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Why Having Long, Hair Is A Good Idea At Any Age...

Lovely And Long and Beautiful Hair

I remember as a young woman I had long hair all the way to my waist!
It was very long and red in color (auburn)

I always had so many people comment over the length of my hair.
Even as a young lady I just knew that long hair was pretty.

I also remember once having my hair as a very young child very short as my
 Mother had a neighbor cut it off into a pixie style haircut!
I felt naked...
Gone were my ponytails and kiss my curls goodbye.

I find myself always looking at ladies with lovely long hair!
No matter the age I always think they look feminine.
But, as I have aged even shoulder length or just long enough to frame
Your face, looks so soft.

Hair is a gift from the Lord!
We are given it as our glory and a covering...
Long hair is for your husband to enjoy!
Hair is an adornment to allow you to look ladylike.

I will not use this forum to tell you how long you should wear your hair!
But rather a reminder that you can have a bit longer hair at any stage
At any season of your life...

Silver or natural in color can look very becoming on any lady.

Long and flowing...
Curly or straight...

A very pretty side twisted bun is so pretty!

A sweet ponytail is always in style...

Why do women desire to cut their hair really short?
I mean militant short
(Yes, Jamie Lee Curtis can pull it off)

I like big hair and I cannot not lie...

Your hair can make you appear soft and demure
Pretty and fashionable.

I have always just felt a bit more ladylike with a bit longer hair!

Hair bleached or too short can appear harsh on some skin tones...

I know each and every one of us have had a really bad haircut or perm in our lives!

Remember, we were told don't worry, it will grow out
Well, Honey not soon enough for my liking!

So give it a try
Go long...

Or maybe just longer than your usual style or cut!

And ask your Husband if he would like you to grow your hair out a little bit!

Tell me, What did he say?

Really my Hubby says he likes my hair long, but he also
Says wear it the way you like it, dear, because it is your hair and you have to fix it!


  1. I have worn my hair long for years. I look AWFUL with short hair. lol I still have people come up to me and tell me that I have a beautiful head of hair...color and thickness...I know I am probably too old to wear it this long but it just feels right to me. xo Diana

  2. Hi Roxy, Great post about wearing long hair. I too have always had long hair and it's just me. I have gone short but it grows so fast I can't keep it that way without getting it cut every 3 weeks. My hubby loves it long and does not want me to cut it. I think you really have to be ready to wear short hair if you've always had long.
    Great pics you share of pretty styles for long.
    Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving.
    Blessings my friend. xo

  3. Mine is fairly long now, but I'm going to have to cut off a few inches. It's not looking healthy at the ends.

  4. Right now my hair is longer than most I know--it's below my underarms ;)

    I wish I could grow it out even longer, as I have many times, but I just feel it looks bad because my ends are always so course and dry... :(

    I agree it is a shame when women cut their hair short like men. Women look so much better with women's hair!

  5. I had long straight hair all through high school. When I started working I had it styled. I could never make my hair look as nice as the hairdresser did. When my son was little I had it cut shorter again and it didn't look too bad. I started growing it out again and finally got it looking how I like it. (With the help of a good curling iron and strong hair spray.) So now I'm a bit older and have been wondering if it's time to have it shorter again and how long does a woman keep her hair long? So I think as long as I can have my hair looking nice I think I'll keep it. I get a lot of comments on how long my hair is. I guess long hair is attractive. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. I have always thought that long hair was beautiful. My husband loves my long hair, especially when I wear it down. My girls wear their hair long as well. Very feminine!

    Ps. I tried that ribbon embroidery and put up a post on my blog.
    God Bless!

  7. Well , my hair is super short right now, but only because I'm trying to get all the dye off and go natural with my silver hair. I'm looking forward to being able to grow it out once it's all silver. I've always thought long hair to be so beautiful.

  8. The radically short hairstyles do not make women look you get or more feminine, and in fact the spikes hairstyles cause wrinkles to be more noticeable, the you g can get away with it, but the older women with Soft wavy hair look better.

  9. Oh Roxy! This was the sweetest post...I dearly love what you said about long true that hair is our crown of beauty, and that is does make us appear more feminine and lovely...I have been growing my mane for about a year now...I usually cut it to shoulder length, but decided I liked having it long...even in summer which can be quite a challenge!

    May your upcoming week be lovely, dear Roxy!
    Hugs to you!

  10. When I told my husband I was planning to grow my hair out, he complained and said he liked my short curls. Go figure.

    I new my hair being thin and baby fine would not hold any curls in the dampness of Oregon where we were planning to move. Perms were not an option. Evenen the gentle ones would break my hair off at the scalp. Long hair that I could wrap or braid, twist and pin was best. Have not been sorry.

    Sometimes I'd like to have another style and that's when a pretty wig would come in handy, especially in the cold northern winters.

    Thank you for sharing about long hair.


  11. Smiled when I read your last paragraph Roxy, because my husband says the same thing all the time! He loves my hair but he thinks it is a lot of work for me when actually I think long hair is much easier to style and care for. My hair is very long and has been all my adult life. Loved seeing the pretty pictures of long hairstyles.
    Blessings from Arizona,

  12. My hair is starting to turn grey and I am having a lot of trouble with thinning. I was dyeing for a couple of years, but I think it was making the problems worse. So I stopped the hair dye about a year ago. I am going to cut off a few inches soon, to get rid of some of the old dyed edges. It will be a bit shorter than what I normally wear, but it will still be around shoulder length. I have had every length of hair from pretty long to really short. I got some compliments on my last short haircut (about ten years ago!) but I didn't think it was great on me and I just didn't feel attractive with it short, even though it was what most people would call a feminine cut.

  13. I vote for long hair Roxy....just simply more feminine! However, I love to see a "senior" woman with gorgeous white or silver hair in a sassy short hair style! So becoming!!!

  14. I agree with your post. I have had hair down past my shoulders for 20 years or more. I wear it up in a bun a lot but I still want my long hair. Just because we age doesn't mean we have to cut our hair short. I would feel terrible without my hair...Kelly Thompson

  15. Growing up, my sisters and I had very long hair. Mine was to the back of my knees. I wish it would grow that long now but it stops growing about mid-shoulder. I love my hair long and since I have naturally curly hair, I absolutely adore the romantic, soft, look I get from loosely putting it up into a messy bun. Speaking for my sister, who now wears her hair super short, she keeps hers that way because she has RA and is unable to maintain longer hair.

    Grace & Peace.

  16. I have had both short hair and long hair, but I prefer my hair long! I'm very tall and I just don't look good with short hair. Long hair is so feminine and it really isn't that much harder to style. My hair has a natural wave and of course I permed it for a much needed change and it looks really cute with all that added body.Plus my hubby loves my long hair!
    I hope you have a lovely day!
    Hugs, Amy

  17. You sound like a great lady. Beautiful hair! NO, I do not like Jamie Leigh's haircut! lol


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