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What Is A Watchwoman...

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A Watchwoman And Roses...

One of my favorite scriptures or word picture that I just find
Fascinating for me comes from Proverbs 31:27

~She "watches" over the ways of her household~

As wives and mothers and homemakers, we are the "Watchwoman"
That is referred to in this scripture!

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There is a wall that surrounds your home and land and sphere of influence;

As we walk upon the tops of this wall that surrounds are loved ones,
We look out into the far distance, watching for prey that means to harm.

We keep our eyes close to the bottom of the wall for any danger trying
to scale the walls that surround our homes!

We need discernment to know what is trying to get close to our homes;
And even try to weasel its way into our sanctuaries.

I have had to keep watch for the things that bring harm!
We can so easily just allow so many things into our lives and relationships
that can destroy a foundation built on truth!
We can not become careless in this calling.

I hope you ladies lovingly keep watch daily for whatever might bring harm!

I feel that we need to keep very alert and appreciate this position;
This is where you can practice wisdom from above,
A woman can just have that special knowing when something or someone
Is just not right, it can be a feeling or a prompting.
God has given this to us ladies to keep guard and go with that intuition that
helps us to know when something is just off!

The word tells us to not lean unto our own understanding;
But there is a gifting given to us to know and sense danger!

I have read and heard so many stories over the years that only
Another woman or mother would understand;
{It goes like this, I just had this feeling}

We can be very special force ops in this activity
Yet, not look one bit militant
But rather lovely and modest and smell like a rose!

May the Lord revive and refresh us in this line of duty...
Never give the enemy of our homes and loved ones one bit of territory!

Stand your ground and keep watch;
For you, dear ones are a

Can you recall a time that you said;
{I just had this feeling}


  1. We learned about this concerning our children in our ladies Bible study in church this week concerning guarding our children. I would like to share what you wrote here next week if that is okay with you. This was a good article Roxy.
    Hugs from Shirley

  2. Yes- We are watch(wo)men, aren't we? I can't tell you the number of times I have said- "I just had that feeling".

    Blessed Sunday to you, Roxy. xo Diana

  3. Beautiful thought! Guarding our home carefully with love, and being sensitive to the leading of the spirit too, will help us foresee things that could harm those we love. Have a blessed Sunday Roxy!

  4. Such a wonderful lesson for mothers. Love your post. God gives us subtle warnings that too often we ignore. Thanks for the reminder. Hugs

  5. It is one of my favourite verses too Roxy and written in my homemaker's journal. I underlined the word watches and household. I have learned over the years to trust my instinct especially over the people we allow into our home. I have found when I have 'that feeling' concerning an individual and told my husband he often tells me he also had the same feeling on meeting them and did not trust the person. This instinct prevented us being scammed many years ago as newlyweds by a man in our church who would approach young couples and weasel his way into their homes to sign them up to his fraudulent financial schemes. Another couple sent him to our home - they were being paid so they thought for passing on referrals. It was the first time I said to my husband after we sent him on his way that 'I just have this feeling' which was justified some time later when we found out the extent of his deception.

  6. Hello Roxy, I'm visiting you from Stephanie's blog. I really enjoyed this post. I'm a stay at home mom, homeschooling my last 2 children. I have 4, two are grown and I know how important it is to be the watchwoman...I love this post. What a great reminder of how we need to always be on guard and protect our children. I'm so happy to meet you.

  7. "Stand your ground and keep watch..." Powerful and meaningful words, Roxy! God does indeed direct and and guide and often He will give warnings - we must be ready to heed them.

    Thanks for sharing :) Have a lovely Tuesday! Hugs!

  8. This is such a good post Rox; I gotta pin it. Wise words and such an important reminder. We do certainly need to constantly be encouraged in this. I believe it is one of our main rolls as Mother's.
    Love and Blessings,


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