Sunday, July 3, 2016

Freedom To Do As You Please...

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Freedom To Do As You Please...

Believe anything you want to*
Treat people any way you want to*
Say anything you want to*
Go anywhere you want to*
Dress any way you want to*

See this freedom really came with a price;

Most of these so called freedoms has brought in sin and death!

See we no longer have any absolute truths!

Many of us without realizing it may just have one foot
on the broad path and one on the narrow path.
This will lead to a very uneven walk...

Look, I just want to be popular and have everybody like me!
I want to be invited to your social gatherings!
I just want to laugh at your gossip and off colored jokes!


I really no longer want to be a part of the crowd
I no longer feel like I fit
I no longer think those things are worth listening to
 or your jokes don't make me laugh!

What has changed?

These very freedoms will destroy the very fabric of our society
These freedoms have destroyed the God given pattern of a true family
Real FREEDOM will cost you something!

We can use our own homes as a place of peace and safety and truth and light!
What does the banner or flag over your home say?

Where are you leading those you have been entrusted with!
The broad path... Anything goes
The narrow path... Godly choices

Everything that is really going to stand the fire test
And will not be burned like wood, hay and stubble.
Must be pure as gold!

Just see if you can discern how dark things are becoming?
Your course of action must expose the darkness
And set God's Word on the lamp stand...
Your Life

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