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Housework And Taking Care Of What We Have...

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There are all kinds of work out there ladies...
You may have a job outside the home.
You may not be a stay at home wife.
You may love working outside the home
You may think staying at home is boring
You may think many thoughts about Housework!
(My thoughts are that being able to stay home is an honor and a blessing)
I never run out of things to do!!
Many women work just so they can have more;
But Christ is the only one that can truly fill any void...

So, we can all see that housework is a part of any home life
And it must be done!
Keeping a home clean and tidy and filled with good and useful things.
But most homes are becoming cluttered and filthy and unorganized.
It may be due to having just to much stuff
It may be from the fact we have so many lazy people.
Or it may be because no one is home or doing what needs to be done!

And if you do something each day it does not become overwhelming!

I think it is wonderful if you train your children to be clean and aware of the mess they make!
And to teach them to put away what they have taken out.

Many women may have a husband that does not mind pitching in either;
It is this topic that has gotten much attention.
Do we demand our Husbands to pull their own weight in Houeswork??

If you are doing this very thing it makes a man feel like well you might as well
 be out there earning a paycheck also!

We all need to work!
But where your sphere or place of working is important,
To both men and women and the children...

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Some jobs just belong to a mans stature and strength!

Lazy is a terrible thing, and when you look and live like a slob;
Well, that's what you get, everything is a mess
Emotionally and physically and spiritually...
Order in our homes and in the church and the courts is a must...

Look when a woman asks her husband for help with moving the furniture
Because she cannot move it herself, that is something that honors him.
His strength and his willingness to help His wife...

Most men are willing to help their wives when it is appreciated and not expected!

That is one of the reasons that as Mothers we are to train our children
To be honest and love the Lord
To pull their own weight in home life and chores!
Teaching the girls and the boys to be clean and take care of what they own or are given!
We are all just stewards of all things...
Adults and Children

When a man truly cares about his home;
The one he pays for and lives in having a sense of stewardship and responsibility,
Is hopefully the way he perceives it!

We are to all be good stewards of all that God has given us!

The world takes the goodness that God has given and
Skews it till we look like we are all wrong!

Men were created to work and bring home the bacon,
Women were created to fry it up in the pan!
Children are to have a table to sit down and say grace!
And to learn what a good job well done looks like...

We all must do our part!!

We can all give each other praise and appreciation for jobs well done!!

Wives keep your homes clean and tidy
Men may you appreciate and help when and if you can.
(Just telling your wife how much you appreciate them is worth everything)

Telling others how much you appreciate all they do is a powerful thing...

I always taught my children this;
If you will learn to take care of what God has given you,
He will always provide what you need!
God wants all of us to take care of His gifts and provisions!

God says if you will not work, you shall not eat!

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