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Always Faithful... OR NOT


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Always Faithful

For this reason I also suffer these things; nevertheless I am not

ashamed, for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that

He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.

2 Timothy 1:12

Semper Fi

It means always faithful...

The Marine Corps Emblem, an eagle holds a ribbon in its mouth,

Inscribed with Semper Fidelis.

The words "Always Faithful"

There is never a time when a Marine will not be faithful 

To his or her Duty To America.

So as we all can see a Bad Moon Risising in our world and 

in what I believed was the greatest country in the world.

But we have seen our appointed leaders, leading us astray.

Now, who actually voted for those who have a heart

To destroy America??

Feels very diabolical to me!

I can no longer sit back and just take care of my own home!

When we have leaders that want to tell me that I am no

Longer free to choose what is best for myself or my family.

Wake up sleepy Joe...

You will have to pay the piper one day!

Whoever is pulling the strings have a script that will

make even those that still think everything will go back to normal shudder!

We have those that are faithful to God and His Word;

And we have those that want to destroy the land we love!

There is never a day when we are not expected to be faithful

To God, never a day when we can allow fear of the future!

Because, we will see the Glory of God prevail!

I have good news! All these conspiracy theories will stop;

Because they have all come true...

We are more divided and segregated than ever!

They want us to hate one another, and to be fearful of everyone.

They want us to be suspicious of all!

They do not want us to talk to each other!

Come on people...

This has happened before in other countries;

It's happening now in Australia and New Zealand!

If you do not speak up and stand your ground, it will all disappear!

So may I ask you this??

What are you all so afraid of?

Being afraid to die?

We may be all facing persecution!

And some of us will die for our faith!

Don't act so shocked and surprised, we were warned!

Are time here is short; But if you do not have the heart

Or faith to die and stand for truth, you are standing on the sinking sand!

There are better days ahead right around the corner

"In the Presence Of My Lord And Savior"

Come, Lord Jesus Come

I may have to quit writing Blog post, as the world desires it's

Lust and lies and power and control and then telling me I must tolerate all the junk!

Do I need to look elsewhere to encourage and support the saints,

 That won't back down!?

Does this encourage you or does this upset you?

May I ask you for a comment?

Do not think this is all going to go away; as it's been eighteen months already,

And counting...

It's not about Co-id, its about control and power...

Truly, day by day Living From Glory To Glory


  1. I don't remember how I found your blog---through another blogger's sidebar, I know, but I don't remember who. Anyhow, when I found you I decided to "follow," as you seemed like a like-minded sister. And you definitely are! Your post echoes my sentiments exactly! The situation (including the fraudulent election!) has been orchestrated by powers-that-be who want to destroy this nation. As Christians, we know that everything has gone through God's hands, so we know he allowed it. May the unsettling times draw us all closer to His throne!

    Patti @ Leaving a Legacy

  2. Politics is a hot topic for sure. Corruption on both sides of the aisles. I don't understand why Pres. Trump gave his blessings to release 5,000 Taliban fighters. Why? This didn't help. Standing on the rock of ages. Blessings to you and I hope you never stop writing a blog. Tis lovely. ~d

    1. Roxy, I agree with Deanna, there is corruption on both sides of the aisles. I have been horrified to see that sad situation playing out in Afghanistan recently, but there had to be much more behind the scenes that we do not know. So many scary, sad times. We must each do our part to be God's helpers in this world.

  3. I stopped blogging for awhile to take time to fight the good fight (writing to officials, protesting, phones calls and going to meetings). I believe in everything you said! I still am fighting the good fight but have made my home a sanctuary and haven of peace. It's important to have a rest from this wicked world. I encourage those who feel the same, join the fight but take care of your family and yourself first.
    God bless you Roxy!

  4. You are so right. This is not going to go away and either we stand for the truth and God or we fall to Satan. Millions of us choose to stand for God. Keep the faith, speak the truth and fear not soldiers. We are in a battle of good ( righteousness) versus evil.

