Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Need A Little Help From My Friends...


We all need someone to play with...
Okay, now what is the object of this game again??
Do it again, I'll watch really closely this time!

In most of our daily living we will have someone we look up to.
We really need each other;
Ever try playing checkers by yourself?

Can you imagine the pain as a child or a grown up where you invite others,
To come over to visit or maybe for a party.
And they didn't come...

We are all writing Blogs and reading Blogs, Why?
Because each and every one of you have a story,
And wisdom and ideas to share!
And we want to grow and learn new things!

Well, I was wondering if you wonderful ladies would help me?
I have two needs!
1.   My first one is this, I added a followers button on my sidebar,
I removed it a long ways back, I didn't see a reason for needing one.
Well, today I have a reason for needing it!
I am wanting to be able to write a review for Books and Articles,
For a company, but they require an established web site, with a visible
Follower Button!!
So, I researched a way to add the older style button back on my sidebar,
Now, it looks really funny because I do not have hardly any Followers.
And I wanted to wait to see before I submitted my application, if
Maybe you would all help me to raise the number?
Would YOU Follow me?
Thank- You!

2.   Secondly, I have had a very bad reaction in my body from using
The sweetener called Stevia!
I have been experiencing muscle pain, and feeling dizzy!
I was wondering if any of you out there have experienced this
 Or know someone who has?
I had a similar reaction from Splenda many years ago,
When it first came out. But it was more like muscle tremors.
God is so good to me, because as soon as I started feeling these symptoms,
I asked the Lord what is causing this?
He reminded me of when they started and when I started using it as a sweetener.

So, I do need a little Help from my friends...


  1. So very sorry to hear about the bad reaction. Even though John is diabetic, we don't use any sugar substitute, so I am not familiar with this.
    Wishing you a good night.

  2. There is so much information out there about artificial sweeteners. My mom had Alzheimer's Disease and my sister is convinced that the use of Sweet n Low and Equal contributed to her memory loss. I know when I drink alot of diet drinks that I have more joint pain. So, yes you should talk to your doctor about this. There's no telling what's in all the preservatives that we eat.

  3. I am already following you, dear lady. I have a friend that writes book reviews and I don't think she has hardly any followers. She has been doing it for about 4 or 5 years now.

    I am sorry that you are having a reaction to the Stevia. I use it with no problems. xo Diana

  4. I am following you:)) So tick to number 1 request.

    As to number 2, I have heard this more than once. I have avoided all these sugar substitutes now use honey or maple syrup the most, but am enjoying coconut sugar (which I really like). However when baking I still use traditional sugar simply because we aren't a big user of it and we don't eat processed foods. I do hope you start to feel better and find something you can use that works for you.

    That is what friends are for - helping each other:)))

  5. I can tell you that in my experience, blogs that do book reviews don't get many followers and if they do, not many of the follwers actually read the blog. As for the artificial sweetners, one of my pastors began having seizures, the doctors couldn't figure out what was causing them. His wife prayed about it and then told him that it was the artificial sweetners. When he stopped using them, he stopped having the seizures.

  6. My dear Roxy,
    I hope you will feel better soon.
    I would suggest that you avoid the artificial sweeteners for the sake of your health.

    As for following... Of course I will follow you! Blessings :-)

  7. I'm already a follower! I have been thinking of taking that off my blog, too, because the number just pretty much stays the same, so what's the point. Now I see there may be one! Good luck in your quest. Hope you get to do what you are wanting!

    I use way too many artificial sweeteners. I admit it. I am trying to cut out most processed foods though. Feel better!

  8. I'm so glad to be able to follow you!
    When I first started out blogging I got caught up with followers. Then I had to stop and ask why I was blogging. God showed me and I've been a much happier blogger, since.

    Sugar, go to a natural sugar, like Xylitol.

  9. Hey Roxy! I was already following with bloglovin but I just clicked the main follow button. Now I understand why I wasn't getting your posts through my feed....only in my email! About the artificial sweetener thing....non of them have ever bothered me in any way. I use Splenda usually. I really think our bodies all react to things so differently. I'm glad you found out that you shouldn't use the stevia and are feeling better!

  10. Hi, I'm following you on Bloglovin', Pinterest, and I signed up to follow by mail.


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