Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rose Petals In all its Glory...

How To Dry Rose Petals, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Today I want to share with you lovely ladies a special portion of my heart.
I am a vintage rose lover;
Roses and their amazing scent just make me happy!
I adore a rose scented perfume, and oils.
The fragrance of a rose makes me happy.
I also feel beautiful and uplifted;
Like a summer day.

I have a very old glass jar, with a sterling silver lid that belonged to
My Mother; It was always filled with Rose petals;
My Mother loved Roses also and she had a few colors that she was partial to!

Different colors of Roses had a different meaning,
Or symbolized something special, a secret message.
I will have a part two describing their different meanings.

Rose Petals In A Beautiful Glass Bowl, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Displaying your dried roses can be very pretty and a way to cherish their beauty,
 For a little bit longer!
 A pretty jar or vase filled with rose petals is such a pretty way to
Decorate a tabletop or mantel.
Rose petals just make you think of femininity.

Just think spring is coming very soon, and then we once again will be in,
The Rose flower season, and after reading about how lovely
Even rose petals can make a plain jar or tea cup look fancy.
We can plan ahead and learn how to dry them to have the brightest and
Best rose petals to use in decorating and making up a batch of potpourri!

Lavender And Rose, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Rose Petals

Once you have a stash of rose petals, then you can mix them with so.
Many other wonderful flowers!

There are a few tricks to drying Rose petals to help them,
Keep their color and shape;
Check out this site HERE

Also, if you would like a very good tutorial on making a lovely
Potpourri check out this site Here 

I want to bless each and everyone of you amazing ladies;
Who desire to create a Home filled with Love and Beauty!

Love, Living From Glory To Glory

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trying Not To Act Shocked...


Things seem to be looking a bit odd lately;

Everything changes...
Now, I think that is one liner is from a old country western song!

God help Us!
Try not to act shocked!
Just smile and pray!

I will not be self righteous and critical over every shocking thing!
Okay, I am shocked!

But I will learn to be kind and not Gritchedey.
Gritichedey is my own word; it means grumpy and crabby.
Or maybe it's a real word and I just think I made it up.

I know this world is starting to look like a place I really do not recognize anymore;

Memo to self....
Just because people look really different, they are loved by God.
Many people are wounded and just need to be loved.
Be willing to see with His eyes.
Look with a desire to see good.
People will only rise to the expectation we have of them.

If you see me walking around with the facial expression of this sweet,
Little girl, Just smile and know I am just trying to hang in there.
While the world is changing!

May I not be conformed to the world, but may I be Mrs. Steady
In HIS grace and power...

I had so many of those really shocking people smile at me and
 Open doors for me!
 And they told me to have a nice day!
(I think it was that facial expression I had on my face)
A smiley Shock LOOK...
Another new word for the day :o)

I pray I will never be a grichtedey old woman;
I want to have smile lines,
Not wrinkles!

I will not be shocked!
I will not be shocked!

People's hearts are more important to God than their appearances...

Monday, February 24, 2014

How the Piggies Eat...

I always laugh when I think about how often through the many years as 
Mothers have had to eat our food cold or even standing up!
No sooner when I would finally sit down, someone would need something!

And I think of the times as a child myself or when my children were little;
This one liner as has gone down into the recesses of my mind.
Now, you eat your dinner...
There are starving children in this world that do not have anything to eat.

This famous one liner in the movie...

We can and should laugh because humor is good medicine!

May we enjoy preparing our family meals, and take care in how we,
Present it, and be allowed to sit down and say Grace and bless His provisions;
And enjoy the bounties of our labor!

Using our manners and saying grace will impart a feeling sense of just more,
Then a full stomach!
We are a spirit soul and body!
We need to supply and make available a portion for each of these parts.

Your tummy could be full, but your heart may feel heavy.
God wants us to enjoy and be full in all accounts.
Make time Dear Ones to eat well and spend some quiet time with Him!

The supper table is a sacred place;
Don't answer the phone
Talk and share your day
Encourage each other
Use manners and teach your little ones!

