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How To Have A Kitchen That Truly Has Heart...

A Kitchen With Heart And Soul, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Having a kitchen that truly has heart, must be filled with wonderful things!
I do not mean the latest kitchen gadget, but rather the things and stuff that matter!

So many ladies seem to cook out of just survival mode;
This may be because of lack of funds or foods to prepare.

But there is a true heart for cooking that can be made simple and inexpensive that
Just fill the atmosphere of one's own kitchen!

It does not matter if you are cooking for two or ten!

Stop allowing the world or the era to determine what you create!!

Some of these healthy things just taste like cardboard!

If you just look back into all the now changed data on
"What's good for you and what's NOT"

We were told to only eat margarine;
Well, now we are told BUTTER is the real food...
(I have always only used real butter"

Remember the fad called FAT FREE
Well, people just got fatter!

When a woman drinks milk her waistline slims down
(I am not sure why it works, but it does)
I drink lactose free milk as it's easier for me to digest.

Your kitchen should be the hub of your home...

To prepare a meal everyday that can fill bellies and the heart!

We have so many meals that are tasteless and heartless!

We need to recapture the love of foods that say love and family!

Please don't look and eat and act like the world!

Feed the bodies and hearts and minds all that enter your kitchen!

Cooking like sex is an attitude...
Bad attitudes create bad touch and taste!

Everything that you do in your kitchen will reflect in your health;
In your hearts
Your waist line
In your thinking
In your budget
In your marriage
In your relationships

The kitchen is not like the laundry room where you wash and fold!!

~The kitchen is where Love is cooked and shared and memories made~

We are obsessed with food in all the wrong ways!
Being larger is much better then starved and pencil thin!

A little less thinking about oneself and to think of serving a platter
of love and good eats leaves the family fulfilled and fed!

That is probably we see the explosion of food blogs and cooking channels!

We all know that you can clean and organize your kitchen;
And decorate is for very little in dollar amount.
And decorate it to look super cozy and elegant!

Your kitchen has a heartbeat dear ones!
Do you need to deliver some drastic measures to revive your kitchen?

Well get busy, you can take one whole day and get it back into shape

Here is an email I sent to my daughter for are oldest granddaughter!
Maybe it will inspire new cooks and us older ladies that have
been cooking for decades!

Please do not say I HATE to COOK...
Ask the Lord to help you have a love for the kitchen and cooking!

I was asked by my daughter if I would send some recipes to her for
my granddaughters new cookbook that she is putting together for her!

So I did find a few that I had not already sent her in the past!

But I just started writing some ideas down that I thought would
make for a great idea information sheet.
these are ideas that I have learned myself over the years and I have
always loved ideas to help me keep a cleaner and safer kitchen.
And ideas that help my pantry foods and freezer foods to be used wisely!

Cooking 101 Ideas
Grandma's Ideas ***

Find recipes that look good to you!
Think of foods that are good for you!
Have ideas for cheap and easy meals!
Find an idea that is just for you for the special feel good dinners!
When you eat something you really like while out, ask the hostess for her recipe!
Learn to change or tweak a recipe that has an item that you do not like!
Cooking should be a joy, do not look at it as a burden!

Keep your items that might go bad in the freezer like nuts or flours, if you buy in large quantities.

Always remember the 4 day rule; After 4 days, many left overs can become bad! Toss them out!
Potato salad is a 3 day rule...
(Trust me)

After baking your cookies keep them in the freezer in a tin canister with wax paper between the layers.
You can freeze scones and quick breads!
It is a good idea to bake ahead and freeze some as when you need it for a dinner or a guest comes for tea you can just pull it out!

Always mark what you are putting in the freezer and use it in a few months time.

Always keep a fresh pitcher of iced tea and lemonade to serve as it is economical and good for you!

Each week you can cook up a batch of rice or a pasta or par-cooked potatoes (you just boil them with the skin on till tender, drain and put in frig till you need them, as they last well over a week in the frig) for a quick side to add to your meals.
The rice can be a quick stir fry! The potatoes can be cubed or shredded for fried potatoes or hash browns!

You can freeze shredded cheese!

Always change out your dishcloth and towel in the kitchen everyday!

Clean out your refrigerator before you go food shopping!
Toss out old leftovers and wipe off shelves!


  1. This what I needed! Thank you so much. Oh that we all could go to a kitchen refresher class!

  2. Oh Lydia, You made me smile, as I love to read about such things I already know, but I need to be reminded and encouraged to put them in practice at times! I feel bad that so many ladies do not enjoy this special room in our homes! I think of all the memories and meals and homeschooling project, bread baking and soups simmering...
    Thank you for your very kind words!

  3. I have been thinking more about my cooking,so this post comes at the right time,Roxy. In the last couple of years it seems like we eat out too often.It gets tiring and not a treat when you eat out too much. Now for drinking the milk, I guess I'm not drinking enough cause my waistline isn't shrinking!
    Thanks for putting me back on the right track!


  4. I've been a homemaker for almost 40 years and you are still giving me some good advice! Thank you for this well thought post and also for your sweet comment on my blog.
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. Lovely post!
    So true in so many ways.
    I do remember that Fat Free fad!
    There was this ridiculous tasting cheese everyone was eating!
    And I am a butter only gal too. : )

  6. I love cooking and being in the kitchen. I think I spend more time in the kitchen than I do anywhere else in the house. Our kitchens are the heart of the home. I'm visiting from The Art of Homemaking Mondays.

  7. Roxy, I love to cook and still do almost every night for hubby and I. Many of my friends say it is too hard to cook for two and rarely do. I don't get it! I cook smaller portions, but we enjoy and eat leftovers. Great tips! I already do most of them.

  8. What a sweet reminder of the importance and priviledge of tending our families in the kitchen.
    God bless you

  9. Thank you for today's encouragement!

  10. I love this post Rox, it is topic dear to my heart, and all of your thoughts and tips were just perfect; an encouragement and reminder of some of the best things. Loved visiting yesterday.

  11. I also happen to think that the kitchen, i.e. cooking, preparing meals/food is biblical. how many stories of Christ have to deal with "food"? how many family traditions are set around the table? how many people gather in the kitchen as the "heart of the home"..would rather be there then any where else. Your blog speaks more. thanks for sharing. maddie

  12. Cooking for one is a real challenge. I finally needed to eat something hot and homemade the other day. I bought a rotisserie chicken and cooked up a couple of small red potatoes. I think my freezer and I are going to have to become friends again. Thanks for the pep talk. I surely need it.

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  14. I loved the tips at the end. What a great idea. I think I might start a similar list for all things homemaking that I can give to my daughter for her shower gift.

  15. What a special list to give your granddaughter. I'm sure she will keep it forever. Cooking for two sure is different, but it's important to keep making nice things and eating well. We have watched the news with our dinner a few times recently, and I do not want to get into that habit. We have never done it in 35 years, and I don't want to start now!! Your loaf of homemade bread looks delicious. And I would have it with REAL butter!! xo Deborah

  16. I love this old fashioned but very modern advice Roxy! However, I let my leftovers go a week.... After living with my great aunt who lived in the Depression Era I became a bit more rebellious in that area :) You do make me smile! Though we also try and eat healthy, taste just CAN NOT be compromised amongst the trends. I completely agree :) Butter is always better!

  17. You just inspired me to get off my computer and get into the kitchen to make something yummy before my husband (who works nights) wakes up! Just found your blog and I'll be back later to catch up!
    Warmly, Gloria


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