Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cast Iron Cooking Makes A Very Tender Roast...

Cooking in cast iron is a very easy way to have
A moist and tender roast!
It heats up so evenly!
You can use this on top of the stove or,
Pop it in the oven!
You can even use it on top of your wood stove!
And I have done this when we have had power outages!

I have cooked many Beef roasts in this 
Cast Iron Dutch Oven!
Deer Meat and Elk also come out very tender!

 Cooking roasted Potato's or carrots will
Make them scrumptious.

Also, using cast iron is a better and safer cooking material!
Do not use the old aluminum ones.
 It leaches the aluminum from the pan into your food.

They say the iron that comes from the Cast iron
Will help with your iron that is needed in your body!
I am not sure how true all this is but that's what
Google is for, right?

I think every woman would enjoy having a
Cast Iron Dutch Oven!

Tell me if you ever use Cast Iron cookware?



  1. Oh yum Roxy!! Love the look of this rustic meal! I love using my cast iron pans too but I am envying your lovely Dutch Oven!
    Thanks for telling me all about the benefits of cast iron, you really encourage me to keep on pulling my heavy babies out every day.

  2. Roxy,

    My mom always used cast iron, and made sure I had some when I married. She always prepares her roasts in a dutch oven, quite like yours. I think food cooks more evenly in cast iron.


  3. I love cast iron. Mother and Grandmother used it all the time. I like to make pineapple upside down cake in my iron skillet!

  4. I have a Chasseur (French) sauté pan that is great for slow cooking. However I once added cheese to a dish and discovered that it was not very good for the cast iron at all - very hard to remove.

  5. I've never had one of those. The stew looks really good.

  6. I love using cast iron too. We use it fairly frequently. We have often cooked on the wood burning stove as well, it is nice to have something simmering all day... especially on a cold day, might as well take advantage of the free energy.
    I think your stew looks amazing.
    Love and Blessings,

  7. I cannot agree more. I love my cast iron. I am glad to have found your blog.

  8. I agree 100%! There is no better tasting roast than one made in a cast iron dutch oven. I have used one for over 30 years :)

  9. hi Roxy, its laurie from a I love a cloudy day blog, thank you for visiting, I came right back to see you and as you can see I am browsing, just today Garry and I were discussing whether we should get rid of our cast iron, I sure needed this wake up call to the virtues of cast iron!!!!!I tried to follow but it said try again, I will,


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