We must protect this time of the family meal!
My children are grown and gone, but when my Hubby is home,
I still try to make dinner special!

Now, I just wanted to add this one last thought is this;

So this is always a reminder on how, we truly are blessed here in this country!
But yet I know there are really many children who do not have enough to eat.
Even in our city and town!
I think we have all seen the cost of our food budgets go up;
And we all feel the influx of this cost,
But, my heart goes out to those who are not as fortunate as we might be!

May we all give and bless where the Lord directs us as we are;
Christ hands and feet!
Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ!
Giving to a program that helps feed the hungry!
Sponsoring a child in need!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

We Need Vibrant Colors and Tea...


Please, just a cup of tea!
A girl can become so tired and weary after a long day of making peach jelly.
Yet, what satisfaction comes from seeing those lovely jars filled with peach jelly.
It feels lovely to see the fruits of our labor.

Sitting here this fine evening thinking I am completely alone;
No one around me for miles!
I have had a lot of practice with living out in the plains;
But I am never really alone as I have a friend!
The lover of my soul!

Giving you a lovely picture of a bowl filled with limes;
Makes me think of the tropics,
And the crisp green lettuce leaves filled with life;
We need color and we need fresh!
Vibrant and alive...
Hold on Dear Ones,
 Spring is a coming soon!

Do not grow weary in doing good...

Thank you all so much being a light to those around you;
This world can be a dark place, but we all know that the darker it gets,
The brighter the light within you will shine!
Jesus is the light of the world...

Friday, February 21, 2014


Did You hear?
Did I hear what?
You know...
Know what?
You mean to tell me YOU don't know!
Know what?

 Now this is not verbatim, but...

Getting my facts straight is something I really try to do accurately!
But after many years of being with many people during many situations.
I have come to realize, everyone has their own perception of what was said,
And just how it took place can really differ.

So maybe I understand where someone will just say;
 I am not sure,
But I remember it this way!

Also, after a bit of time that might pass, we can forget certain things!
(Unless your mind of course is like a metal trap)

As we live in this technological world, we now lose a very powerful
Element of remembrance, or impact of conversations.
And it is body language and eye contact.

My husband say's we have less connection than ever, because we can no longer use our
Senses to use as input in what is being discussed.

I do not want to sound like a chicken just clucking to herself.
I still long for truth, and I desire to hear the heart,
 As in most cases now days information is being written such as blogs and emails.
I pray as you take time to read anything I write, that you can hear and read my
Motive and the heart behind it!

I am honored to be allowed to speak into your lives!
May I give myself the liberty to grow and resound the truth as I
Write and encourage each and every one of you Dear Ones...

I am growing in grace;
I desire to impart grace;
I thank you all for extending grace to me!

I desire to help you to grow and impart as we learn to be Godly women in Christ

I do seek the Lord as I write this blog and as I comment on blogs!
May we all realize we are dealing with real women, who all long
For the same things, we all do!
Love and Truth...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Leaving and getting away from our everyday routines are very good for us!
Sometimes you may not be able to go really far and travel to a distant place.
But you can almost always take a day trip somewhere!

Pack up and make a plan...
Arrange something special, put some thought into a little get away!

It is very important to do these little trips as they will keep you,
Happy and interested in living a life filled with sights and people,
With a bit of a change in your daily routine.

If you can splurge; spend a night in a hotel in another city!
Or call some friends or maybe a relative that live out of town,
And go visit them!

Or pack a beautiful picnic lunch, and go visit a free museum in your area.

My Hubby and I enjoy looking at little antique shops or a thrift store,
When we travel anywhere.

Sometimes we must just get inspired and get away, by just reading a good book!
We are told to think of the things, that are lovely...

Look about your heart and HOME and bring the spark of life;
Beauty and music and a lovely dinner, can help us feel
Loved and inspired no matter the seasons.

I believe it is the time to do a new thing;
Spring into thoughts of life and hope!

Make a plan and do something fun;
Go see a play in your city or town!
Go see an Art display!
Spend a day just dreaming and planning for something special for the future.
Sometimes just having something to look forward to can be quite uplifting!