  5. Oh Roxy! PLEASE don't stop writing your blog!!! We need you!!! :-) love and hugs, my friend....

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with you Roxy. Evil has permiated our world just as we were told it would. Thankfully we know where we will be going when our time on this earth is done. I think it will be very soon. I heard of an underground church in Kabul that was worshipping this past week and on the phone with an American when the Taliban burst in and with the sounds of gunfire, singing stopped and the phone was dropped. Those brothers and sisters of ours died praising the Lord and are now in His presence. May I have the bravery to do the same.

  7. Hi Roxy, Great post !! I think we can all do our part for the cause in different ways. My husband is the one in our family that will sign partitions on our behalf, write letters of submission against various laws being considered etc. He knows how to word things in ways that I wouldn't. My part is I support him (we are in agreement) and pray continuously. I agree none of this is going away, its actually just getting worse. I used to wonder when I was younger how the holocaust against the Jews in the second world war could have happened..well it was by degrees. A slow chipping away and drops of poison going into the minds of people. We need to stick together as Christians and be strong. Blessings to you ~ Linda

  8. We do what we can where we can and we pray all day and often in the midnight hours. You are right, Roxy. These are not the glory days for this country, if there ever were any. Who knows anymore? The msm is a disgrace and never tells us a thing. We trust in God. Those in charge did not win an election. They stole it.

  9. No, it's not going away. It's not going to get better...because this world is passing away, and we may be the generation that sees it happen. Thanks be to God, that we that are His children will be caught up and will forever be with HIM. And after the world is gone..judgement made...we will return reign and give God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit the Glory they deserve and will rightly have! Until then, we watch and pray and do everything we can to reconcile people to God.
    Thanks for your faithful posts, we don't live in fear, because we know the end of the story. But we must stand strong in the Lord strength, because I do belive persecution is around the corner. Love and Hugs.

  10. OH my! I may not like reading it, but it won't go away just because I don't like to think about it. Keep writing my friend.

  11. I struggle back and forth, just like you Roxy. What to do? How should we as Christians respond to all the horrific things we see happening around us? I continue to pray, and ask the Lord for guidance each and every day. I don't want to work against the plan of God for this world, but at the same time, the thoughts of what could happen should communism take hold in our country and what that would mean for our children is a terrible thing. God help us all! I believe we must remain committed to prayer and fasting, and guidance from the Lord on how to reach the hurting people around us. The gospel light can shine ever brighter in the darkest days. Prayers and hugs!

  12. Amen to all the kindred sisters who have commented above! Please keep writing! It is such an encouragement to know that there are others "out there" who feel and believe the same! Satan and his servants are trying to smother us from all directions with the bounty of lies that have been accepted as "truth" by the masses of blind and willingly ignorant people! Although I have always been rather patriotic and loved this country, lately I have a hard time saying "God Bless America", but rather must make the request, "God, please continue to have mercy on America for a little while longer" as this is a country that no longer "deserves" blessing while it pursues and embraces wickedness. As much as we all hate persecution and inconvenience, theses are the days we show what we truly believe and in Whom our faith rests. I am so looking forward to the day when "EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!" Try as they might, they won't be able to escape it! (-:

  13. Two things:
    1.Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
    2.You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything.
    May God have mercy on us all.

  14. Yes you're right Roxy. I'm in Aust and the drum beat here is as it is there.
    There is a mantra we must all obey or face the consequences.
    Think what desolates me most is opposition from those I live best who condemn my choice to not follow that world wide mantra.

    Blind eyes do not and wilfully refuse to see.
    Same with sleepy Joe as our Gov here.
    No longer a democracy but a bureaucracy, ie not rule by elected leaders but by bureaucrats.

    Government does not govern.
    I've avoided writing much on my blog as it changes so rapidly here its out of date from one day.
    Praying with you at the throne of grace.

    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  15. Preach it sister and please keep writing! Your posts are packed with godly wisdom.

  16. Totally agree with you! As a Filipino Immigrant living here in the USA, I'm so sad to see what's happening here in America.


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