Sunday, November 29, 2015

Winter Woe's...

After Winter truly sets in we all need to pull out our thermal underwear
Warm socks 
Lined gloves
Boots with warmth, and not just cute!

So you get the picture;
During this last week I thought I might just fill you in on a few 
Happening's around here...

Well, it snowed and has been freezing
I completely lost my voice for three days
I watched every Hallmark movie in a movie marathon.
My brain completely seized up...
As a girl has to use her words, or it is very possible that
She just may explode, I tell you!

Well, after 2 days of that I was determined to get moving and do something!
So, I cut out two Christmas aprons and as a no surprise; I was short on the fabric.
So, one of the aprons would fit an elf!
So if you know any elves that need a new apron, let me know!

Then after a very long day...
My Hubby comes in and tells me last evening
Honey, I need to move the dryer out as it is spewing lint and moisture 
all in the back mud room.
(Living out here you need a mud room)

I tell him I will help, so he gets the dryer pulled out and of course
the dirt under those appliances are always so dirty,
We get it all fixed and we used the all purpose homeowners
Duct tape to complete the job....

So as we are putting the duct tape away...
I watched as a can of PVC glue purple gunk falls off the shelf and splits open.
Now it is all over my hubby's arm and now on my white floor.

Not one of us knew what to do!
We tried bleach, we tried WD 40
We used a paint scraper.
I screamed (whispered) call our son!!
(I had no voice)

He is one of those guys that can make or fix anything;
He said use some GOOF OFF...
Hubby says do have any Goof Off?

Don't ask me, how would I know!

Well any hoot he came over and he had some of that stuff and it did take
most of that bright purple color off my floor.

Okay, if this was all  a test I am pretty sure I did not get such a good grade!

Oh, and did I mention I ordered for the first time an organic
Turkey for our Thanksgiving meal?

Well, it was the most bland and tough turkey I have ever served!
I kid you not I spit it out in my napkin,
Just like when I was a kid and my Mother served us liver!
I really did miss my hormone ladened turkey...

I hope I did not leave out any important facts...
Oh wait, one more I turned another year older!

I do feel this is another holiday to remember!
Laughter is good medicine...

Living From Glory To Glory

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Tablecloths Great Comeback...

The simple elegance of the great American tablecloth's!
I think that when we see a tablecloth it immediately takes us back to the
Days of early homemaking styles.

Living From Glory To Glory Blog
Google Images

They can be very simple or very intricate...
Fine linen to lace
Bright colors to patterns of just about anything.

Red and white checkered says country or Italian.

White linen says your special and company is coming!

Fall festive says harvest and plenty
Christmas says Merry To all 

Why has it become so much work or effort to use a tablecloth?

I know all the practical reasons...

But now days you can cover your tablecloths with a clear plastic if you have
Children, or would rather have the option for an easier clean up.

You can also find many plastic ones with the flannel backing;
With so many pretty colors and patterns.
(But please be careful as those tablecloths can leave a lint film on your wood)

I prefer tablecloths and I also use place mats.

Tablecloths come in about every size you can imagine!
Also, you can purchase them for a very reasonable price;
I always look for them at second hand stores, 
and after seasons change clearance section.

My reason for writing about this particular home decor and its uses!
We can change our whole presentation of either our kitchen or dining room
By using a simple large piece of fabric that is placed upon our table.

Social graces and simple, cozy feelings!

If you simply prefer not to cover your table, may I suggest using some place mats!

I have very sweet memories of being a child in my Grandmother's kitchen,
The old percolator was making coffee and toast was being served,
with fresh butter and cream for the coffee.
But what really sticks out was the fresh tablecloth on the table
Every morning had a new beginning...

Here is a very great tip for keeping tablecloths crisp and wrinkle free.
Wash them and line dry them if possible, as then there is no need for ironing.

A tablecloth can really make the style and a statement...
Home is everything!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Power Of Saying Thank You...


The Power Of Saying Thank You...

I believe it is in our human nature to make an impact in our world.