Encourage yourself in the Lord...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Helpers Needed...

Remember, You are just the Helper!

Okay, now that makes me feel a bit like 2nd in line,
Maybe my job is not as important.
So there you have it...

Well, let me just look at this for a minute...
Now that spatula right in that wicker basket is pretty darn useful and Helpful;
Have you ever tried flipping an egg, or an omelet over with a butter knife?

There are more utensils in that basket that are maybe considered a helper tool,
But I would rather not be without one single one of them.
( The spatula is saying; GIRL, YOU need me)!
I do need it, I do need it!

We are all in need of Helpers,
Why must we make others feel like their job is not as important as mine?

Are only trained professionals important?
I personally want all the HELP I can get!

Just think about this for a minute;
Which one of these special crafted silverware cutlery do you really not need?
Each one is designed for an effortless eating experience.

Did you know that the Holy Spirit is referred to as the HELPER?

When the Woman was designed, for the selected roll of a Helper!

Whatever I set my hand to today; I will do it as on to the Lord!
For I have asked for the HELPER to help me...

So, I may be the Helper I have been designed to be.
And be the Helper that compliments in all that I do!

The Helper, the Holy Spirit ...
Will teach you all things.
John 14: 26

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Real Deal... And Photo Challenge

The Real Deal!

It is a gift to know and to be able to distinguish the real from the fake.

I do not want to spend my time or energy on things of no value.
One day I will have to give an account for my days here; So,
May I be a wise steward and invest my time here wisely.

Even our bodies can tell the difference of what is real, even if you see no difference's
It will say;
This does not compute...

Our spiritual man knows the real from the fake;
The fake leaves it feeling hungry and thirsty.
You may want to eat of the fake, because it looks perfect,
And  it may even be served with a spoon full of sugar.
But this will cause decay!

A real friend is hard to find, but it is worth the prayer,
And the waiting.

May you pursue what is real Dear Ones;
Do not grow lazy and spend your time pining for what is not real!

Give me the true bread, and may it be buttered on both sides,
So if I have ever been turned upside down, I still will be covered.

May my eggs always be nutritious,
 Even if they are served scrambled or fried.

Life may seem like it is filled with parables;
But you, may know the truth;
And it will set you free....

I am using this photo of a natural setting of what appears mute in color;
But I think the nature of the staples of life
Bread and Butter!
This is with my macro lens;
An AV setting.
Needing to trust that I can learn and see with the eye of a camera
Using a Rebel T4

A Personal Photo Challenge

Friday, February 14, 2014

God's Grace Overflows...

Valentines Day, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

You're like a chocolate covered strawberry...

Incredibly sweet ~
Inside and Out!

Today I am featuring my wonderful and sweet Daughter through marriage;
Here name is Amy!
And she is such a blessing to me and to my Hubby!
She is a treasure to be sure of...

She is a Valentines Baby!
That is why she is so sweet...
She loves the Lord very much!
Our son is Blessed to have a wife like her...

Amy has a very well written Blog, and takes pride in the choices of
The recipes she chooses to publish.
As they have all been tested!
 She enjoys cooking and baking and loves being a homemaker!
She has always had the attitude of growing in learning new ways to,
Make her home cozy and happy and healthy!

I would love for you all to stop in and say hello to her!
Go To God's Grace Overflows

Amy, has been a light in our hearts and our lives!

Happy Valentines Day to each and every one of you
Sweet and wonderful ladies!
May we all desire to be a light to others!
We need to encourage each other daily.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Making Paper Garlands...

I had so much fun making these sweet Heart garlands!
I want to encourage you to give it a whirl...
They are so easy to make,
Easy Peasy I say...

I made this one in honor of my friend Pam's Birthday Party...

 As she is the one who taught me how to make one of these garlands.
She is so talented.!

You just sew these hearts together in a pattern that matches on both sides.
I had a pretty lace heart shaped doily for the first one I made,
 And I used that one for my center one!

Here is the one I made for another friend Lydia.
Visit her here:

I used a few different size's of heart shapes,
 And found different pretty paper designs,
Traced the heart pattern on the back side, then I cut them out.

