Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How To Remove A Perm From Your Hair With This Curl Remover Product...


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Curl Remover...

I just feel that this product is well deserving of a blog post;
And a review written on its performance!

Firstly, if you have ever had a perm that just was not what you wanted,
This post is for you...

A bad hair day is one thing, but a bad perm is awful!

My perm was suppose to just give me a little body and fullness.

My hair went wild and bushy
The gray hair just stuck straight out and was very stiff.
Needless to say I was so upset and so sorry that I had gotten a perm.

But my daughter in law found this product for me!!
One and Only
(Curl Remover)

She bought it from Sally's for under ten dollars!

We read the directions and highlighted all the steps and the times for processing.
We used two fine tooth combs to keep the hair straight,
We used our kitchen timer and had some old towels for my hair.
It had only two steps and did not take long at all.

I did help with the combing out of the 2 steps!
We both were a bit nervous!

But the results were amazing;
All the perm was gone!
My hair was soft and straight!
The gray hair was not sticking out any longer!

Now, I do not color my hair and I have not permed my hair in 20 years.
If your hair is already damaged I would not know what your results
would be, but if you have a bad perm, it still would be worth it.
Well, at least in my opinion...

The results after using the product!

My hair was soft and smooth!

I do recommend this product, as I was so deeply upset over my perm,
And how it made me look and feel!

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  1. Is this a perm or is it like a perm or relaxer?


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