Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Make Your List For Spring Cleaning Inside And Out...

Spring Flowers, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

These little purple crocus flowers, they have done just what they were created to do!

~They gave me hope, and put a smile on my face~

After many months of no color or flowers in my little flower bed.

They have Burst forth from their little bulb to say.

Spring is coming!!

Even when the calendar says spring, it still takes a while for the soil to warm.

It is easy to lose hope if we don't keep our eyes on what is really important.
For the word tells us to everything there is a season.

Now is the time to rekindle all the promises of the plans He has for us.
These little guys did not fail in their job even if they lasted only a few days!

I want to encourage all of my sisters, don't become weary at the tail end of this
"Winter season"

 Complete the rest and start stretching each day to awake to
The Spring work that we be required of us.

Begin with your spring cleaning,
Look, we have these Homes and bits of land, take advantage

Start with maybe your kitchen.
Clean your silverware drawer,

Give a Good Spring Cleaning to Your teacups and mugs,
Fill your sink with bleach water and put all your coffee mugs
And your tea cups in the water for a good soak.

They can get really discolored and stained.
With all the warm cups of tea and coffee that were required in the cold months.

Make Your Lists...
I love spring and I encourage each of you to make a list of fun things to do.
Of course, there is the list of all the flower beds that need cleaning.

And all the garden area to be tilled and the grass raked out.

I like to try and get at least one thing done each day of my spring cleaning!!
It helps me to get my house in order.

Because as soon as it gets warm out I will be outside!

Ice tea and iced coffee (here I come)!


Friday, March 27, 2020

Pattern For Making Face Masks...

Making Facemasks to protect yourself, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

~Here is a short video clip to watch~

Hello Everyone
I have been making face masks for 2 weeks now!
I have completely run out of elastic, so I have
Improvised, adapt and overcome!
(Did Clint Eastwood say this?)

You can't even order this online
(Out Of Stock)

I have shared a few links for making these;
Also an interesting topic of the better material or fabric to use!

Pattern for making Face Masks
Face Mask Patterns PDF
PDF Pattern

Also wanted to share another Face Mask Video
DIY Face Mask With Filter Pocket

I made myself two of this style"
You have a little pocket so you can add a coffee filter or paper towel;
For added protection...

Click Below;
Best Materials For Making DIY Facemasks

I personally believe this is real and not a conspiracy theory.

Once again, lets fight over everything
And let's agree everyone is wrong;
(Accept Yourself)

So please stop your anti- everything for just once!
Political nonsense...

Don't be in fear, just stay home and stop spreading this virus;
You may show NO symptoms, but be a carrier!

Do what you think is right!!
Don't be a naysayer!

Stupid is as stupid does!!
(Forest Gump)

Hugs, Roxy

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hoopla A Wonderful And Free Service Through Your Library For Audio Books...

It is always wise to have a few good movie series in your home.
Keep in mind that having good books and movies available.

This may the year, many of us will be planting gardens;
Because it is a very therapeutic!
Even if it is just a small planter with tomatoes.

I hope you will look into the app called Hoopla,
I have listened to at least five books so far!

I pray you are staying healthy and happy and keeping busy
Yourself with a home project!

What are you doing with your extra time of not being out and about?

Spring is arriving on daily winds here...

Encourage yourself and encourage others!
This too shall pass!

Blessings, Roxy

Friday, March 20, 2020

Sweet Solitude in Times Of Unrest...

We are not alone! living from glory to glory blog....

Sweet Solitude

Finding peace and learning to be content in times of unrest.

Why running around and leaving your home for every little thing
you might think you need!
Well, think again;

Having a home, we can rest and shelter in place is such a blessing!

Many people think that continuing to go out and about that
It's still okay and safe to be a part of being out in public spaces.

But, I am so suppose to be responsible...

So may I encourage you to stay home!
(If you can)

So, why not take advantage of this time to enjoy your home.

I always enjoyed the quote that said
~The kitchen is the heart of the home~
But I feel that the Home is where the heart stays happy.
And healthy with safe borders.

Take this time to start planning your garden!
Start your Spring cleaning!
Make some delicious homemade soup.
Clean out some of those junk drawers.

May I suggest changing your bed sheets every week,
Open the windows, even a crack to allow some fresh air to circulate!

Be not discouraged as we are called to take personal responsibility!

It's not that I believe everything I see or hear on the news;
But rather the truth of what a virus is able to transfer to others;
A virus does not care who it latches onto.

But we may need to keep our own thoughts and ideas to ourselves!
Learn to filter what is pertinent to yourself and your family.

Also, keep the things you talk about
 To your children or grandchildren private.
Only share what they need to know about washing their hands.

Take extra time to pray and be frugal in your home goods.
Realize we are still the working class,
 And we must stay healthy and calm.

Take this time of being asked to stay home and try to enjoy
The Solitude...
Of being with your family!