Now, You sew them together on your sewing machine!

I wanted to share the full instructions with you ladies;
And here is a tutorial from my friends Blog;
Where Your Treasure Is
She does amazing crafts and publishes them on the Craft Gawker;
Just click the link so you can make one of these sweet little garlands also!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Real Deal...


Sweeter than Sweet

Okay, This morning I am feeling much better!
In my last post I was sharing of my bad reaction to the product Stevia.
I know many people, my Husband included can use this product,
With no reactions!

But I have always been the 1% that will experience a side effect,
If there is even one listed!
The muscle pain was so very weird, and so not worth me using it any longer.

In my pretty green sugar bowl is a sugar mixture of a few products;
(The green sugar bowl was a gift from my daughter and daughter in love)
Mixed together:
Coconut sugar
Pure Cane sugar

Also, I have Agave, which I was disappointed to read it is much 
Like High fructose syrup!

Now, the Honey is natural and from a local Bee Keeper
Even though it is in this container (I liked the squeeze bottle)

I believe I have more sweet taste buds on my witty tongue;
And therefore I need a bit more sugar!
Or maybe this is what they mean by when someone says SHE (me)!
Has a sweet tooth....

I am so Blessed and Happy!!
We all need to watch how much sugar we consume;
As so many are in the beginnings of what they call stage 1 diabetes.
(Which is really no such thing)
It is an insulin resistance that comes from
 Too many grains (CARBS) and simple sugars!

This is a learning curve for me;
But I think the GMO thing is a huge culprit.

All this just because some like it HOT!
Some like SWEET!

I love hearing your thoughts and ideas!
Maybe we can have are own reviews and we won't have to Read a book;
And be asked to have a follower's button!
What do you all think?
Will I keep the Button and watch it like a sheet of cookies in the oven;
And hope they don't burn!!
I struggle with rates and followers
I am more like let it flow and grow kinda gal !!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Need A Little Help From My Friends...


We all need someone to play with...
Okay, now what is the object of this game again??
Do it again, I'll watch really closely this time!

In most of our daily living we will have someone we look up to.
We really need each other;
Ever try playing checkers by yourself?

Can you imagine the pain as a child or a grown up where you invite others,
To come over to visit or maybe for a party.
And they didn't come...

We are all writing Blogs and reading Blogs, Why?
Because each and every one of you have a story,
And wisdom and ideas to share!
And we want to grow and learn new things!

Well, I was wondering if you wonderful ladies would help me?
I have two needs!
1.   My first one is this, I added a followers button on my sidebar,
I removed it a long ways back, I didn't see a reason for needing one.
Well, today I have a reason for needing it!
I am wanting to be able to write a review for Books and Articles,
For a company, but they require an established web site, with a visible
Follower Button!!
So, I researched a way to add the older style button back on my sidebar,
Now, it looks really funny because I do not have hardly any Followers.
And I wanted to wait to see before I submitted my application, if
Maybe you would all help me to raise the number?
Would YOU Follow me?
Thank- You!

2.   Secondly, I have had a very bad reaction in my body from using
The sweetener called Stevia!
I have been experiencing muscle pain, and feeling dizzy!
I was wondering if any of you out there have experienced this
 Or know someone who has?
I had a similar reaction from Splenda many years ago,
When it first came out. But it was more like muscle tremors.
God is so good to me, because as soon as I started feeling these symptoms,
I asked the Lord what is causing this?
He reminded me of when they started and when I started using it as a sweetener.

So, I do need a little Help from my friends...

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Spirit of Excellence...

The Spirit of Excellence

I want to share something I believe is sometimes a problem because we, 
Have not been trained to discern the difference;

As we live and walk in our days, we are given a daily task or what we might call

Every day God has given us a  print or Master plan, woven right into it!
That is why we are called to be co-laborers with Him!

When we were young we hopefully were taught to do our tasks well.
Remember hearing:  "If you are going to do a job, then do it well"….

