Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sensible Shoes

  I am outside first thing in the morning, doing my daily chores!
Dressed in my purple PJ'S
And my old Birkenstocks...
Not a pretty sight
(What the Heck, I live in the boonies)
We have been having terrible dirt storms, with high winds.
The wind has blown all the patio furniture over and tree limbs are everywhere.
So, I am out there bending over to pick up all the down limbs of the trees and all
Of a sudden I am falling head over onto the sidewalk.
I crash like a Big Redwood Tree;  Smash , Bang, Boom.
I am laying there thinking!!!
Oh My God Old people really do just fall down!!
Ok Jesus;  Did I break anything?
I move my hand, ouchy.
My hip is banged up!
Ankle is tweaked...
Thank you Jesus, nothing is broken !!
Now, Everyone around here is still sound asleep.
Good, No one saw that silly purple looking heap laying down on the ground
Between our homes.
First thing in the morning,
 Like I needed a nap already!
I hauled myself up and I proceeded to drag myself into my house
I threw my Birckonstock's in the trash !!
I vow to only wear sensible shoes from this day forward.

But wait!!
I really love cute shoes.
I promise to be more careful.
What is this a lady in a red high heel shoe with an ace bandage on??
Oh My!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Taking What You Have For Granted

We Are Selling Our Camper
Now this is the top of the line!
It's one of it's kind...
Home Away From Home
(Or Not)
Maybe this is there home!! ??
I have always had an interest of the times of the
Great Depression.
There were so many people that endured such hardships.
We, that live in such prosperous times;
may be void of knowing hard times,
And as a result of that they
  never gained a real appreciation
for what they have!

It is pictures like these that help me to not take what we have for granted!

How can we appreciate what we have when we have
been inundated with consumerism?

Yet many still need help to feed themselves even today!

The last time we used our camper was a year ago so we are selling it!
My sweet hubby just had to get some hearing aids.
He is so amazed with how well he can hear!
But the cost was really expensive .
So, being the kind of wife my hubby needs,
was for me to say!!
Lets sell the camper so we do not have to have that huge debt over us!
We as women must be the help mates our hubbies need.
And being frugal and wise is one of the biggest we can be
when it is needed.
We should not take what we have for granted;
Our lives
Our hearing
Our food
Our provisions
So, may we start to appreciate what we do have!
Tell your hubby;
How much you appreciate how well he has provides for you,
He needs to HEAR that.
As that is how God created a man to function.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Balancing Our Time...

Balancing Our Time...

We are all given 24 hours a day.
We all have 52 Sundays in a year.

God has given us season's a time to plant and a time to harvest.

I have found that time can slip away;
So, As a manager of this home, I must manage my time!
By making priorities for each day and season's.
I can have some control!
God will one day ask me to give an account of my time.

It is very important to have wisdom in what is important,
For yourself and family.

Your time with the Lord!!
Without this you will not have direction or peace.
A woman of God should have the demeanor of a gentle and quiet spirit.
We can only attain this by being in His presence.

Making a list of homemaking needs for the day:

For making a choice early in the morning for what you plan to serve for dinner.
(Very Important)

Get a load of laundry going as it helps to not have that
Feeling of laundry overload!!

I always like to tackle a room of my home and get it in order.

I even like to ask my hubby if he needs me to do anything or him today.
I have found over the years, it is usually only a phone call or to go to the bank for him.
And he always is so blessed that I have tried to take a small
burden off of him.

Take some time to enjoy this season of warm weather.
Find a good book to read!
Eat ice cream!!
Love Your Family
It is the only one you have!
God has intrusted this treasure to you.
Living From Glory To Glory Blog
Remember to make time for the most important things!
Living From Glory To Glory 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fire And Smoke

Colorado's Worst Forest Fires Ever!

We have eight fires burning as of tonight in our state.
It seems like when theses kind of disasters hit us,
We are forced to see how frail we are.
We are but dust...
Ashes to ashes

This is where our daughter went on her first date;
Which is totally gone.
It looks like a war zone!

With the drought conditions, we are a tinder box!
The wind rages.
The ash falls

 The smoke just billows up and up!
Firefighters do what they are trained to do.
Fight Fires!

The sun and moon are blood red!
We wait!
You cannot be outside.
Our eyes burn and water.
There is ash on everything.
Our hearts feel heavy...
So much loss and destruction!
Please pray for Colorado!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Time For Courage

 A Time For Courage


As the revelations of the last few weeks now make abundantly clear, our freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and our freedom of religion may have never been in greater jeopardy than they are right now. The remainder of this year will likely determine whether we will remain a free people or succumb to a terrible tyranny.

The revelation that the NSA has the capacity to monitor and store all phone calls, emails, text messages, social network posts, virtually all communications in America, and very soon the world, is so shocking that it is hard for many to believe. Already the power of our Federal Government to impose totalitarian control over its people is the greatest in history.

