Friday, March 6, 2015

How Comparison Is Wrong...


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The Source: The Tea Time Magazine


Now when you are out shopping, and you're in the fruit aisle,
And your comparing apples or oranges for their size and looks.
That is considered to be wise.
When we use our resources and manage things well.
Using coupons, finding the best deals, buying while on sale.

But to compare yourself to another person is very wrong!

Each person is on their own race and can be anywhere in the process.
Some are starting out, some are half-way.
Some have taken so many detours, they have lost their sense of direction.

We can use others to help us in making decisions, and even
Imitating someones cooking or decorating ideas.
This I believe is being encouraged by another and responding by
imataining their ideas.
Or, you may be a person that you do not want anyone to copy your ideas!
But I find it a great compliment when someone likes what I have done.

God tells us in His word to imitate Paul or copy James;
Trying to make good choices in any arena of life is a good thing.

I love it when one of you ladies Blogs inspire me!
You make me laugh and giggle,
Your crafts and recipes have helped me to create beautiful things!
I have felt challenged and invigorated to try something new.

I have read words of wisdom that required a change of direction.
Some Blogs have taught me to hold steady!

I have seen posts of an artist that I did not even know who existed.

I have read posts and some comments that encouraged me when I was weary!
A comment or an Email can fan a flame dear ones!
The Bible is filled with encouragement;
You say you never need to be encouraged...

I think that the gift of encouragement is one of the very best and most needed;
in our world and lives and families. And in our walk with Christ!

Do not compare yourself with people!
But line yourself up with God's word...

A wise woman once told me;
Try to stay humble in God's sight
Walk in Love
Stay true to myself
And be faithful to God!

I will tell you this one thing;
If you will encourage another, and help them stay the course;
It will go well with you...

I ask tough things of others, I speak truths that are uncomfortable;
I call you up to a higher calling...

Is your blog a beacon of light?
Do you leave comments to help and encourage another?
Do you stay the course?

I do not care if someone thinks I am a bit fruity (A Fruit Loop)
I just want to bear fruit...

Please make this a rime to encourage someone today;
Make this a year to bring the gift of promotion to others;
Lift them up in prayer
Encourage them with words
We are bloggers and using a social media for good!
Nothing wasted, nothing lost!

We are all the same; and we are all unique...
A special treasure


  1. I think all of us compare ourselves either consciously or unconsciously with others. It is sad that we do it...because we usually feel that we come up lacking somehow.
    Great post- xo Diana

  2. Thank you for this beautiful post, dearest Roxy! You are a great encouragement to me and I always feel challenged and inspired when I visit to reach for something higher - I want to be an eagle and run a good race for Christ, not just be a chicken content to scratch on the ground... I love how you write the truth - thank you!
    May you be blessed! Hugs to you and I hope your weekend is a truly lovely one!
    Love, Kelly-Anne

  3. Wonderful, much-needed post, my friend! There is so much truth written here and I appreciate your wisdom.

    Love to you! Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. So heartfelt...yes, it wouldn't the world be a better place if we all lived by these can only hope! Thank you Roxy for words of friendship and encouragement from your lovely blog!

  5. Great post Roxy, as always! You always have such encouraging words and thoughts to share!

    There is such uniqueness found in the many blogs that I visit that generally encourage, uplift, inspire, and challenge me. I believe God made us all unique beings to encourage and bless each other with our differences in personality, talents, and skills. Thank you for sharing another great thought :)

  6. What a wonderful post with so much wisdom. Oh that we would all become encouragers.

  7. Oh woman!! can you not see how you touch hearts with your words? do you not know how God uses you to minister His Word to our Spirits? Do you not see the Work of the Holy Spirit in the comments here?
    You are that beacon for the ships that are searching for a safe haven.
    Keep shining dear Roxy.
    Love In Christ Jesus.

  8. Roxy thank you for such a wonderful post. Your words are so encouraging for me. Love your blog and the truth that is spoken here. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I agree that it is easy to compare ourselves to least it can be for me at times. Thank you, Roxy for this reminder that we are all God's unique creations! And yes, encouraging each other...building each other up...that's what we are called to do, no matter WHO we are :) Have a fantastic weekend!

  10. Thank you very much,
    sweet Mrs. Roxy!
    Mom, my sisters and I always walk away very blessed, encouraged and inspired!
    May the Lord bless you for your ministry here on the web! :)

  11. I love this post Roxy! How true are your words! It is so easy to want to compare ourselves to others. Every now and then I do just that and it always makes me miserable. I want to always be happy to be me and appreciate the gifts and talents God gifted ME with. Thanks for sharing your words of always lift me up! Have a blessed weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky

  12. Great Post Roxy, On our human side I think we all tend to compare ourselves with others, but to be honest, once we find that to encourage is a much better sense of joy then talents, we find true happiness and peace from God.
    I hope to always encourage along my path if God allows me that gift!!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs for a great weekend.

  13. Roxy,
    Beautiful post.
    Always words of wisdom and so inspiring. I am always moved.
    I have learned to be grateful every day and am constantly aware of God's blessings. I have become very happy and content with my life... only by the grace of God.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Hi Roxy,

    I was so happy that you became my 90th follower! I am following you now too. Your words were a true encouragement to me. I am going to spend sometime reading your posts. Your blog looks lovely so far.

    Amy Jo

  15. Hi Roxy, finding your blog and your ministry has been like putting medicine on my wounds, I praise GOD for you!



  16. So easy to do, compare ourselves with others. I must cast down my imagination and see truth for what it is and encourage myself in the Lord. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

    Great words, Roxy.

    Hugs, Kelley~

  17. This is a wonderful post Rox. It is so well said, full of wisdom and is such an encouragement. I have thought each of these things, and you have put it into words so wonderfully. I would add, that as we encourage one another, we should lift each other up. Encouragement can help another see that they have merit and value, and we should not begrudge the giving of it. We can find in the giving it away, it comes our own way. We are refreshed by the refreshment we have given others.
    Love and blessings,

  18. Good morning Roxy, you are not a "fruit loop" :) But you did make me smile! Thank you for encouraging in such a unique way all the time. I was glad to see you here at the Art of Home-Making Mondays also! I hope your weekend is calm and peaceful and "fruitful"...


I really appreciate your comments! May they be kind and helpful to encourage my walk, and bless others as they read them. Thank-you!

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