Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hear His Voice In The Rushing Waters...

Rushing Waters...

His Voice Is Like Many Rushing Waters...

Feeling the breeze upon the land, times of cleansing and refreshment.

Being set apart can seem like a lonely place;
But He is the one who has called you to this place of solitary.
Lay back against Him and breath...

Rushing in those days of raising our children;
Days of hurry and scurry with little ones may be over;
But we still have a place that has been set apart for this very season.

We are the only ones who can fill these shoes and walk this way!
I can sense that my path in some ways seems more narrow...
Yet, I feel like my horizons has widened;

God can never be fitted into a one size fits all box dear ones;

He fills every droplet of water that flows into the ocean;
He cannot be contained!

Allow Him to fill your heart and hours and days,
We can with no guilt now enjoy a quiet spell of reading a good book.
We can eat a late supper and
 Listen to the frogs singing after a soaking rain.

We can stop and watch the sun set into another day into the other side
of  this wide and wonderful world.
 Where another women's day is just starting.

We can and will complete our journey and calling with great
Expectations and fulfillment, because He is the fountain that is never dry!

Drink from His water of truth and continue to drink;
You have heard the saying you can lead a horse to water,
But you can't make him drink.

Well, God is guiding you to the stream;
So drink dear ones, for His cup never runs dry...

These days and season is a part of your reward!
Do not allow the enemy to make you feel like you have no place,
Or that your job is finished;
Jesus never said anything about retirement...
We  can now have more calm and composure.
Slow and steady with assured steps in knowing that He is
Leading you...
You dear ones have been planted by a stream and your roots have grown deep!
You will continue to bear fruit even in your old age...


  1. Roxy, Profound truth you've shared-something we all need to hear.
    Bless you for speaking the truth in this post.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. This is good, Roxy, amd soothing; so needed with all the commotion around us.

  3. beautiful.

    Thankyou for reminding me about the blog roll list - I added it to my blog over the weekend. I don't think I have everyone yet, but slowly adding them.

    Do hope that you are having a lovely week. Very cold and frosty here.

  4. Hi Roxy, such beautiful words and a beautiful visual of God guiding us.
    God bless

  5. How timely . . .I was just telling my husband this morning how much I enjoy sitting on our patio and having coffee with him before he leaves for work. I was also telling him how we are able to have this quiet time together because we are done raising our children. As much as I miss those days of being so intensely needed, I am deliberate about seeking a purpose in my tasks in this season of life. Thank you for your encouragement, Jeannette

  6. I need to be still and KNOW. God keeps reminding me of that. This is such a beautiful post. I have struggled to find my place of ministry (in the church), but I'm realizing that it may not be confined to the walls of a church. It may be out of those walls in the highway and byways of life. I am enjoying reading God's word and praying and singing to the little lady that I am keeping. Last week, we didn't think she was going to make it. She has a brain tumor and she's on Hospice and she's been out of it for days. I started reading the Bible and singing. I sang Jesus loves me and she opened her eyes and sang at the end, "For the Bible tells me so." She is such a fine, precious Christian saint. I pray that her passing will be gentle when God is ready to take her, but until then I was to be a vessel that is used every day. Today I didn't work, but it was her birthday so I brought her a gift. She knew that I was there. Opened her eyes and said, "Hey" and smile that beautiful smile. That's when it's worth every trial we have to go through. It will be worth it all.

  7. Beautiful Roxy! I love the sound of rushing water. Next time I will listen even more intently! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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