I may never win the Nobel prize or author a book!
I may never discover something that saves lives.

But I think we all have a word that will change the course of history!

When we tell someone Thank You, it will infuse a heart with gratitude!

We all need to hear and speak these simple words!
I think we may never know the impact of them this side of heaven.

Make it a habit and a joy to tell someone thank you!

May I take this time to say Thank you to each of you kind souls that
Have crossed my path in this humble, yet joyous journey!

I need you and I hope you need me!
All connections are pre-determined...

Never judge someone until you walked a mile in their shoes!

If your road has been tough I offer you a thank you for trying;
If you're hanging on to a marriage that is difficult, thank you!
If you have lost a loved one, thank you for not giving up hope!
If you have told someone thank you, it makes the world better!

Give Thanks...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Gift Of Hospitality...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Why Simple And Basic Allows Us To Enjoy

We live in a day where we have so many choices;
So when I think about cooking or baking I do try to prepare some
very simple meals. And I also will make extra special foods,
As time or celebrations present themselves.

Right now my refrigerator is stuffed and the counters have
So many goodies, that it immediately overwhelms ones senses.

But we are all in preparation for the greatest food holiday!
So we must take pleasure and enjoy all the goodies!
But we can use a bit of common sense and use a bit of moderation.
Don't Eat The Whole Pie

I think even the smells and aromas are healing in many ways.
Food can bring us together...
Breaking bread and fellowship as families and friends.

I do believe that many women have the gift of a hospitality,
That is really baking and sharing their lovely homemade goods!
Exercise your gift and give thanks and to share with others.

We always think we have to do a huge ministry;
But I think food made with love will nourish a weary soul!

Use the gift of food when you have a get together;
Or take something to your hubby's office or your own work place.
Make a pan of brownies or an appetizer sort of goodies.

I have always felt like a snack offered at a meeting had a way
Of diffusing some stress.

Hungry people can feel a bit cranky!
Did you know most men say that their favorite holiday is Thanksgiving?

I always envision and hope that my home is a happy place!
I am so thankful for the bounty!
So when you have extra time to bake up some hospitality;
Do some delicious goodies such as
Cookies and quick breads and put them in the freezer to grab and serve!

Tomorrow will be busy prepping and preparing
Do Not Stress, but rather take pleasure!


Monday, November 23, 2015

Little Women And The Comforts Of Home...


Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Little Women...

Years ago when someone would come to your door looking to sell the
Lady of the home their wares;
 They might say, is the little women home?

Well of course she was as that is where women were most the time!
But after the late fifties, A thing called divorce reared its ugly head.
Then many women had to go to work,
 To help keep the children fed and a roof over their heads.

But it is no surprise anymore to see the women working!
Many choose to stay working even if they could come home.

Today is different...

So this post may bore you to tears, but I love good books;
A have read Little Women many times;
And I have watched every version of the movie also!

Women, Wives and Mothers,
But a sister can be so special and important in our lives!
Growing up, you may have had your spats, but the memories and laughter!

And I think this book covers the deep things and how the heart
Shows the deep fondness they had for each other!

I love reading books and stories that make one's heart feel strong!
We must keep the sweet thoughts flowing and not become cynical.

If you find yourself becoming tired or weepy in the evenings.
Try taking a warm shower and make yourself a cup of decaffeinated tea
 And start reading something that will nurture your imagination
 and may you be reminded of good things that feed the soul.

A Good Book Is A Treasure...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why Having Long, Hair Is A Good Idea At Any Age...

Lovely And Long and Beautiful Hair

I remember as a young woman I had long hair all the way to my waist!
It was very long and red in color (auburn)

I always had so many people comment over the length of my hair.
Even as a young lady I just knew that long hair was pretty.

I also remember once having my hair as a very young child very short as my
 Mother had a neighbor cut it off into a pixie style haircut!
I felt naked...
Gone were my ponytails and kiss my curls goodbye.

I find myself always looking at ladies with lovely long hair!
No matter the age I always think they look feminine.
But, as I have aged even shoulder length or just long enough to frame
Your face, looks so soft.

