Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trying Not To Act Shocked...


Things seem to be looking a bit odd lately;

Everything changes...
Now, I think that is one liner is from a old country western song!

God help Us!
Try not to act shocked!
Just smile and pray!

I will not be self righteous and critical over every shocking thing!
Okay, I am shocked!

But I will learn to be kind and not Gritchedey.
Gritichedey is my own word; it means grumpy and crabby.
Or maybe it's a real word and I just think I made it up.

I know this world is starting to look like a place I really do not recognize anymore;

Memo to self....
Just because people look really different, they are loved by God.
Many people are wounded and just need to be loved.
Be willing to see with His eyes.
Look with a desire to see good.
People will only rise to the expectation we have of them.

If you see me walking around with the facial expression of this sweet,
Little girl, Just smile and know I am just trying to hang in there.
While the world is changing!

May I not be conformed to the world, but may I be Mrs. Steady
In HIS grace and power...

I had so many of those really shocking people smile at me and
 Open doors for me!
 And they told me to have a nice day!
(I think it was that facial expression I had on my face)
A smiley Shock LOOK...
Another new word for the day :o)

I pray I will never be a grichtedey old woman;
I want to have smile lines,
Not wrinkles!

I will not be shocked!
I will not be shocked!

People's hearts are more important to God than their appearances...


  1. I worked at a public High School for 12 years. I think that says it all!

  2. Having worked with teenagers who are truly trying to find themselves and God, I am not surprised or shocked by anything. Many of them in our church are truly seeking God, but still trying to hang on to the world. Just praying that we'll teach them how to walk the walk by living the true example of love that Christ showed. Your words are always thought provoking and fun too!

  3. How true Roxy. I think so many times, people judge someone based on their appearance only to find out later that they are really kind and polite people. It is shocking sometimes though...lol! Have a blesssed Wednesday.
    Hugs, Vicky

  4. May I not be conformed to the world, but may I be Mrs. Steady
    In HIS grace and power...

    You said it perfectly'

  5. He he...you crack me up...I love this little girl, and can just picture your look. I also added your new word "grichetty".. no wait let me check the spelling: Gritchedey to my list of delightful words. I'm sure you really did make it up. Yes.. the world is changing; it is hard isn't it?
    Love ya,

  6. Dear Roxy,
    Such sweet thoughts...
    I do like your new word
    too! Blessings :-)

  7. Very important to look at the heart rather than outward appearance. God bless your day.

  8. Very important to look at the heart rather than outward appearance. God bless your day.

  9. Oh this is such a great post, friend. I can with all honestly say God has and is changing my heart daily. Sometimes it takes unfortunate circumstances in one's own life to get this message pounded in...there but for grace of God, go I...

  10. That was the funniest picture ever! You make me laugh. :)

    Shocked, really? You were shocked? I thought that was the thing of the past. Smiling always works for me when I come into a situation like yours, but sometimes, well yeah, it's very shocking to say the least.

    I hope you have a cozy night. See you tomorrow.


  11. So very true, my dear Roxy. How easy it is to look at only the outward appearance rather than seeing others through the eyes of Jesus. Once again, thank you for teaching me, sweet friend. Much love!

  12. Like Cora, I'm wondering what's in that child's mug??? Ha! What a cute photo. I get your point totally. Still, I find myself having to pick my jaw up from the floor daily. Five minutes of the evening news and I'm shocked. Yup. It's a strange new world... I remember being told by a deacon that my dress was too short and had too many flowers on it. Hmmm... Guess that thus it has ever been.

  13. Oh I am grinning. I know what you mean and I'm trying to do the same thing now.

  14. Beautiful said. I was always told "love them anyway" and I endeavor to do so. Like you I desire only smile lines in lieu of wrinkles. Thank you.


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