All of these revelations and scandals are far beyond anything we have ever witnessed. They are coming at us so fast that people may go numb and just shut down. In the Book of Daniel, the devil's strategy is to attempt to "wear out the saints," and this has always been an effective strategy. However, now is not the time to shut down and throw up our hands declaring that this is too much to process. Everything we hold dear as Americans, our most basic liberties, are in serious jeopardy. It is time for courage and our most resolute determination that this is not going to happen on our watch, and that we will never give up. It is not too late.

What Can I do About It?

Blog, write, and speak every chance you get. Blogging has now surpassed the traditional media as the source of information for most Americans. Social Media is now more powerful in shaping public opinion than traditional media. Use it! Don't worry about who is monitoring it—preach to them too!
Get engaged. Go to town hall meetings. Write to your elected officials often. Run for office. Work in campaigns. Donate time, money, and other resources. If we don't give it freely now, it will be taken from us soon.
• Don't stop because we don't seem to have quality leaders at this time—we have the greatest leader of all—King Jesus. He is the Truth, and all who love Truth will follow Him, regardless of the consequences, regardless of whether anyone else joins us.
We must live by faith, not by fear. When the odds seem impossible is the time when the greatest leaders have arisen and the greatest miracles have been done. This is our time, and we must resolve that we will never, ever retreat or give up. Website:
By Rick Joyner

I could of tried to write this post, but I could not! Why??
I am afraid! Who is watching me?
 I have been a christian for over 30 yrs, and I have never seen the time line move so fast.
 They are trying to take all that I hold dear away from me. I must say we the people, must use our voices while we still have one.

I will not lie , it would just be much easier  to just stay home and be quiet.
 And put my head under the covers and pretend everything is as usual! It is not!
We all need to pray and to study as to what happens to a country who has no voice.
They have already re-written some of our HISTORY.
God Bless America, Father Have Mercy on us!
But may I not be afraid to say NO to total goverment control. And to say YES to all of my freedoms.

We The People


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beautiful Hair

Long Beautiful Hair
 This is a real photo of a woman's hair.
I find it really remarkable that her hair was this long.
She probably had never had it cut in her entire life.
The word tells us women that our hair is our glory !
What does that really mean to you?
Does it mean we all must have hair to our feet?
Or we can  say our hair must be to the length of to here, or to here??
Can you tell that you are a woman?
Some women have gone through a very hard struggle
With their health and have lost all their hair.
When I was a young woman I had very long hair.
Red hair!
Now days it is much shorter, and mixed with a wisp of white.
I think as a woman my hair has been a source of many things.
Time consuming
Great joy from it
Fun styles
Every length
I dyed it
I even wore a head covering for many years.
I still wear it once in awhile in church and at home or during worship service.
I have learned many lessons on headship.
And I have been blessed with much grace.
I had a missionary friend once tell me, how after having her
Hair to her knees most her life, it was so wonderful to have
Her hair cut in a bob style.
It was so nice that her hair would dry after washing it.
And no bugs in it (really)
As she was stationed in a jungle setting.
I loved her heart concerning this whole matter.
She had submitted to her covering!
I always ask my hubby, what do you want me to do?
And he tells me, whatever you want honey.
I love you!
Long hair
Short hair
White hair

1Corinthians 11:15

 I would love to hear from some of you on how you view
your hair, and what you feel is important to you!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Treasures In A Cracked Tea Pot

Making all things beautiful,
in His time.
Here is my beautiful tea pot, but it is cracked!
My hubby bought this for me awhile back,
And at my very first tea time, it cracked from the top to the bottom.

What is a girl to do?
I was so very sad to think of this special treasure to be of no use.
So, I really gave this much thought;
I added flowers to it, then a plant.
It just did not look right!
I was reminded of the scripture that speaks of us as being,
A treasure in an earthen vessel.
So, I thought what treasure do I have I could put into this
cracked tea pot ?
Not fake pearls, but real ones!
(My Momma's Pearls)
I am so thankful that just because,
I have a few cracks, that God still finds useful
things for me to be used for!
For He calls me one of His treasurs!
Here is the complete set;
Tea Pot
Sugar Bowl
Cream Pitcher



Saturday, June 15, 2013

Advice From The Ocean

Bringing Your Life Into Sync With His Flow
I must say that the ocean has its own way,
 It comes in and it goes out again.
It does what it was created to do!
It does not need anyone to remind it to come in or to go out.
Yet, It does it with such purpose and grace.
It can be so powerful and rough.
The magnificent colors of blues and greens.
 There are times it is black as night and with gray and white caps that explode.
It seems it is out of control!
But it knows its boundaries;
It must recede,
God is in control!