Hair is a gift from the Lord!
We are given it as our glory and a covering...
Long hair is for your husband to enjoy!
Hair is an adornment to allow you to look ladylike.

I will not use this forum to tell you how long you should wear your hair!
But rather a reminder that you can have a bit longer hair at any stage
At any season of your life...

Silver or natural in color can look very becoming on any lady.

Long and flowing...
Curly or straight...

A very pretty side twisted bun is so pretty!

A sweet ponytail is always in style...

Why do women desire to cut their hair really short?
I mean militant short
(Yes, Jamie Lee Curtis can pull it off)

I like big hair and I cannot not lie...

Your hair can make you appear soft and demure
Pretty and fashionable.

I have always just felt a bit more ladylike with a bit longer hair!

Hair bleached or too short can appear harsh on some skin tones...

I know each and every one of us have had a really bad haircut or perm in our lives!

Remember, we were told don't worry, it will grow out
Well, Honey not soon enough for my liking!

So give it a try
Go long...

Or maybe just longer than your usual style or cut!

And ask your Husband if he would like you to grow your hair out a little bit!

Tell me, What did he say?

Really my Hubby says he likes my hair long, but he also
Says wear it the way you like it, dear, because it is your hair and you have to fix it!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Creating An Atmosphere That Says Special...

Getting Ready...

This little phrase can be packed with so much;
As we all have to get ready for so many different things
Getting Ready must apply to certain things we do daily;
Some things must be put in a special order for
School, work, parties and even getting out the door for a function.

So many people never really prepare for anything;
I always laughed at the saying,
"We fly by the seat of our pants"

And I do get that saying;
Sometimes being spur of the moment can work out better and smoother
"Then a well oiled machine"

But the point I was aiming for is this;
Special Occasions

We have all gotten so relaxed and anything goes belief,
We can miss the preparation of making things

And I can say that this applies to even a quiet dinner at home!

I believe it is an art to create an atmosphere that says special.

I know we can all get so busy we completely forget about,
Making things appear to be special...
Even preparing to have tea or coffee can be made into a very
Special and noteworthy portion of one's day.

I think we need to put forth some effort into presentation!

Even a glass bowl of something sweet on a table.
A tablecloth that covers your table.
A napkin that is decorated for the season we are in.
Serving your beverage in a real glass.
Setting a flat dish with some dinner candles to light.

Using your best and giving your best;
Can be easier than you think...

Get busy and clean up the kitchen and your sitting area...
Invite someone over for a dinner.
Bake something delicious and put it in the freezer!
Buy some food items that are on sale this time of year!

Elegance can be very affordable...

Happy Planning

Getting Ready is part of the whole process!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Coffee Time And Fighting On The Homefront...

Girls it is time to sit down and pour yourself a cup of coffee...

We need to talk, 

Okay, are you starting to feel the shift?
Well, it's happened...

Even when we feel the weight and sorrow of an ungodly society,
and the choices that they make and how it brings a tension.
Well, really a distrust too!

Is it okay to be leery of strangers or large crowds?
Do we need to act like nothing is different?
Or continue to do business as usual?

I for one think we need to see that the world is a different place!

Now don't read more into this than I am making of it!

If you are a christian; prepare your hearts for persecution,
Trials, and suffering...

Oh, did you want me to read you a lullaby and tell you everything is just fine?

Well, it is not...
We have certain people who do not like us in America...

Well, if it is so terrible here, why is everyone trying to come to this
One Nation Under God?

Well, because there is a blessing in this sovereign country, that has been dedicated
To a sovereign God!

Well, we need to fight!!

And how I plan to do this is very simple...
I will keep my home fires burning
I will love and speak truth boldly
I will pray for protection for those I love
I will be loyal and honest
I will call an Ace and Ace...

This seems to be the hand of cards we have been dealt
So I will play out my hand till the bitter end.

