Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Old Fashion Or Biblical...


Why do we need to be keepers of the Home...

No child will ever tell you how wonderful it was to come home,
after school or from a function and find the home empty!

A Home will only feel alive and special when someone is home...
We think staying at home was for another generation,
The word was not written with a certain time frame in mind.
The only time frame we are yet waiting for is the prophecy still to come.

So many women have left the home that when you drive
Through a neighborhood they seem desolate.

I still can remember when there was a time that Mothers
took their callings to heart.

Even as a Grandmother, I know being home brings great
Comfort to my grandchildren and a few women who are homemakers.

If I am old fashion, then so be it!!

I still think many women want more things and stuff!
And many women say their Husbands want them to work!
Many women love having their children in school
 so they can enjoy some free time for themselves.
Having a large home is more important, than all being in a smaller
home with a Mother Home to really train her children.

I believe it might take faith for a family to say we are going to
believe and trust God's word about keeping our homes.

When I have been gone all day for whatever reason, I come home
to a home with no dinner. And no laundry done.
The home seems empty and seems to ask;
Where have you been all day?

Do we have children asking;
Where have you been all day?
Do we have a generation raising themselves?
Only we can answer that!
Maybe we have gone too far away from this example?
If only a few come HOME will it make a difference?
Is there a movement calling Mothers HOME?
Children just seem so sad and unsettled...
Or maybe it is the Mothers and Fathers who are
really sad and unsettled?
It all comes from the top...
Is Christ changing hearts to come HOME?
Our Fathers wanting the Mother of their children HOME?


  1. I remember my husband and I making the decision for me to stay home with our children.
    Many of my friends and family told me I'd be bored!
    The first day home, I made curtains! I remember being so content and happy!

  2. Roxy-I think there is a movement for mom's to stay home. Both of my daughters-in-law have chosen too, and most of my nieces have too. They are educated, competent women and made a CHOICE to stay home. They seem to be loving it, too!

  3. I know that for me, the desire to stay home, came gradually as my circumstances changed.

    I know that my children appreciate the fact that I am home for them, even my 19 year old says so :-)

    If it is old be it! I am old fashioned, I have no problem with that :-)

    So good to read your words Roxy...

  4. I absolutely love this post!

  5. It is a great post Rox. It is so true. I can remember when my next door neighbor Barbara went to work. I mean her kids were grown, I can understand why she went to work, but I missed her being there;isn't that funny? I was a young Mom and really valued her presence at home even when there seemed to be no one home for her to keep it for. I do believe that there is something very powerful in having a Mom home to keep the presence of the Lord and the joy and peace and love filling the house; as well as the practical aspect.

  6. Hi Roxy, I grew up in a home where both my parents worked and I came home to an empty home. I must say though, I loved it :) Having said that it must have made an impression on me because I was blessed enough to have a husband who wanted me home for our children and I believe and trust that has made a positive impression in their lives. I do believe it was where God wanted me and I would encourage any woman to do the same. But, each one should do as they feel led by the Lord. And maybe ask themselves the question, "is it me who wants to work, or is it the Lord who wants me there?" Great post and thank you for your encouraging words over at my blog. I so appreciate them
    God bless

  7. Thanks for sharing your post at Mom's Morning Coffee's "Coffee & Conversation." I've so enjoyed perusing your blog...The pictures are stunning and the words are encouraging!
    Hope to see you next week.

  8. My mom was a stay at home mom too. But she worked hard as any man.
    Things are complicated for women today. Most families want nice houses and cars, which can be hard to afford on one salary.
    A lot of women still do a great job juggling, but I think it's probably brutal to balance work with homelife.
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

  9. I loved being home with my children and I love being home now. I enjoyed working, but there really is no place like home. I'm never bored, either.

  10. Well I guess I am old fashion ! My Mother was a homemaker. I can remember as a child the mothers in our neighborhood didn't work,we kids played together while our mothers cleaned and cooked, and visited each other. In our day and time the women work and don't have time for visiting. Thanks Roxy for you are always so encouraging!
    Hugs, Sylvia

  11. I loved being home when my children still lived at home. Once they left the nest (except for one) I started volunteering and loved it. I was hired last March and I'm enjoying this time in my life.

  12. Your post was beautifully written, my friend, and much-needed.

    There is such sweet joy and precious reward in being a homemaker and I am blessed to be able to do so for I would not want it any other way. I am also thankful for my husband and his desire to support and care for his family.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post at ROI. Hugs to you!

    P.S. -Thank you for the lovely V-Day card - I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  13. Hello dear Roxy,
    Such an encouraging post and important reminder. I also remember a day and time when the neighborhood was full of moms. They all kept an eye on each of us and mom knew from the mommy grape-vine if any of us were misbehaving out in the neighborhood.
    I fear those days have gone forever, I hope I am sure would be nice to see a neighborhood full of mommies and children again.
    Have a blessed weekend Roxy.
    Hugs from Shirley


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