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How To Start Making The Transition To Come Home...

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After a long day of guiding my Home;
I looked forward to a good night's sleep,
 But I could not turn off my brain.
 It wanted to cover everything I had done throughout the day.
So I started doing the mental list...
I find a sense of well done as I recall my day's work...

But then I realized that millions of women were doing the same thing,
All over the world
And also doing this very same thing since the beginning of time!

This position of Guiding our Homes is strong and backed by a higher authority;
We have been given the keys to this position!

There is an agenda in the world that has been at work for a very long time!

The battle of words and reasoning has tackled every angle;
Even Men have embraced the thinking that women belong in the work force!
Feminism has reached every culture and religion and race and gender...
We are told and taught that we must pull our own weight;
(Make Money)

Did I really mention the one word that hackles the hairs on the heads;
of those that have an ideal way of leading our nation?

It wasn't enough that in my formative years I was fed a daily dose of
Women Power
I am Women
I need no one to survive!

We walked in a new freedom and liberty;
(But this liberty has an undercurrent that has swept away so many maidens)

It seems at times that we are just a breath away from being suffocated from
An agenda that kills, steals and destroys.

I  will not be the one to throw a stone at a woman who works!
I also have had to work many years ago;
But I think there is a difference between choosing to be gone all day;
And leaving your children to be raised by a person being paid a wage.
Then a woman who must or will find herself on the streets...
That is where I see the difference, we must do what is best for our families!
If we get so mean spirited about things, we start to devour each other.

If you have the means to stay at home,
 Consider helping a woman that has still not been able to come Home yet!
 To encourage her and be an example to her!
 Sometimes it can be a long process to be able to return home and leave the work force.

I am saying this with as much love as a I can,
 Your worth and value
Does not come from the wages you bring home;
But rather what you impart to your Husband in being there for him.
Being present in the Home to encourage and train your children.
Managing the resources with a frugality that allows one to have comfort!

Being a Homemaker is truly a work of art;
A Masterpiece I tell you...

How To Make The Transition To Come Home

  • Find and ask a few women who would be willing to help you pray for
  • God's guidance and path to bring this about!

  • Inquire of the Lord's will and timing...

  • Start living right now as if you had only one income...

  • Learn how to be frugal and industrious in homemaking skills...

  • Learn from other women who have learned the art of homemaking;
  • (Canning, cooking, homemade gifts)

  • Tell Your Husband how much you love being home,
  • When you are not working!

  • Make being a homemaker your calling...
  • Ponder, Pray, Love

The forces and thinking and strongholds that have driven women away
From their homes is a strong force;
But you can overcome...
Do not give up!
For being HOME is a part of the ancient path...

Do You have any suggestions to help women that want to come Home?

Here is a very good post written about the ancient path
Click the link below


  1. There are so many home based businesses now, Roxy. It is wonderful when a woman can find something that she can embrace and do at home. Sadly, there is no insurance connected with those jobs and so many times women work just for that-insurance. Believe me the government mandated insurance does NOTHING to help.

    I was lucky- I worked the hours my kids were in school (after they started school) and picked them up and came home with them. That was a blessing. Years later , my hubby and I ran our own business so I could work my own schedule.

    The saddest thing is for those moms that want to come home and can't. xo Diana

  2. I just love this post Rox. I was thinking these very things yesterday. I am so thankful to have been strengthened and encouraged to be a homemaker through the years my children were all growing up. I know that there is an agenda to dismantle the home. So many arrows flying at the woman who chooses home and family above a career. Our Nation needs mothers and fathers who stand firm in the calling that was placed in them from the beginning of time.
    Love you

  3. Hi Roxy, it is a gift when a women can stay home and take care of the family and home. I feel very blessed to be able to work my gift from God at home through my painting but for many years worked outside the home too. It makes us ask a question.
    Are we living within our means or is the lifestyle we want dictating what we think we need?? or does the prices for everything going through the roof lead to second incomes in most homes just to meet family necessities.
    Great food for thought post.

    Thank you for stopping by while I was away. Back now and trying to catch up.
    Have a blessed rest of the week.
    Hugs, CM

  4. Roxy, dear, one (both?) of our daughters is aching to "go home." She might not be saying those exact words, but I'm her mother. I understand where she is. Our young women have been lied to for so long that they fear daring to yearn for this "old fashioned" desire.

    Thank you for the tips and advice that women can ponder and pray about, just as you stated.

    Hugs and happy week,

  5. I hated the years I had to work outside the home. I had no choice but it was hard. I think being a wife and mother is the highest calling and being able to stay at home is such a blessing.

  6. I agree Roxy, I worked some over the years but always loved being a homemaker, wife and mother. I was blessed to keep my grandchildren when they were young since my daughters "had" to work. I am from the old school, but understand that some women must work.

  7. There is so much lost....not only in the young ladies...but the young men too. We have ALL been lied many many ways. Yes feminism did it's deed but it's even more than that. Our consumer based culture drives it home too. The great american dream has grown in to a forced need of 2 incomes. Have you seen the types of home that are being built..the things people "think" they need?? Excess is everywhere and that excess costs a ton of money. Little boys are no longer taught to be the sole providers of a household...they wanna enter into co earning partnerships because thats the examples they see....ugh. Fathers train daughters to get out there and provide for themselves- get a job and move out- instead of providing provision till released to marriage. The examples is fathers provide, then husbands provide. Then there's the older generation raising the grandkids...babysitting full time so their kids can work to pay for their giant homes/ excessive things- have you noticed the trend for young couples to have a home 10x nicer than what it took their parents a lifetime to gain?? Almost no one wants the small starter's just crazy the financial bondage people set themselves in. I am not talking about the exceptions...there will always be the woman who's husband dies or left or is unable to work...who must work....but even that may be a shame as our churches and other family members dont step up to the plate to provide as they should....Timothy speaks of the widow who if she is below a certain age ( I think 60??)...should REMARRY for provision or if she is older....her male family is to provide her needs and if they can't then the church....but we all know no one does that anymore. Its sad that all these things are sorted out in the bible and are good ways....the better path...yet no one wants to follow that path.

  8. So many, many people need to read this Roxy....I so wonder where young women's hearts are? My goodness, I think they got lost somewhere....thank you ever so much for your constant reminders of faith and love.....and family! Big hugs!

  9. This is such a good post Roxy. Thanks for being that encourager to young and not so young women looking to come home. Homemaking is an I feel like we are losing. The pull to be out in the work force can be really strong, but I am beginning to discover that there is real value in being home. Blessings to you

  10. Being home to raise my family has been worth every sacrifice and hardship.

  11. This post was great!! I love staying home and my honest prayer is that more women would be able to follow God's calling and stay home. I know women that work and would love to stay home and their husbands refuse to allow it. (My sister is in this situation) It is sad and I truly hate it. The true sufferers are her children.
    Amy Jo

  12. I believe this issue has divided the Christian women in our churches today. The stay-at-home women in our church insisted on meeting separately from the working women and made such rude comments to the working women - and were so judgmental. Didn't they realize those working women wanted to stay home and raise their children. They should look to Scripture where it says the woman is to be a helpmate. Is is just so sad to see how Satan and used this as a dividing sword between the women. Once an unbeliever said to me she would never become a christian because she had a neighbor who so disliked the working women in her church. How sad.


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