This country has a moral obligation to truth and freedom.
Tyranny gives me a bad taste in my mouth.
I think at the rate things are going I may need another teaspoon of sugar
in my cup of coffee... Thank-you

Really nothing is free
Everything will cost you something!

I will fight right from my Homefront...
I will cook and bake and clean and pray till He comes again!

If you have ever stopped by this blog, take notice
I will be praying for YOU...

Good Day...

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Why Multi Generational Families Are Like Golden Roses...


Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Multi Generational Life

I have been giving this a lot of thought lately,
And it is about something that no longer carries much weight in today's

When I was a young mother I had hopes and dreams for our children;
It included many things. But it was a hearts desire to help them
build strong marriages and homes and children that were taught and trained!

But mostly loved and cherish...

I do think homes that equip their children to live successfully.
Tools of a trade or life skills.

But I think we have lost a valuable multi-generational family homes.
Grandparents were given the stature and love and position.
Wisdom came from this older generation!
And the younger parents gave the old ones a reason to carry on!
Maybe the wind in our sails after we had lived a long life.

Each generation is needed!

We can share the wisdom and the work and the bounty.
Our lack of multi-generational leaves so many elder forks sad and lonely.

We all need purpose and helping each other with days filled with so much to do!


God wanted families to support each other

We have all so separated ourselves from our parents and children;
We all seem rather separate and many relationships have drifted apart.

What is lost from families living either on different continents or different states.

Holidays are spent apart.
Teachable moments are non existent
If  a burden arises we cannot be much help with it.

We all know that our children will grow up, as it should be!
I just think we never realized the impact of having them so far away.

Believe me, I know the assisted living places and nursing homes,
Are just filled with people that never thought they would be alone.

Many older folks even sell their homes and move to their retirement homes
Far, far away from all grown children and grandchildren.

We may be in any one of these stages on purpose or by a bad choice!

But I am just saying so many families do not stay together or get along!

So if you have the pleasure and blessing of having your children
 Or grandchildren, or even your parents close in proximity.

Look at it as a good thing and treasure it!

We need to learn to value multi- generations...

This Post Is written for all you women who have made your calling sure...
Home and Family

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Panning For Gold And Get Rich Quick Schemes...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Looking For Gold...

Everything in this world will cost you something!

I have had the opportunity many times to look into a flowing
Stream, coming out of the mountains. And I will tell you, seeing a gold speck,
Always makes my heart jump!

But every time we picked it out of the stream it was but fools gold!

Many years ago we had what they called the Gold Rush in California.
I can only imagine the heartache that so many women endured during
That season of a wanting to get rich quick by leaving their families.
And going out west!
So many never even made it back to their homes or families!
Life was brutal and hard and so many would kill to take another's claim.

There really is no sure way to get rich quickly...
Most wealth is produced by hard work and being frugal and being a giver!
A good day's labor will give the increase!

I have always wondered about a man that will not work
I believe it causes unrest in their souls!
The statistics say that when a man retires they lose interest in life!

We must learn to be rich in things that do not pass away!
Finding the real gold nuggets in the stream called life.
We can be rich in many many things in this world...
Schemes that require no work or effort always leave you with fools gold!

Another thing that seems out of line anymore is what we consider,
To be of worth or might be considered prosperous!

Being able to work and still wanting to contribute to
the well being of one's family structure.
By this I mean helping...
Coming along side one another, pulling your own weight and helping another!

When you have your health you have great wealth...
Strive to do a body good;
Sleep, drink plenty of water, take a supplement daily.
Keep your mind stimulated; Read a good book.
Walk everyday (This is simple to do and cheap)
Eat good foods that are dense yet hearty and simple.
This time of year is plentiful in acorn squash's and butternut squash
Sweet potatoes, Velvety red potatoes.
Bake them in your oven and it warms up the house.
And smells wonderful and makes your mouth water.
Take your walk while they're in the oven baking.

Plan and prepare your course of action;
Do what is in front of you!
Be rich in praise and thanksgiving...

Do the duty that has been assigned to you!
It is your job and task...
Be not lazy, work and you will have sweet sleep...

