Friday, July 15, 2016

Women And Their Now Equal Rights To Sign Up For The Draft...

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I bet so many little girls are just so excited about the possibility
of being drafted when they grow up!

And they also will be required to sign up with Selective Services...
As soon as they turn 18 years of age...
Won't that be exciting for them!

I wonder if women really realize what they have done for our culture and world?

It is very possible in our  lifetime that our sweet granddaughters or daughters
May be called up for the draft,
 Like having to worry about our sons being drafted was not enough...

Really, I thought that equal pay or to be treated fairly was not so bad;
But, this has crossed the lines!

I saw the movie a long time ago called GI Jane
(I wish I had never had watched it)
It grieved my heart!
Terrible movie, what a brute, but she was making a point!!
Now at the end of the movie even the men thought she
 Deserved the position she fought so hard to aspire to!

Why do women love the militant lifestyle?

Well, I guess that it's pretty silly,
We love to rule and reign over all!
Okay, now I guess women have done everything that was made for a man to do
or to become in a Man's world...
They were created to protect and conquer.

Women want it their way
Well Baby you have come a long way and I believe you will be sorry!

Notice I have said nothing about women being soldiers!
That is their business.

I just wonder if our little girls will get to wear a pink uniform?
Will she be allowed to wear her hair long?

Seriously, we are in trouble...
Why would a female desire these portions meant for a man?

Look, I have nothing to prove!
If you want the ladies I know to defend this country, we got ourselves a problem!

If any of you know of a man who has made it through boot camp they
Come back different, stronger, bolder, in command!

Some Topics being discussed;

Noting that women are already serving in combat-like roles,
 discussed during a New Hampshire presidential debate that some back allowing women
 to sign up for the draft.

“I do believe that Selective Service should be opened up for both men and women
 in case a draft is ever instituted,”
 They are asking if women should be required to sign up “in case of a national emergency.”

The new requirement would affect as many as 11 million women,
 according to a nonpartisan Congressional Research Service report in April.
 Women who turn 18 on or after Jan. 1, 2018, would be required to sign up.

Well, I guess we will see what the future holds;
But I can use my imagination and I will tell you this,
Anytime we are in a war, even the men wish they were back home.
With their families and their wives and children.
Now the women can wear the same boots and socks for weeks
Sleep under the stars
Eat rations straight from the package!
Gee, Mom War and Fighting are just so great!
Thanks for helping us girls have equal rights!

Would someone out there come to their God given senses and stop this
unbiblical cause!

Mommas may your little girls never grow up to be drafted!


  1. Thank you for this post. Our country should be ashamed for even entertaining this idea, much less putting it into practice.

  2. As a woman at the age where I would have to sign up for Selective Service if ever this did pass, I am hoping and praying the House manages to keep the bill blocked. If it ever does look like I might get drafted, I think I would go into nursing or something.

  3. I think women being in the draft is absolutely *awful*. I don't think women should be in active duty at all. Not because women aren't capable, but because this is *not* where the Lord wants us. We are the nurturers and care-givers. Women are the weaker vessel and that shouldn't upset us (although feminists would be outraged at the thought)'s a "women and children first" mentality...our men look after, provide for, and defend us. This is a beautiful thing...women shouldn't be falling in rank. :/ I am terribly saddened by what feminists have done to our society. They have (blindly) actually made things *worse* for women. No longer do most men feel the need to be gentlemen (although there are some good men still out there...and by golly, I am raising my boys to be gentlemen) because women want to "do it themselves". :( Frustrating, truly. Sometimes I believe I should have been born in an earlier time...however, God is sovereign and He has me right where He wants me. I will serve Him where He has put my feet. :)


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