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Little Women And The Comforts Of Home...


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Little Women...

Years ago when someone would come to your door looking to sell the
Lady of the home their wares;
 They might say, is the little women home?

Well of course she was as that is where women were most the time!
But after the late fifties, A thing called divorce reared its ugly head.
Then many women had to go to work,
 To help keep the children fed and a roof over their heads.

But it is no surprise anymore to see the women working!
Many choose to stay working even if they could come home.

Today is different...

So this post may bore you to tears, but I love good books;
A have read Little Women many times;
And I have watched every version of the movie also!

Women, Wives and Mothers,
But a sister can be so special and important in our lives!
Growing up, you may have had your spats, but the memories and laughter!

And I think this book covers the deep things and how the heart
Shows the deep fondness they had for each other!

I love reading books and stories that make one's heart feel strong!
We must keep the sweet thoughts flowing and not become cynical.

If you find yourself becoming tired or weepy in the evenings.
Try taking a warm shower and make yourself a cup of decaffeinated tea
 And start reading something that will nurture your imagination
 and may you be reminded of good things that feed the soul.

A Good Book Is A Treasure...


  1. Very timely post Roxy. I began reading Little Women yesterday to my 'little women'. Louisa May Alcott is my favourite author. As much as I love Little Women it is the follow on 'Little Men' which is my favourite with its focus on the home, love and nurture of children. I have written down numerous quotes including one which speaks of 'the natural refinement which nothing but home influence can teach'. There's also a wealth of wisdom about teaching children at home. Yes, good books such as these do nurture our imaginations and feed the soul and it's because I am home that my own children are being exposed to classics such as these.

  2. Oh- How I loved reading Little Women. I think I read it three times. It was such a joy and I felt like I was sitting by the fire, in the dim light, stitching right along with them.
    Life has certainly changed on so many levels. xo Diana

  3. Tonight, I knocked on my daughters' door to find them lying on the floor reading Anne of Green Gables aloud. It truly delighted me. I loved Little Women. One of my daughters is Amy Elizabeth. The other is Emily Anne with an E.

  4. I love Little Women and have also seen several versions of the movie. I grew up with 4 older sisters and I have warm, wonderful memories of the times we had together as girls. I also have the bokk Little Men sitting in my fireplace mantle in a grouping. I need to get it down and read it! Happy Thanksgiving, Roxy!

  5. Well, I am going to have to get the book Little Men, because I have never read that one! I think we are in a place where we need the sweetness and goodness of these classics!
    Happy Thanksgiving to each of you that stop over to read my blog post!
    Blogging is a way to connect with those that have a heart for home!
    Blessings, Roxy

  6. I'm coming from 'Roses of Inspiration' and I'm going to follow you with much joy, I simply love your blog !!!

    Sending blessings to you

  7. Roxy, You always know just what needs to be said on any given day! You, my dear, are such a blessing to me!!! Little Women is one of my favorite stories and I just adore the movies they've made based on the book. I pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving - {{hugs}}

  8. I have books I've read time and again.
    Happy Thanksgiving Roxy.


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