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Reflections Of What We Hope To Become...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Reflection in the mirror or in the past days or season's of our lives...

It is a good thing to look at one's self in the mirror of how others.
May perceive you, not that we should pay too much attention to what
Others think of us. But rather what does the mirror reflect?

Sometimes I do this and wonder, have I built bridge's that will
Support the weight of strenuous times that is always possible in our lives.

We must learn and grow from our past mistakes;
We can learn by seeing how we responded to stress.
And I can assure you that not all stress is bad.
It is usually a feeling of we must preform!

We do have an obligation to practice what position we are in!

Firstly, we are in Christ Jesus
So because of this position we will be required to pass
certain test and trials...

But as we reflect and read and respond to the truth
(Available in The Holy Bible)

We will change, and your position may look differently.

Have you ever believed something so strongly that you might,
Be what we would call dogmatic about it?
To only find after a decade or century you had a different opinion!

Relating to or of the nature of a dogma or dogmas or any strong set of principles concerning faith, morals, etc., as those laid down by a church; doctrinal:
We hear dogmatic arguments from both sides of the political spectrum.
Asserting opinions in a doctrinaire or arrogant manner; opinionated:
I refuse to argue with someone so dogmatic that he won't listen to reason

I am going to say this, opinion and truth are not the same!

I do not think there was a new truth, but rather a clearer understanding...

So, As I age and grow I ask the Lord to help me be discerning.

Do not be so naive to believe everything you are being taught!
In the churches 
In the schools
In the universities
In the Seminaries
In the New York Best Seller Books List
In the Christian bookstores
In the newspapers

Do your homework...
Check out the facts, historical and biblically.
Google can actually find some very sound and outstanding
Information and direct you to some very good resources.
Just because it's on the internet does not make it true.

But we can ask for wisdom and we can ask for the truth!
We can dig and ponder and pray and not be deceived!

I love the scripture that says be convinced in your own mind...
Just because everyone is doing it does not make it right!

Does it even really make a difference it what we believe?

Be willing to be teachable...
Be like the Berean's!

Acts 17: 11 Now the Berean Jew were of more Noble Character than...
Now the Bereans were more noble-minded than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day ...

If anyone calls you a Berean it is a high compliment!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Spur One Another On...

How can I encourage another to love and to do good deeds?
Life has a way of wearing out the saints
 But the Lord knew that would happen. 
So He gave us each other.
Sometimes even in the toughest times, a smile or a timely word can lift a heavy heart.

Also a gentle reminder to trust while walking a difficult path, can help support our weak knees.

Discouragement will only last a short while.
 It only seems like a very long time...

I am always being refined;
Being in a furnace is very uncomfortable
(Anyone who has ever experienced a hot flash can mildly relate)

We learn when we submit or in some cases have a bit put into our mouths.

How will we be able to encourage another in any hard times,
If we have never been there?

We can see an error in our way at times;
But it is way easier to see the error in another life.

But can you really appreciate it when something of truth is being presented?
I find my own human nature to be rather of the stiff neck sort of group.

Well the point of this post is this;
Correction can be the very thing God will use to spur us on!
Because who wants to be travelling at a high speed in a wrong direction?

To Examine Oneself is a  good thing;
As God will search our hearts.
To provoke one another to good works;
Is by drawing near to God, ourselves, so we can be a blessed influence.

Finding truth is becoming a very rare jewel;
Are we living in the time of Apostasy?

True Christian assembling is for the worship of God,
and for mutual edification of His truth.

But we live in a world where truth is irrelevant;
If it's true to you then so goes the whole bus speeding down the hill.
To exhort one another, to exhort ourselves, to warn of sin and danger.
To watch over one another with the true gospel spirit;
This would be to me a real friendship with my fellow believer.

So, according to this scripture. If I really loved you
I would warn you of danger!

I think a speed bump is a good thing for those speeding buses filled
with people going in a wrong direction.
It gives them time to say let me off here...

So let us consider...

If you see someone living in sin, do we say anything?
Or we would rather mind our own business.
 And not say anything for fear we might offend!

