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Why We Need To Cover Our Cleavage Ladies...

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(Writing This From What A Man Might Be Thinking)

Why do you wear clothing that shows off your cleavage?
I think You think I might want to see it...
Did you know that this is how I am wired?
My eyes just go to whatever is exposed!

Do you realize that when you even try to hide what is really exposed;
By pulling up on your top it just accentuates the problem.
You don't seem to care at all if I look at you;
Wait; I get it!
You want me to look at you and want you!
I really thought it was just my problem;
But it is just as much as yours; for, you will be held accountable for
(Causing me to stumble)

As A Man After God's Own Heart...
WHY Do You Dress Like A Harlot And Scream With How You Dress

(Writing From What I Am Thinking)

Do You Feel More Womenly By Showing Your Cleavage?

I have finally had to address this problem;
See I have had very close sweet friends that have just shown to
much to my husband and other young boys in my family!
 I ask you this, are you helping the problem of sexual thoughts?
Or are you exposing cleavage to the male gender...
Married men, Single men, Little boys

I know, you just have to say, I can't help it if they look at me like this;
Well, my dear ones, it will be you who will be held accountable
For making anyone stumble...

I do not care if your Husband has asked you to wear low cut shirts;
Because he likes it...
Any women or girl that exposes herself looks cheap!
I know this really makes some of you ladies mad
Some of you are saying Amen...

Look, we all like to feel pretty,
But beware of showing another male your breast
Even a glimpse of cleavage is too much for men!
You're going to be held accountable for this;
Because this is a matter of your heart and that is what God looks at!
Man looks at the outward (All that is exposed)

Well anyways, it is time to look at your spring and summer clothing!
If you ask the Lord about this, I can promise if you hear Him at all;
He will convict and confirm to you about this as being truth...

My job is to help you ladies make better choices;
To help all males not to stumble;
And to save you from the accountability that will come one day.

Try your swimsuit on;
Is it covering everything?
Have a covering top to wear over it while waiting to swim!
Get creative to look pretty and modest...

No Hot Pants...
No Cleavage...

Hey, wear what you want, it's your body
Don't let anybody tell you what to do

Well, see that's just the problem;
No one loves you enough to tell you the truth!!

Dress for the only one true KING...

What Are your thoughts on this?


  1. Good post, Roxy. It really does not seem classy to show cleavage.

  2. Thank you for addressing an issue that is long overdue. I agree that women need to take more responsibility to dress honorably covering themselves up with modest apparel that doesn't encourage the eyes of our brothers to look places they shouldn't. To be honest though, I've seen women covered from neck to toe, though, whose attitude and demeanor came across in a provocative way. So women must be careful that their hearts are "modest" as well as their dress.

    Great post Roxy, as always!

  3. This is such a good post, Roxy!

    I think it can be heeded as a warning for those that think modesty is not for them. I want to bring Glory to God and not of man. I want to dress as a daughter of Christ. Very, very good.

    I hope you don't mind, but I shared this post on my Facebook wall.

    Hugs to you,

  4. One thing I don't get is the FOX News (supposedly a conservative station) anchor women with cleavage exposed. Many of them wear short, sleeveless dresses with cleavage. Really ladies? It look so unprofessional, and it's hard to take them seriously.

  5. Amen,Amen,Amen,Amen!! You have just said what I have wanted to say so often. I just dread Summertime, as soon as it warms up we have to see everybody's everything. There is no blessing in looking at what should be hidden of the human body.

  6. Thank you, Rox. This word needs to get out there for all Christian women. Thank you for the courage to say it!
    Barb E.

  7. My nick-name in high school was "Turtle Neck".
    I just never felt comfortable showing cleavage and I'm uncomfortable being exposed to others cleavage.

  8. It's not just the beach or pool anymore, that we have to keep our families from.
    One visit to Walmart and you will see too much. When ladies lean over their carts (some walk that way) you can see more than you want.
    If I catch it in time I will avoid an aisle with my children to keep their eyes protected.
    Sometimes, it is so bad, I think they should have been stopped from coming in.


  9. Good to know I'm not the only one who feels like this.

  10. Great post! I am with you! My husband and I went to a bank meeting about our money and the woman had half her breasts showing. I was so disgusted that I didn't want to go back and I wanted to "report" her to the bank! When we did go back she had a turtleneck on but it was winter! My latest beef on all this is girls and women of all sizes who wear leggings as pants and their not so shapely butts are hanging out. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!

  11. One reSon I love the clothing from the 1980s is because there was so much more fabric in a dress. They covered you well but were still very pretty and womanly and not dowdy. I think also we need to get back to sleeves, in modern fashion. Clothing is a protection for women and can bring respect from men. Women who dress provocatively may find they can get a lot of attention bit it does not guarantee they will find a man who will respect and love them enough to protect them and care for them and provide for them, build them a house, etc. If they are dressing immodestly they sometimes do not even know better, as older women are reluctant to teach them. It is a very volitile subject and can cause such a backlash...immodesty is so militant and pushy, and in Your face!

