Monday, September 25, 2017

Listen To Your Husbands Warnings Concerning Others...

Flowers are always blooming somewhere!!
Our brothers and sisters in Christ can be anywhere in the process of blooming!
Growing and blooming and just looking pretty is what flowers do.

Flowers are oh so glorious!
God has made so many different varieties and have placed them together;
To make one glorious garden...

Yet these gardens have flowers that just plain stink!

Don't Be Deceived, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

This time of year we have this flower that is all over the place;
We call it stink weed and it is a real flower;
But yet it really stinks!!

Sometimes we just can perceive fall is in the air because of this very stink flower.
But I think of this flower not as a flower per say;
But rather a weed.

I have learned a few things about perception;
I always laugh when I read that little saying on my side mirrors of my car.
Objects may be closer than they appear...

After a few more evenings that dip in temperatures everything
will be turning brown and crunchy.

So the moral of this story is going to be about:
Let's not be deceived, by looks!!

We all have been taken back, when we either smelled something
That looked delicious and found it to be unpleasant.

We have all met someone or knew of someone that we thought was
So very special and desired to be friends with them.
To only find out later they were not at all as they appeared to be!

This is where I want to teach a little piece of wisdom that I have learned!
Remember back at the first time when you met someone that you
just thought they were really special, and your very own Husband
Said you know, I am not too sure about the girl;
There is just something about her that seems wrong!

But at first you didn't heed his advice;
Look back...
He was right all along!

I want to say this, that our husbands want us to be protected!
So if and when he gives you this check, tell him this;
You know, honey, I will be watchful and keep my guard up.

My Hubby has been right about every person that has come into my life;

 That they were not going to be who I had preconceived them to be!

But now I listen and I watch and wait!

As a keeper of the home we must guide it daily;
And that requires us to be wise in who you share your
Lives and personal information with!!

Better to be slow and cautious...

Building friendships will cost you something!
Be wise!!

Blessings To Y'all
Living From Glory To Glory

Friday, September 22, 2017

Anxiety Verses Faith...

Run For The Gusto, Anxiety verses faith, Living from glory to glory blog...

Run for the gusto...

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses;
But we will remember the name of the Lord our God
~Psalms 20:7~

Anxiety verses Faith

Seems like a no brainer;
But as you are all well aware of the days we live in;
I think they are what the Bible calls perilous days...

But, we still must take control over what we see and hear;
Over exposure will cause harm to a person's soul
(Mind, will and emotions)

Are you working each day to keep your heart and home in
Complete trust in the Fathers provisions?
We must do the work and not become lazy!

I am learning to live in an hourly dependence on God!

He will give us strength!
He will give us wisdom and our resources!

~What is truly needed~

Do you want to be reminded of the murders and the wars?
Do you want to hear and talk of all the suffering and pain?
Innocence is lost through worldly thinking in its ways!

You want to run with the big guys?
Stay in a place where you are able to pray and to make
A real safe haven in a world that has gone evil!

Look, if you want what the world wants;
You can go work for it...
Take all your precious hours and days and get it all!
After all, whoever dies with the most toys wins; "right?"

So we have a choice here
We can live in anxiety and suffer the ills of your health and miss
The sweet opportunities God gives you,
 Because you have
 Chosen the hustle and bustle of the chariots on the highways and byways.

But Faith, if you will but trust in this perfect design
Of the harmony of body and soul as you allow the Holy Spirit,
To lead and guide you hour by hour!

You will find rest and will be able to run with gusto for what really matters!

Always, I share my heart and my desire is to encourage you in
Your journey and walk with Christ!
Yet, to be able to have the strength to run with gusto!


~Gather all the lovely and sweet things thy Lord has provided for you~

Sending you all a Happy Blessed Day
 Living From Glory To Glory

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mercy Is The Seat I Desire To Sit Upon...

A Tea Party, Living from glory to glory blog...

Afternoon Tea

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of how important it is
To have a few friends of whom we love and to gather them together.

But, we are living in a different time.
So as I have seen even myself have the desire to stay closer to home;
I am still going to take a little portion of each day and dedicate it to a
time to rest and relax and to think home-living thoughts!
To look at a magazine that inspires me to make my home lovely and cozy!
To look about as to what I might change around.

Or to sit with a pen and paper in hand and write down some ideas! 
Recipe's, craft ideas, letters to a friend.

Everyday I try to do a little something to make my house special!

Keeping one's heart soft and tender!

As women we have so many areas to manage;
When you were a young Mother and homemaker you had
Different responsibilities and desires!

And as we are still homemakers we are still called to manage our homes!
House Wife and A Home Maker...

Living means making your life and home
a memorable experience!

Live your life and forget your age;
Young or Old you bring wisdom and hope and joy!

Mercy is the seat I desire to sit upon;
For myself and for others!

Journal my days so all will not be forgotten!

A few hours given to your heart of hearts will provide wealth!
A treasury stored up with little things!
The cool breeze blowing the curtains
The sun shining upon the kitchen table.
The words of encouragement you received or gave...

We could travel the world over looking for beauty;
But, better to look within one's own Home!

Sending each of you a hearty hello!
We are weary at times, but encourage yourself in the Lord!

Always, living From Glory To Glory

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Can Cell Phones Cause You To Feel Pain In Your Head Or Temples?

Cell Phones Emit Radiation, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

The Effects Of Using Cell Phones...

I am writing this article to warn you of the dangers of cell phone RADIATION

Do you really think that using a cell phone that emits radiation is not going to
 Cause a disruption of normal brain activity?

Truly think about this for a minute...

We just take it for granted, we are safe!

But I know that we are seeing now and will continue to see the effects
in ourselves and this next generation, than has grown up with this,
direct contact of radiation to their brains.

Your phone can get hot and it can even ignite!
You must realize the power that is being used.
It just serges radiation and can cause headaches!
Your temples feel inflamed!
Radiation in even small doses can cause cancer!

Look, I use my phone daily, most of us no longer even have a land line!

We have opted for convenience and this new system of connections.

I believe these phones disrupt our sleep patterns!

Make our heads feel fuzzy!

Some people will be more sensitive to these symptoms:
But even if you do not notice any symptoms, you can be sure
You are still getting some radiation!

Brain cancer is on the rise!
(I am not writing this article because my dear friend
 has just recently died of Brain Cancer!)

But rather because of some very strange feelings I have been having
while and after using my cell phone!!

You can use the speaker part of the phone!
Do not hold the phone close to your head!
(Each time you hold that phone to your ear, your head has now become an antenna)


Cell Phone Radiation is real...

What Is The Radiation Emmision Coming From Your Phone?

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