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Green Eyed Jealousy Will Destroy Your Heart...

Green Eyed And Kind
Green Eyed Jealousy...

Jealousy, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

What does it look like in your heart or life?

Or maybe you never get jealous!

If you have ever had the awful experience of being jealous,
Or being the object of another's jealousy it hurts.
It truly is an empty feeling or emotion with rotten fruit.

I have been on a learning curve to be truly happy for others success in life.
Giving God praise for His promotion in another's life.

Really, every other person out there has something you don't have.
Happy marriage
Perfect body
Good health
Great skills
Good cook

But, I will say this; We are not missing anything!
Our lives are moving in the timing and direction the Lord has for us!

Jealousy is a monster that may just hide under the bed;
It comes out when it thinks it won't be detected.

Look, if someone else has it, we want it...

You are given your portion and it is up to you to use what you have!

You can always improve on something in your life!

Jealousy is where you want what another has!
(In a way it is a bit like wanting to steal)
It is a bit like being greedy because after all you have your portion!

But I want what they have...

I have come to realize that my portion was fitted just for me...
Once again, it's a bit like the glass slipper;
No matter the size of the lady's foot, she wants to try;
And try they did, big foot, skinny foot and the larger foot!

But one size in this world does not fit most of us!

We all need to learn to be happy for those around us that just seem to have it all!

The Perfect Life

Well lets not allow the green eyed monster to live under our bed!!

Turn on the lights, sweep out from under that bed;
(Get your heart in the place of being happy for who and what you have)

Do not feed that monster!!
It will never go away if you do that...

Be Happy and content with what you have;
Your Husband
Your Children
Your Home

Work on what can be shored up!
We all need a little bit of paint and sweeping up!
Put on your smile and quit grumbling!

Truly, most people can just look at us and know if we're for real,
Or putting on our make believe I am happy for you face!

Be real and stop allowing jealousy to have a place in your life today!


  1. Amen! So true is so easy to become discontented and let jealousy creep in. As godly women, we must be on guard to *not* let this be something that resonates in us! May our hearts be content with where the Lord has us and may we strive to better ourselves and our lives all for His glory and not our own! :)

  2. "You are given your portion and it is up to you to use what you have!" This just really popped out at me. How very true that we are given what we have by the Lord. Let us not keep seeking what we don't have but to enjoy and care for what we do. 1 Timothy 6:6

  3. Thank you for this reminder. We are bombarded every day with things that come at us from all around. You NEED this. Her husband, kids, family, etc. is better than yours. God gives each of us what we need. Gratefulness is so important.

  4. Well said, Roxy. Really touched me.Thanks for sharing. This goes along with what I have been studying each morning.

  5. Very well said! Being content is one of the biggest blessings. The trouble with wanting more is that you are never satisfied and will always be looking ahead to the next thing.

  6. I've just read through this post and your most recent one above....thank you for being faithful to challenge our hearts, Roxy. It is a blessing to read your thoughts. You are right, jealousy is not something we want to nurture in our lives. May the Lord help us to be content with exactly the portion He has given. It is good because He is good and wise and loving. What a precious thing it is to belong to Him! Hugs, Camille

  7. Gosh Rox, loved this post. When I get back into blogging, I will link it, as I think it is a very important word. It is indeed very important to squash any type of jealousy we might feel under our feet..we have probably all been hurt by someone else's jealousy... we need to rejoice with those that rejoice, and be happy for other people's portion, rather than jealous.. and rejoice in our own portion as you said. Great post.


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