Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Real Deal... And Photo Challenge

The Real Deal!

It is a gift to know and to be able to distinguish the real from the fake.

I do not want to spend my time or energy on things of no value.
One day I will have to give an account for my days here; So,
May I be a wise steward and invest my time here wisely.

Even our bodies can tell the difference of what is real, even if you see no difference's
It will say;
This does not compute...

Our spiritual man knows the real from the fake;
The fake leaves it feeling hungry and thirsty.
You may want to eat of the fake, because it looks perfect,
And  it may even be served with a spoon full of sugar.
But this will cause decay!

A real friend is hard to find, but it is worth the prayer,
And the waiting.

May you pursue what is real Dear Ones;
Do not grow lazy and spend your time pining for what is not real!

Give me the true bread, and may it be buttered on both sides,
So if I have ever been turned upside down, I still will be covered.

May my eggs always be nutritious,
 Even if they are served scrambled or fried.

Life may seem like it is filled with parables;
But you, may know the truth;
And it will set you free....

I am using this photo of a natural setting of what appears mute in color;
But I think the nature of the staples of life
Bread and Butter!
This is with my macro lens;
An AV setting.
Needing to trust that I can learn and see with the eye of a camera
Using a Rebel T4

A Personal Photo Challenge


  1. It is hard sometimes, especially younger people, to discern what is real and what is fake. I struggle with that sometimes myself. I seek what is real and true and yet sometimes find myself drawn into the web of deceit. Crazy old world out there. Our only hope lies in the goodness of God. xo Diana

  2. Roxy...what a great post. You are so right. There so many cheap imitations out in the world today and I have to check myself from time to time to make sure I am not falling into that deception. Thanks for this really awesome reminder.
    Have a blessed week, friend :)

  3. Good Morning, Roxy. Thank you for your kind comment today. This is a wonderful post. I am so thankful for your friendship through blogging. God bless your day.

  4. HI Roxy! Oh yes, I want to know the real from the fake. I think I'll spend my whole life trying to figure that out.

    But I know one thing. You are the real deal! You put love and care into everything you do. And that is good for a person, and all the people around you too.

    Thank you for being such a wonderful blog-friend and encourager for everyone who reads you.
    Blessings on this Monday,

  5. I don't want fake Anything! If it's not real, then forget it!

    I think this world needs a lesson in this, maybe you should go speak it through out the town! I think they might be a bit shocked, don't you?

    I hope you have a glorious day!

    Blessings and Grace,

  6. What a beautiful analogy! Your words are sweet and the real thing:)
    May God bless you!

  7. Real wanted here, too. No time to waste on fake anything!

  8. Such a great post. Smart words...
    Thank you for sharing and I hope you are having a great day!
    Blessings :-)

  9. Thank you for joining the photo challenge this month! These soft colors are comforting ones. This is a lovely composition and focus. The addition of the linen really compliments the food. We did a food photography theme a few months ago, and you might want to check out the informational links provided for it. You have a natural talent for food styling!

  10. Foto muito interessante na suavidade das cores. O texto contém bonita realidade!
    Um abraço!

    Very interesting photo in the softness of the colors. The text contains beautiful reality!


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