Monday, November 2, 2015

Sharing A Memory That Was Just Good Old Fashion Fun...

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Okay, I realize that we are now in November...

But I just had to share with you a wonderful experience I had this past summer!

I would not say that I have the need or desire to live on the edge.
I am more of the slow and lazy moving kind of gal.

But I guess I do have what I would call a very small list of things,
I have always wanted to do!
(I don't really care for the term called a Bucket List)

But this was something I really wanted to do!

So, My wonderful grown children made it happen;

We took a trip down a river on only inner tubes;
We did not use the canoe approach as this picture shows!
The water was very shallow as long as you stayed in the middle of the river.
And you moved at a steady clip as long as you stayed in the flow.
The water was super warm.

The name of the river had the name that just seemed a bit
The Black River

Wait, this is in the middle of a state known for its alligators...

What was I thinking?

This trip only takes 5 hours!


I did pray that I would not hear any commotion along the river banks;
Such as a very hungry creature looking for a quick snack.

I did happen upon two old boys in a small boat;
And I asked them...
Hey, have you guys seen any alligators??
They merely shook their heads,
And one of them spoke up and said not a one today!
Pray harder

We had a ball and not even one little gator crashed our party!

I have always had this idea that;
I would like to try something new every year!

And this was something I will always remember!

We were a group of nine of us,
And I kid you not I was wearing a sun visor that said

So every time our daughter and her sweet little one got stuck in
The Bayou, I had to swim in way over my head and pull her out and
Back into the middle of the flow,
 But she just would not stay with the pack!

I had to rescue her too many times to count...

I only capsized twice and I laughed till I cried!

I will not be wearing the LIFEGUARD visor again if you know what I mean!

What have you done that will be a wonderful memory to last your lifetime?


  1. I just realize after reading this that al the things on my list I have always wanted to do will end up being a lot of work on my part. I am looking for something more fun, but not sure this would be the thing. I think I will stick to going to a fabulous tea room somewhere!

  2. I smiled over this dear Lydia, as a visit in a tea room is really my cup of tea! But this was about as in the wilds as I have ever done. It was really a fun experience. But yes a tea room sounds wonderful.

  3. What a fun day you had with your family, Roxy! I'm not sure I would have gone in water known for having gators lurking about...yikes!!
    I had fun this summer riding the coasters with my grandkids. They could ride the big ones this they decided to try them all!!
    You are never too old to enjoy life!!
    Love you.

  4. I think it's so wonderful that your children knew and followed through with a desire of yours. They must adore you!
    So what will it be next year, Lifeguard?

  5. I think some of my favorite life time memories involve my Grandma Bessie. She was a humble small lady who was very quiet. She was a wonderful homemaker and taught me how to make bread, noodles, baked beans, ham etc. I have her roaster which I just used today to heat up a ham. It is a gray roaster showing decades of use. I think of her every time it goes in the oven. I miss her so dearly. She died Oct 31, 1993 when I was 25 years old. I am glad I had so may childhood times with her staying at her house. - Kelly Thompson

  6. I have been waiting to hear this story Rox. I love thinking of it, because it is definitely on my list of things I want to do as well... at least ...well, I did do this a few times on the Verde River in Arizonawhen I was young; about 17 to 20 years old, but that is way too long ago, I want to go again. Im so happy you got to go, and how fun that you and the whole family went. That is definitely a wonderful, delightful memory. As far as alligators, I have heard that in Florida they regard alligators the same way that we regard bear here in Colorado. We know they are there, we take precautions, but we don't let it stop us from enjoying the woods. Glad you were safe and sound, with nary an alligator in sight.

  7. Haha....sounds like a wild and crazy experience! The idea of an alligator being in there would have had me so worried! haha! You are quite brave! :)

  8. Alligators? Inner tube? Does not compute. Way too much of an adrenaline rush for me! Glad that you had fun. I'd call you Brave!

  9. Mom, I just love your post!!! It was so much fun! I am so glad that we were able to share this awesome time with you guys! Thanks for rescuing me and Jenna! Those trees sure love us!!


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