Friday, March 20, 2020

Sweet Solitude in Times Of Unrest...

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Sweet Solitude

Finding peace and learning to be content in times of unrest.

Why running around and leaving your home for every little thing
you might think you need!
Well, think again;

Having a home, we can rest and shelter in place is such a blessing!

Many people think that continuing to go out and about that
It's still okay and safe to be a part of being out in public spaces.

But, I am so suppose to be responsible...

So may I encourage you to stay home!
(If you can)

So, why not take advantage of this time to enjoy your home.

I always enjoyed the quote that said
~The kitchen is the heart of the home~
But I feel that the Home is where the heart stays happy.
And healthy with safe borders.

Take this time to start planning your garden!
Start your Spring cleaning!
Make some delicious homemade soup.
Clean out some of those junk drawers.

May I suggest changing your bed sheets every week,
Open the windows, even a crack to allow some fresh air to circulate!

Be not discouraged as we are called to take personal responsibility!

It's not that I believe everything I see or hear on the news;
But rather the truth of what a virus is able to transfer to others;
A virus does not care who it latches onto.

But we may need to keep our own thoughts and ideas to ourselves!
Learn to filter what is pertinent to yourself and your family.

Also, keep the things you talk about
 To your children or grandchildren private.
Only share what they need to know about washing their hands.

Take extra time to pray and be frugal in your home goods.
Realize we are still the working class,
 And we must stay healthy and calm.

Take this time of being asked to stay home and try to enjoy
The Solitude...
Of being with your family!

Keep busy and don't listen to the news all day long!
Try to listen to a news source that is not leftist generated.
I am sure there is more to this story or not that they are telling us!
Use the wisdom we learned from the chicken pox or polio.
Look some people are going to die!
But, the Lord has my days numbered, but I am not stupid!!

Remember when we would practice a fire drill?
Were were to all stay calm and walk out the door!

Well, in this case walk calmly into your home and stay there!!

Hugs, Roxy


  1. I am so happy to be at home. Many times the weekdays go by without me leaving the house. I am a bit concerned about groceries but we're fine for now. My dear Husband is still going to work every day and that worries me. My dear daughter is a nurse and in the thick of things. That concerns me. My youngest is supposed to be flying from London to Tokyo on Monday. That concerns me. But....I'm falling asleep and waking up praying. Literally. I'm still praying when I wake up as if I had never fallen asleep. And I am feeling more rested and refreshed in the mornings than I have in a long time.
    My house is well vacuumed because that's how I take out my frustrations and worry. Otherwise, I'm trying to take my concerns to the Lord and leave them there. As someone who has always suffered with anxiety, this is not easy and I'm trying not to pick those worries back up.
    Thanks for your encouraging words today Roxy.

  2. Windows are crack in our room and I have tea. ;-)

  3. Very well said! I always appreciate your gentle reminders to keep life simple. That's a hard concept for some to grab hold of. Now, is not the time to panic. Now is the time to stay close to the Lord and not allow His voice to be drowned out by the turmoil going on in the world. God is still on the throne and even though this wasn't on my calendar, it was on His. My responsibility is to walk in manner worthy of His name.

  4. It doesn't change much for me as I'm home a lot anyway :-) I enjoyed airing out this week though with a couple days of warmer temps. It's rainy and cool today though. Take care, my friend

  5. You tell it like it is and what we need to hear. What a comfort it is to know their are others out there who think like I do. I love you Roxy! ❤

  6. So true, all you have said here. Perhaps we are missing an opportunity here to spread the gospel, at a time when people feel uncertain and need stability.

  7. That’s exactly what we’re doing Roxy. We only go out when we have to and when we do, we behave like we know we have the virus and don’t want to give it to an only child.
    The rest of the time we spend doing things in house and garden.

  8. Thank you for your wise words! I have to giggle to myself when people are so distressed about being "stuck" home... nobody has to order me to stay home - I love to stay home! And I so agree about not listening to leftist news all day long - it will put your mind in a bad place. And while I may not agree with much of the actions being imposed, this is our opportunity to be a good testimony to the others. We are commanded to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, and mind AND love our neighbor... It is a time to exercise esteeming others more than myself. By obeying those in authority and keeping sickness to ourselves, we are loving others!


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