write him a love note:
Tell him he is handsome
Kiss him and hold his hand often!
Ask his advice and use it...
Make sure he has clean clothes
Keep a few shirts and pants pressed
(How your Husband looks, reflects a good wife)
He may be standing at the city gates...

~Please smell wonderful for him
Wear your hair for him
Dress for him~

Watch your mouth!!
You can look sweet and talk like a truck driver
Tell him thank you often
Keep your words kind
(May the law of kindness be upon your lips)
If you are exhausted tell him and ask him to hold you!!

When he comes home, tell him you are so glad he is home.
Give him a few minutes to unwind after his day!
Never tell him over the phone while he is at work,
(How terrible your day is, or what has gone wrong)

Being a Husband, lover is a joy if you will invest and impart
Into him and his life; as there are returns here and in the

Remember Jesus came to serve us!
Shall we not serve our Husbands, and love them?

Share some of the things that you might do that makes YOU
A Husband, lover!?...

The aged women...teach the young women to be sober, 
to love their husbands, to love their children, 
to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, 
good, obedient to their own husbands, 
that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:3-5

Make it and aim to teach others how to love their own Husbands!

This picture was taken at our renewing of our wedding vows last year!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Video Butt Babies...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Video Butt Babies...

Remember Captain Kangaroo?
And Mr Greenjeans?

Okay, I have truly dated myself here!
If you do remember this program, I just need to ask one question.
 When they looked into the hand held mirror, did they
Ever see you watching the program and call out your name?

Well, I watched it often and no, not once did they ever see
A Roxy watching...
I tell you it was rigged!

Impressionable, fully trusting!
Always watching and absorbing!
Hearts open and tender...

Now there is nothing wrong with allowing a little teaching,
From Television programs or video games.

It is the full time sitting on your BUTT parenting going on that
 really shocks me and makes me so sad for the children!

Because, as they watch these types of learning programs,
they have no way to respond or use all their senses to engage.

And ALL Video games are causing some learning blocks for children.

We are built to watch, hear and respond!

The first thing most children do anymore once they awake
Is turn on the television!

Maybe we have gone to such an extreme measure of using
a television for education and free babysitter.

 We have lost the vision ourselves...

We must take time to instruct and train our children!

Watching television and video games will make your children
Cranky and listless and agitated!

We have a mind and body connection!

Too much of this kind of entertainment causes violence!!

I have noticed children younger and younger
 Having rounder and larger behinds!
Why are we seeing this;
They sit on their Butts all day long...
In school than at home!

Oh, don't worry, You're never home you say??

Have a smart phone (stupid phone)
No worries, you can play a game or watch anything you want
Anytime or anywhere...

Wake up!!
Read a BOOK...
Play outside...
Let a healthy imagination, develop their minds and gifts
Not video games and television.

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