  12. Very, very, VERY well said, Roxy! And you did it in a manner of love. You know I have a heart for modesty and I truly appreciate it when women of wisdom {such as yourself} step up and share your heart on this matter.

    In today's day and age women do not want to hear they need to cover themselves up. I think many of them truly believe that because it's their body they can wear what they want and do as they please... I think they are in denial about their attire having an impact on everyone around them. We MUST have Jesus in our life for only He can make the difference. He guides and directs us and He gently presses upon our hearts that we are daughters of Him, the holiest and greatest Heavenly Father. When we accept Him as Savior we know we are His and it changes the way we think, act, and dress.

    Okay, I had better end this comment before it becomes as a long as a post :) Thank you, dear Roxy, for sharing these words.

    Happy weekend! Hugs!

  13. Oh! Thank you Roxy for another good, thought-provoking post! Amen!
    Blessings to you and much love!

  14. So true! Thanks for sharing the truth in a loving way.

    Amy Jo

  15. I agree with you 100%. The Torah teaches us to cover our nakedness and not to look at the nakedness of others. This is difficult in our society. My husband turns his head when he sees these things in person or on tv. As a leader of women, I've found it helpful to provide a handout that details what modest dress is because modern women are deceived by the trends of fashion They believe the lie that they have no responsibility not to make men stumble. Thank you for this post.
    Blessings and shalom,

  16. I do agree. Young women in England seem to wander round in tiny shorts and strappy tops. I know I am much older than they are, but I wouldn't have worn that even when young.

  17. Blessings to you , Roxy!!! I appreciate your boldness in bringing this subject out in the open. (pun intended ;) )

    Seriously, it is a disturbing trend among all ages of females, not just those with a lot of cleavage or even attractive cleavage. It seems like it is a taboo subject to speak about and definitely brings a backlash of criticism to the person who thinks females need to be modest in their clothing and behavior.

    Ladies know proper etiquette, women don't. :)

  18. Good post, Roxy. Well said in a loving manner.

  19. Great post - it is embarassing to me see a woman immodestly dressed - I don't want to even look at her if she is dressed that way. At work we had to ask women to wear pants as the suits were too short and bending over wasn't too sightful. There is so much move coverage in a professional pant suit and not a skirt. Thanks!

  20. Just have a look at the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate) or Princess Mary of Denmark (who is an Australia) - two very classy ladies who dress beautifully and very elegantly and do not show cleavage or bottom etc... and they look gorgeous. It really does look so much better if everything ISN'T hanging out ! Dressing with style doesn't mean dressing in a sack as many younger women think.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  21. Just found your blog through Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose. Wonderful comments on modesty.

  22. I have never been one to show my cleavage...I think was left to the imagination is much more interesting than exposing it to anyone and everyone. I always feel sorry for woman that dress this way..I feel they feel they only self esteems they have is their superficial. Thanks for stopping by and I think you will love the lamb dish if you make it.

  23. Well, even when I had a killer body. lol! Really, just a nice shape. I could not flaunt it. I've always been modest and It's hard for me to understand how people feel comfortable letting it all hang out. I agree, you can't help but look when it's jumping out at you!

  24. Hi, I'm a friend of Stephanie and enjoy her blog and her relationship with our Lord and Savior.

    I really agree with your assessment of modesty in our culture...or I should say lack of it.

    One of your commenter lumped all the FOX TV Station together saying they were dressing very suggestive ~ I agree, but there are at least two exceptions. Greta Van Susteren and Dana Perino are very modest in their dress and conversations. I appreciate these women who have not been pulled into the "majority".

    I'm so think young Christian Women need to look like young Christian women.

    Thanks for your article.

    A Sister in Christ

  25. I completely agree with you Roxy! And I will continue a bit further. Wearing clingy shirts and tight jeans is just as immodest. For some reason, that is often over-looked in the Christian community but when you can see the complete outline of a woman in her clothing, that is also immodest (even if her cleavage is covered). Thanks for having the courage to say what many of us are uncomfortable with. And thank you for linking it with the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

  26. So True, they will stand accountable for the revealing of their bodies. And for causing a man to lust after them. I became a Christian at the age of 15 and I have dress modest in skirts only for 40 years...I dress to Give Glory to MY LORD!

  27. Hi Roxy, I was just looking at some of your older posts and this one stood out :) I have such a heart for this issue !! My daughter and I make a real effort to try and dress modestly and to be honest I don't think it's that difficult. I was reading some of the other comments above and one mentioned the clothing women on Fox News wear. Well we also stopped watching CBN because of the dresses that one of the main younger woman presenters wears. I was uncomfortable with it, clingy dresses above the knee, spiky heels..really??? I was shocked...Sometimes I ask myself, am I just old-fashioned ? and I know, compared to the way the world is today, yes I am. I am happy I am. I haven't lived a perfect life, but once the Lord truly got a hold of my heart, now I strive to live a life that brings Him glory and doesn't draw attention to myself. Bless you for your courageous honest blogs ~ Linda


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