 Advice from the Ocean
Everything has a lesson in it...
My treasure by the ocean,
My daughter and me!

May we live a life filled with love and laughter,
But know we sow in tears.
Sow in love and may faith make it grow.
Experience it all for joy comes in the morning.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Smooth Hand And A Cool Touch

My Smart Phone was returned today!
I am going to tell you something...
I am not making this up!
Know matter how hard or easy I swiped my finger
Over the screen it would do nothing.
Natttta Nothing
Everyone else had no problems swipping and pulling up
 Any app or enlarging the context.
I am like what the heck !!

Silly Rabbit

So I got this one to replace it!


Not Really !
They told me because I have too cold of finger tips,
And to smooth finger tips, the phone could not
pick up the touch.
They actually felt sorry for me in the store.
They said we know it is not something you could help.
So I now am a proud owner of a new updated
Stupid Phone :)
Some things are just made to last!

Call Me!

Dial ZERO For Operator

I Will Not Be Outsmarted!
The other night I was at a benefit dinner,
 And it was an honor to be a part of helping
  An amazing woman prospers during
 A time of recovery from brain surgery.
At our table here goes the conversation!
Do you have a smart phone?
Do you have a smart phone?
Do YOU have a smart phone?
Now, I am asking the last women at our table.
Do you have a smart phone?
Now that was really funny to me, because my husband had just,
Asked our son to order a Smart Phone for me.
Now I am worried!!
The phone arrives just before lunch,
I proceed to get it up and working;
It only took until 10:30 p.m.
Now I know why they call them Smart Phones!
I am enrolled into the school of upgrades and learning curves.
A girls got to have some curves some how!!

A Smart Phone

The next post should be on simplifying your life ( RIGHT )

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Men Are Visual...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog
Some days we see too much.
Some days we see too little.
All of our days are waiting to be filled with things we can see or feel.
I desire to fill my days with happy memories,
And things that fill my eyes with beauty.
One of my greatest joys has been ministering to my husband.
Loving him by giving him my attention.

Making a place  for him to meet God and to study and pray,
A room just for him.
Doing what I thought my husband needed to find his home a comfort!
Doing my life with the man of my dreams.
I have referred to him as my Boaz.
There is one thing I have learned over 32 years of marriage,
Is this!!
Men are visual...
Every man is visual!
So I try to present all things to look appealing;

Cooking  food to nourish him, but to also try to make it look delicious,
 And  to keep my kitchen table cleaned off  and with a comfy chair.
Creating an environment for peace of  mind and soul.
I have prayed about this one simple fact, over many years.
My conclusion is this;
It is my hope to keep my husbands eyes on me!
I smile, I laugh, I kiss him! xoxo
I make myself ready for him,
I wear a fragrance he likes.
I fix myself up every day!
I love to have my husband look at me!

Part One; On Building A Strong Marriage
Read it here;
Romancing Your Husband

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wishing Upon A Star

Wishing Upon A Star
What are some of the things you have wished for?
I wish life was easy peasie.
I wish life was easy breezy.
Oh come on!!
It has been the hard and difficult things that have brought
A true fairy tales to life.
You're living it right now!
I wished I had never spent all that money and joined that gym.
I wished I had never spent all that money over the last
30 yrs on my kitchen gadgets. I have used twice!
wish I had been less judgmental towards others.
I wish....
See the point?
He is the Morning Star, He alone can make all your true wishes
Come True!
Love, Joy, Peace
Strength, Beauty,
(More Abundantly)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Line Up

Which One Did It?
They all look rather guilty to me!
She does look rather troubled...
We must be very careful to not follow the crowd.
Sometimes just being with the wrong people can
bring trouble upon yourself.
I have heard people say:
I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time!
"The Word say's to stay away from even the apperance of evil"
Maybe a new hair style,
Get rid of the grumpy face,
If ,I said I was a christian,
Would there be enough evidence to convict me??

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Having Followers

Having  followers...
I try to live my life as a follower of Jesus,
Every day is a new challenge.
I want to be an example to others.
Yet, it is a great responsibility to lead.
I was thinking last night
 That having that little box on my sidebar
On my blog
 That reads " followers"
 Was saying something to me!
Then as I prayed about it through the night!
I awoke around 5:30 a.m. and I knew,
I look at the box daily!
As if this box is a gauge of whether my words hold any weight or worth?
I will not be a captive to this box or the number any longer!
I am free to write and post and publish as He leads me!
I want even my Blog to reflect His leading!
Taking responsibility of leading others;
But I can only share what I have been taught.
So, I am taking off the Followers Box!
But, I pray many will visit and learn and grow as I am also.
For there are many deserts we will pass through,
But, I trust Him for the flowers in my life
May I be a wise woman tending the sheep he has given me!


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