Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Men Are Visual...

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Some days we see too much.
Some days we see too little.
All of our days are waiting to be filled with things we can see or feel.
I desire to fill my days with happy memories,
And things that fill my eyes with beauty.
One of my greatest joys has been ministering to my husband.
Loving him by giving him my attention.

Making a place  for him to meet God and to study and pray,
A room just for him.
Doing what I thought my husband needed to find his home a comfort!
Doing my life with the man of my dreams.
I have referred to him as my Boaz.
There is one thing I have learned over 32 years of marriage,
Is this!!
Men are visual...
Every man is visual!
So I try to present all things to look appealing;

Cooking  food to nourish him, but to also try to make it look delicious,
 And  to keep my kitchen table cleaned off  and with a comfy chair.
Creating an environment for peace of  mind and soul.
I have prayed about this one simple fact, over many years.
My conclusion is this;
It is my hope to keep my husbands eyes on me!
I smile, I laugh, I kiss him! xoxo
I make myself ready for him,
I wear a fragrance he likes.
I fix myself up every day!
I love to have my husband look at me!

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  1. Roxy...this is so true. My hubby and I will be celebrating 22 years this December, and I make sure than when he arrives home, he finds me ready for him :) A pleasing outfit. A clean house. A delicious dinner. Clutter truly does hurt a marriage!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing... m.

  2. Roxy, I agree with you 100%; I know that your husband is respected due to the behavior and love of his wife. Well done; something we all need to do. I also never wanted to give my husband a reason to look elsewhere-be it weight, sloppiness etc.
    This is a message young wives need to hear.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. Good advice! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Roxy- You are sure on the right track there. You have done everything right and God has blessed your relationship because of this! xo Diana

  5. So well said Rox, and a great word of wisdom. I have felt the same way about our marriage. We drive to Denver tomorrow; Dad flies out about 1:00. It has been a fast and busy visit, but we have been so, so blessed.
    I will call you soon.
    Love you,

  6. Love your blog and blessed to be here. Check out The Rusty Pearl. I share my love of the Lord and talk about anything I am thinking really lOL .. hugs and have a blessed day

  7. It sounds like you are a sweet and good wife, Roxy!

    Lady Violet

  8. Roxy,
    I can't tell you how much I loved this post this week. I've come back to it a few times. So many that I've decided to highlight it this week. It's so important to take this kind of time to look good for our man. They are very visual as you said. Much more than women, I believe. Thanks for linking up with Matrimonial Monday!


  9. Great advice, Roxy. We often think about the negative aspects of men's visual brains (i.e. how immodesty of other women can affect them), but we rarely talk about the positives...great points!!
    If your home is as inviting as your blog...you're doing a great job!

  10. I needed to read this tonight. What with chemo, I'm not feeling very feminine right now. But he tells me my head is cute, and I'm beautiful. I love that love is blind.
    Be blessed my friend,


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