Friday, August 1, 2014

Video Butt Babies...

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Video Butt Babies...

Remember Captain Kangaroo?
And Mr Greenjeans?

Okay, I have truly dated myself here!
If you do remember this program, I just need to ask one question.
 When they looked into the hand held mirror, did they
Ever see you watching the program and call out your name?

Well, I watched it often and no, not once did they ever see
A Roxy watching...
I tell you it was rigged!

Impressionable, fully trusting!
Always watching and absorbing!
Hearts open and tender...

Now there is nothing wrong with allowing a little teaching,
From Television programs or video games.

It is the full time sitting on your BUTT parenting going on that
 really shocks me and makes me so sad for the children!

Because, as they watch these types of learning programs,
they have no way to respond or use all their senses to engage.

And ALL Video games are causing some learning blocks for children.

We are built to watch, hear and respond!

The first thing most children do anymore once they awake
Is turn on the television!

Maybe we have gone to such an extreme measure of using
a television for education and free babysitter.

 We have lost the vision ourselves...

We must take time to instruct and train our children!

Watching television and video games will make your children
Cranky and listless and agitated!

We have a mind and body connection!

Too much of this kind of entertainment causes violence!!

I have noticed children younger and younger
 Having rounder and larger behinds!
Why are we seeing this;
They sit on their Butts all day long...
In school than at home!

Oh, don't worry, You're never home you say??

Have a smart phone (stupid phone)
No worries, you can play a game or watch anything you want
Anytime or anywhere...

Wake up!!
Read a BOOK...
Play outside...
Let a healthy imagination, develop their minds and gifts
Not video games and television.


  1. It also goes for adults, too!

    Video Butt Babies, never heard them called that but it's great description.

  2. Hi Roxy, I totally agree with you. When I was a developmental therapist working with young children, I really saw the effects of too much TV and now there are even more distractions! You'll be glad to know I have probably the world's oldest cell phone and my grandkids call it a dinosaur-phone. I am still visiting with them in Indiana.

  3. I really do think it wires brains differently, and not in a good way. Good old fashioned play outdoors is the antidote, I think.

  4. Great message, Roxy. I agree with Christine's comment - I'm at fault for being a couch potato at times myself. And I certainly don't need a bigger behind!

    Thankfully, most of my sitting is done while reading a book. And books are a wonderful thing. They require using our imaginations, and the action takes place on the screen of our minds.

    So, yes, let's set an example by turning off the TV and video games!


    (Yup, I remember Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans - and nope, they never called out Sharon either!)

  5. Its so sad you hardly ever see children playing outside in the sunshine creating wonderful games. They are loosing their imagination because of these games and with fewer children reading they don't even know what it means to escape into a book. My children have wonderful imaginations because they played so much outdoors and read lots of books.

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  7. You brought back sweet memories for me. I never missed Capt. Kangaroo every morning at 8:00.

    I am a subscriber to your blog but I haven't received any new posts in quite a while. There are several others I am missing too. I have tried resubscribing and trying to contact Feedburner but nothing helps. Guess I will have to keep visiting blogs. I love yours.


  8. Gaming is a big addiction right now Roxy. Even for a lot of young married couples. Kind of sad. When the grands are here we try to spend a lot of time out doors! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. You've got an amen in this corner!



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