I have had the pleasure of helping and planning and speaking for,
Many women’s conference settings over the years. And it is through
These events that I learned a phrase that I want to share.
"A Spirit of Excellence"

I believe there is a counterfeit of this very thing called perfectionism;
This is where we do it many things a certain way; (my way)
Or it is just not good enough when someone else is doing it their way;

When you are not able to enjoy yourself, because everything is not perfect!
When you are obsessed with order and have lost the joy of the flow of the Lord.

This is really a control issue!

When we are doing a task onto the Lord;
 May we do it with a spirit of excellence.
Not with an attitude of perfection, because no one can live
Up to your standards,
 And this causes division in our hearts,
And in our marriages and  disrupts the unity of the Body of Christ!

A spirit of excellence is where we do our task's onto the Lord!
And we do it well, and with care and applying His creative talents
He has given you!
And many times when we are working with others, we want to
To blend these ideas together.

I think when we exercise this way of thinking we grow and expand
His Kingdom and beauty in our homes and any place,
We are called to operate and manage.

Learn from others, educate yourself;
Inquire of the Lord for wisdom, not perfection.

Blessings and favor come from seeing and using what is in our hands!
But, controlling and a hard task master will stunt your growth...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Keeping Watch Dear Ones...

"Some things cannot be done in a day"
"Some glorious morn-but when? Ah, who shall say?
The steep mountain shall become a plain,
And the parched land be satisfied with rain.
The gate of brass all broken; iron bars,
Transfigured, form a ladder to the stars.
Rough places plain, and crooked ways all straight,
For he who with a patient heart can wait.
These things shall be on God's appointed day:
It may be tomorrow-yet it may."
I can see with my natural eyes, but my spiritual eyes see the way more clearly
 The days and months don't stop.
 His time is not ours, but he told us we would be able to recognize the times.
 He told us to occupy till he comes
. Keep watch, for we are seeing the greatest and glorious days yet to come.
 I cry out Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

And, behold, I am coming Quickly
Revelation 22:12

I just need to be reminded, this is not my home;
My days here are numbered,
I am just passing through...
I am running my race!
Beware of what direction you are running in!
Do not grow weary in doing good!
Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fanning The Flame...

Love is like a fire...
It burns and gives us light and heat.
I love the comfort and safety of Love within the bounds that
Christ has given us!
"I Do"
Just two simple words
Profound and holds the secrets of Life.

Oh, let the fire burn
Hot and powerful!
Time passe's
Only embers reside in the space,

A fire requires someone to man it;
Do not leave a fire unattended.
(Evan Smokey the Bear knows this)

Someone must keep the fire going!
It will require fuel, oxygen and a spark!

A love with heart and passion is powerful!
That is why the enemy uses his lustful, feed the flesh
Tactics to make a woman feel, like she is not getting her 
Fair share, Love deprived...

Men show their Love a bit differently than we do!
(News Flash)
If they go to work each day he is saying I love you!
If he calls you on his break at work, he loves you!

We want romance
They want whoopee

Dear Ones, Fanning the flame requires a special recipe;
Get the owners manual and see what ingredients YOUR
Marriage is low on!

The Fire in our marriages is like any recipe;
You just have to tweak it a bit!

Add some more sugar,    HEART...
Honey is thick and golden and smooth,    OUR WORDS...
You must have a shake of salt,    PERSEVERE STAY STRONG...
Adding an egg keeps things light,    HAVE FUN...
Flour and grain will keep you full,   BE SATISFIED...

Stay close to HOME
Keep the HOME fire's burning HOT!

Will YOU be MINE?

Here are a couple of links to check out;

Romancing Your Husband..

Men Are Visual...

Why I am 60 something-and-still-romancing My Husband

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Puffs With Cream Made With LOVE...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog
Fresh Cream Puffs Right Out Of The Oven...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog
One of my most favorite desserts I remember as a child was my Mothers
Cream Puffs!

They are light and fluffy, yet filled with a cool rich custard or pudding.
You can make this real fancy or easy.
The shell is the secret and they can be made ahead as they last
Quite well, for a couple of days.