Keep busy and don't listen to the news all day long!
Try to listen to a news source that is not leftist generated.
I am sure there is more to this story or not that they are telling us!
Use the wisdom we learned from the chicken pox or polio.
Look some people are going to die!
But, the Lord has my days numbered, but I am not stupid!!

Remember when we would practice a fire drill?
Were were to all stay calm and walk out the door!

Well, in this case walk calmly into your home and stay there!!

Hugs, Roxy

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

How to Use Disinfected Sprays And The Benefits Of Wearing Rubber Gloves And A Short Video Clip...

Wearing Rubber Gloves, Living from glory to glory blog...

I think we are all feeling some of the stress of this virus;
Even if you live in a place with no known cases,
It is invisible and is spread very easily.

So I wanted to share something that you may already know about.

But if you are not aware of this it could benefit you and yours!

I always spray down my counter tops in my kitchen,
And my bathroom often.
Also, if someone is sick in the home, I will do it daily!

So if you use a disinfectant spray, you must take into account,
{Dwell Time}
This is the amount of time you leave the product on the surface,
BEFORE you wipe it off...

Seven to Ten minutes;
Some may require a longer time!

Use a paper towel and throw it away
(If you can find paper towels)
If not, use a clean rag,
 Then wash with bleach in your washing machine!

In these times of personal distancing
6 feet apart
And only 10 people in gatherings

It is wise to use wisdom in your hand towels and bath towels.

Please drink water every 15 minutes to keep throat moist
Stay home!!
(If you can)

Please stay well and obey the laws and rules put in place,
By our city and government officials...
They have your best interest at stake!

Blessings to you all
Stay healthy and keep praying for yourself and others!

Ways To Prepare for the COVID 19 Virus

Thanks Julie @
Julies Creative Lifestyle Blog

Living from glory to glory...

Monday, March 9, 2020

The Importance Of Celebrating Those You Love, And A Video Clip... Birthdays And Special Moments

Sending Birthday Cards, Living from glory to glory Blog...

Learning to celebrate others,
Showing honor and making others feel special!

I was just thinking about how lovely it is when I receive an inquiry
About how I am doing or feeling on any given day!
But when we stop to think about sharing special days;
Of those we know and care about!
Especially those we love in our families!

It's about giving honor and showing that the other person matters!

We are pretty self absorbed these days and just so busy.

Give honor where honor is due!

It is not too late to purchase a pack of note cards or birthday or get well ones!
And try to send ONE card a month...

Or just a quick note on a single page!

Or you can send a card through email!

Well, I just wanted to say thank you for those that have
Been coming to this Blog for so many years!
Blogging has just been a wonderful source for me to;
Encourage others...

I have written over 900 hundred blog posts to date!

I keep asking myself, should I keep blogging?
Well, until then
Blog on and Plod on...

xoxo Roxy

Monday, March 2, 2020

How To Prepare For Cornavirus And Other deadly Viruses As A Homemaker...

Keeping The Home Safe From Viruses, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...


Hello Ladies...

Here we are once again being challenged as a homemaker to keep watch...

Being diligent and being proactive is a powerful tool!

I wanted to share a few things to us that stay at home and are hearing,
All kinds of rather very alarming stories and scenarios.

But when these things start happening, are we to just laugh and ignore them?
And think everyone is an extremist?

I like to think of the Proverbs 31 Woman that laughs at the days to come;
Why did she laugh?

Well, I like to think she did because she made herself ready,
And also for her entire household!

We all know just how sick, we can get from the common cold!

These viruses are getting more and more powerful, but so many,
Are new to this century!

Well, firstly may I just share a few things I am doing!
Do not operate in fear, but in wisdom...

(I will start a list of what I do and how I prepared)

Wash your hands!!!
As soon as anyone comes into the house require them to wash their hands!

Wear those little gloves that cost a buck whenever you go out;
Once your home just throw them in the washing machine!

Make a new habit of not touching your face!!

Have antibacterial soap in the house;
I bought some Dial bar soap for very cheap.

Purchase some bleach super cheap; (If you can find any)

Rubbing alcohol; (If you can find any)

And we have been told to always have at least 2 weeks of provisions;
Just in case of house quarantine or natural disasters!

Also a fever reducing medicine!
Vitamin C

We are told elderly and children can have worse symptoms;
But these viruses can be deadly even in the healthy!
You can even have these viruses and not show signs of sickness.
But you could still transfer it to others!

Use Antibacterial wipes, wipe door knobs and phones daily,
Any surface that is touched by many people.
We have all seen the many ideas to stay healthy!
Abide by them...

Stay away from large crowds;
If someone coughs move away from them!

Always keep items you need to have if things escalate in your town or state.

Water, soups, crackers, juice or a pop you need to stay hydrated.
Extra food items that will last on your pantry shelves!
Extra items in your pantry are just plain wise!

You need to always have these things put back;
Rotate them and use them up!

If you have any ideas or suggestions to add;
Write them in the comment section!

Always learning and living from glory to glory...

Stay well and keep watch in every season...
Hugs, Roxy

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