Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Power Of Refreshment...

 Refreshment is a MUST, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The Power of Refreshment...

Good morning friends! What a privilege to share with you today. Thank you!

It is quiet here this morning.
 The family is still asleep, and my grandfather clock’s quiet tick is my only company.

I’ve just read from the book of Isaiah; a few short verses but very delicious. In 46:1-4,
 God’s people were carrying idols that were powerless to help them.
 But their God is not powerless.
 He has in fact carried them since before their birth, and He intends to carry them forever.

Our God bears our burdens. He carries us.

Burdens steal joy and the ability to work.
 As the family of God, we share both the work and the burdens.

Have you ever been exhausted, yet unfinished with your work?
 Maybe hard physical outdoor labor.
 A short break and some refreshment can make all the difference.

Spiritual labor can create exhaustion too. The sorrows of ministry can weigh us down.
Our homes can be that place to rest; our welcoming companionship that refreshing drink.

What can we do to use this gift?

We can be humble enough to allow someone in, even when the house is not perfect!

We can be open enough to ask questions

We can flexible enough to consider them

We can be gentle enough to set boundaries and let someone know it's time to go home.
This is gentle on them and us,
Because without this boundary we will not feel kindly toward our visitors!

We can teach our children manners, even on the spot!

How has the Lord refreshed or carried you recently?

May I introduce to you this special Lady, that wrote this Blog Post?

Sometimes we just need to give someone a place to share their wisdom;
Or the encouragement they have to give!
We are all hurting and troubled in so many ways.
But this sweet post was written by a young woman I had the joy of meeting,
And even a chance to speak into her life for many years!
She has the gift of wisdom concerning womanhood and marriage.
And now she is a Mother raising her children.
She is a Joy and I do hope you will encourage her to continue her journey!
Post Written By: Milly

I am always so blessed to share with you what I am learning!
We must always have a willing heart to grow in His grace!
And to encourage others to endure and overcome...
Hugs, Roxy
"Living From Glory To Glory Blog"


  1. Thank you for sharing Milly's words with us. We definitely can always learn from others.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. I agree...sometimes God allows us to rest from our labors, even when WE feel the need to press on in our weariness. Jesus needed time to rest and pray by Himself after ministering to the multitudes. I miss you, Roxy. Enjoy these last few days of Summer, my friend. Love, Debbie

  3. Milly's words were beautifully written. How true it is that our times of refreshing come from the Lord, and not from things or people. I often drink from the beauty of the world around me, and know that the Lord who created this world is the ONE whom I have placed my trust and faith in, what a comfort it is! Many blessings to you Roxy :)


I really appreciate your comments! May they be kind and helpful to encourage my walk, and bless others as they read them. Thank-you!

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