Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Christian Bookstores And Those Bestsellers, Are They Going to Help Or Harm...

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I read a very interesting statement a while ago;
And let's just say it rocked my thinking.

The statement was this;
~One Of The Most Dangerous Place For A Christian Was A Christian Bookstore~

Okay, now this article had my full attention now!
It stated that in these Christian book stores there is every kind of popular book,
Every bestseller, and every belief system known to man.
These displays made up of the Bestseller List, and are jumping up and down saying
"Buy Me"

The article said the object is still to sell books...
It is not necessary for these books to be biblical, just bestsellers!

Spending our hard earned money on something that will not be a good read;
But rather something that twists or contorts biblical truth.

Is there anything really new under the sun?

I think every lie, since the beginning of time is actually the same old lie.
But it has been remolded and shaped to fit the culture we're in.

Ask yourself this question, why are all these new books being written?
They are selling their wares, book peddlers.
Every author will tell us to be watching for their next new book!

I am not talking about fiction or biography, but rather the teaching kind!
Or how many times they died and went to heaven.
The worst are those that don't even die, but travel to heaven!
(Just like Paul right!)
But he even didn't know if he was in his body or not!
And he was very careful what he was to share.

Tell all and nothing can be verified except I just thought or felt this and this and this...

I for one have decided to do my homework on anything else I buy or read!

Firstly, we need to know the truth to be able to distinguish the counterfeit!

I will still visit our Christian Bookstore;
But let's just say just because she or he is a popular author does not make them safe!
I always like to know the background of the author!
Ask the questions that matter;
What do they believe?
If it is a woman is she living as the scripture teaches?

Look, most of this stuff is physiological babble,
Umbilical nonsense and un-scriptural, things taken out of context!
They make God sound like our lover and magic genie.

Just watch and read the Bible first, and be leery of what is the new way of thinking!
I do believe I have heard about almost every bit of nonsense I can possibly hear!

We now live in an Ecumenical spiritual whirlwind!
Tornadoes will cause destruction and death...
Yet a gentle breeze can refresh and inspire.

Please be very cautious in these days of anything goes!
Remember those that died to preserve the TRUTH...

Ask yourself this;
"All these books and authors have they drawn men to Christ or themselves?"

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