I appreciate you all so much; we are all living out our days!
Blessings, Roxy

Living From Glory To Glory

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Feelings Of Being Lonely After You Become An Empty Nester...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Feeling Lonely

When I was a very young woman and mother and wife;
I really can not remember feeling lonely;

I do remember wondering if I would even be able to find 5 minutes to myself.

After my children were grown and left home;
I dare say I went into a terrible funk...

I felt my whole purpose in life had flown out the window.
Raising children really is a full time job,
as it least was for me...

No one ever told me or even warned me of how sad I would feel when
That season would be over how I might just feel!

I remember telling my sister how sad and lonely I felt;
Well, she told me this
This my dear is your reward...
To do and be and to create and read and craft and crochet,
And to bake and clean the house and it stays clean.
Laundry that only requires 2-3 loads a week!

Now, what I am saying is this was a healthy perception of this
Very lonely dilemma.

I spent many years remaking my days and outlook on life!

The purpose of this post is to all you wonderful and blessed mommies
is that this season will pass!
And it is very wise to keep ideas and thoughts in your heart
Some things you would like to do when you become an EMPTY HOME.

But, I also want to say make the time and the relationship with your HUSBAND
In the top priority NOW...

Yes, I have said in the past, I do get lonely especially in the evenings.
But also this is when I do feel a bit emotional and spent from a long day.

It seems that I always thought I would have more friends,
And all my family around me.
But they now have their own lives and some have moved far away.
So, I trust the Lord and I keep moving forward...

I miss many things, but I am still learning to take pleasure in the
small and comforting things I can do for myself and my dear hubby.
Keep your heart free from living to much in the past.
Keep your eyes on the eternal price.
Keep asking the Lord, where and what He wants you to do!
Keep your heart at HOME even if everyone has moved on!

I do wonder if it is maybe even harder for women who have worked
outside the home, during the time the children were living at home?

Also, I have had many friends that have gone back to work
 after their children were grown or just older.

I do hope someone will find a bit of encouragement from this post!

I do know I still enjoy the fellowship and yet everything now days
Does seem to be what others call squeeze it in...

Remember the word does tell us to leave in cleave
Honor the Father and thy Mother
Do not forsake the assembling together.

Everything changes according to His will in all our lives!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Sharing A Memory That Was Just Good Old Fashion Fun...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog


Okay, I realize that we are now in November...

But I just had to share with you a wonderful experience I had this past summer!

I would not say that I have the need or desire to live on the edge.
I am more of the slow and lazy moving kind of gal.

But I guess I do have what I would call a very small list of things,
I have always wanted to do!
(I don't really care for the term called a Bucket List)

But this was something I really wanted to do!

So, My wonderful grown children made it happen;

We took a trip down a river on only inner tubes;
We did not use the canoe approach as this picture shows!
The water was very shallow as long as you stayed in the middle of the river.
And you moved at a steady clip as long as you stayed in the flow.
The water was super warm.

The name of the river had the name that just seemed a bit
The Black River

Wait, this is in the middle of a state known for its alligators...

What was I thinking?

This trip only takes 5 hours!


I did pray that I would not hear any commotion along the river banks;
Such as a very hungry creature looking for a quick snack.

I did happen upon two old boys in a small boat;
And I asked them...
Hey, have you guys seen any alligators??
They merely shook their heads,
And one of them spoke up and said not a one today!
Pray harder

We had a ball and not even one little gator crashed our party!

I have always had this idea that;
I would like to try something new every year!

And this was something I will always remember!

We were a group of nine of us,
And I kid you not I was wearing a sun visor that said

So every time our daughter and her sweet little one got stuck in
The Bayou, I had to swim in way over my head and pull her out and
Back into the middle of the flow,
 But she just would not stay with the pack!

I had to rescue her too many times to count...

I only capsized twice and I laughed till I cried!

I will not be wearing the LIFEGUARD visor again if you know what I mean!

What have you done that will be a wonderful memory to last your lifetime?

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