I usually make my own homemade pudding for these;
But as I said you can use a pudding mix.
Vanilla or Chocolate

But I must mention that these will taste like a dessert from a french restaurant
If you will take the time and whip up some fresh whip cream.
(Trust Me)

I went ahead and found a good link for you to be able to read and follow;
Because for the first time of making these I did not want to try to remember
All of the steps, and possibly leave one out!
As you all know we bake and cook most things without a recipe.
Don't you love the recipes that say a dash of this and a splash of that.
Or a dollop of this and best of all, do I whip it, beat it or crush it....
So Ladies click the link below and let this wonderful link
Fill in all the gaps and create the most amazing and delicious dessert ever!

Make a little LOVE!!

My Recipe For Cream Puffs

Bake at 400
For 30 minutes or until Puffed-Up and brown on top!
(Not soggy)
Makes about 10 to 12 Puffs

1 cup water-measure this accurately
1 stick butter
1/8 tsp salt
1 cup flour
4 large eggs

1. In saucepan, add water and butter and salt;
Bring to boiling, Quickly now add the flour
 All at once stir vigorously.
Reduce heat to low...
Cook and stir until mixture forms a ball of dough -about 1 minute.
Remove from heat, cool for 5-10 minutes.
Now add eggs-
You can either beat all eggs together in a bowl and add mixture all at once or
(I do it this way)
Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating each one well with a wooden spoon
This dough will be smooth, creamy and thick

Drop about 1/3 of a cup of dough onto an ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake in a hot oven that has been preheated, they take about 30 to32 minutes.
Once done baking, remove to a wire rack to cool.

Once you are ready to serve them you slice them in half or just the tops off;
Now, you can fill them with pudding or whipped cream.
Now add the top back on and garnish with powder sugar!
Only fill them before serving them as to not allow them to get soggy!

Also, you can make little ones for a party, just bake for a shorter time.

How To Make:
Homemade Vanilla Pudding

Ingredients needed:
2 cups milk
1/2 cup sugar
3 tablespoons of cornstarch
1/4 tsp salt
1-2 tsp. Vanilla extract
1 tablespoon of butter

In a medium saucepan that is slightly heavier;
Add 2 cups milk
Heat this milk until bubbles form at the edges;

Now add this mixture that you have mixed together in another bowl beforehand!
1/2 cup sugar
3 tablespoons of cornstarch
1/4 tsp salt

Pour this dry mixture into hot milk a little at a time
Stirring till all is dissolved.
Continue to cook and stir till mixture thickens enough to coat a the back of a metal spoon.
Do not boil...
Now Remove from heat and now add vanilla and butter
1-2 tsp vanilla
1 tablespoon of butter.
Stir till blended...

Place in a pretty bowl or custard cups,
Cover with a lid or plastic wrap and chill for Cream Puffs,
Or to eat as a dessert by itself.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Home Living and A book Written By Lydia Sherman

Little Pincushions, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...
" Sweet Strawberry Pincushions"
From a Dear Friend!
Her name is Lady Lydia; if you have been blogging for any length of time;
You may have heard of her Blog
 Called Home Living

Her Blog has one purpose;
Of Promoting the Home and Family;
She has been blogging about this subject, long before I even had a computer,
Or had ever heard of a Blog.
She has not swayed one bit on her calling and her purpose!
"Of Woman Guarding and Guiding the HOME!"
She also has written a book 

She made these sweet pincushions for me!
We both love to sew...
She is wise and has a strong commitment to what,
 God has called her to become.

I have really enjoyed these pin cushions, as they are a treasured gift from a Lovely Godly Woman.!
It is so important to be able to recognize a treasure when you receive one.
Thank You!

Why do we have to guard our homes?
(Is there a thief trying to steal from my HOME?)

Has the Feminism Agenda broken the hearts of Home keepers?
Or, Is there a revival in the land?
Calling of the Hearts of Women HOME...

May the HOME flourish in love and purpose!
May the Women of all ages come HOME.
The Younger Women need YOU!

"Keepers At Home"
Titus 2:5

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