Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wildflowers Will Bloom In A Drought And Floods...

Wildflowers, Living From glory To Glory Blog

The Season is Changing

What is it that you desire this season?
Are you weary and tired?

We can all say that we have experienced times of uncertainty.
But when we learn to allow a gentle, quiet resolve in our emotions;
We will fair much better in each change of seasons and situations.

We have heard someone being spoken as being easy going.
I believe in many circumstance's it would be considered a compliment!

Do you really want to be contentious in your thoughts and words?

When I hear or see a woman being loud and rude;
Or a man,
I just cringe!
(We have become not Angry Birds, but people)

So many people are just plain tired and worn down;
We have left our guards down as women and the floodgates have been opened!
Our Homes, must be a safe Harbor

We have lost so much civility in our homeland.

But I may be an optimist at heart, but seeing the compassion
of so many willing to help strangers in their time of need;
Gives me great hope!

Look, we cannot save the whole ship that seems to be sinking.
But we sure can throw out a lifeboat to someone!

I find that if I watch very little to no news I do well;
If I watch the same desperate clips over and over again,
I feel a bit hopeless;
This is not biblical or healthy!

We are called to pray and to give if we can!
But these disasters, are things that can shock us!

But because we are saturated with doom and gloom;
We have a seared reaction switch.
I think many have more compassion for the animals than the people.
But we must have Mercy and compassion for all.

So once again, I am reminded I have a small arena of influence.
May I use it well, and bring comfort to those closest to me!

~A Word Of Encouragement~
~Showing Kindness~
~Being Home~

We must continue to be like the Wildflowers Ladies;
We must bloom where we are planted!
Even in droughts and floods!
For each season will pass...

Keep Growing Even In Difficult Season's

Living From Glory To Glory...

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Why I Am Becoming A Loner In This Stage Of Life...


Being A Loner, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Becoming a loner at this time and stage of life has been so different!

I am in no way a loner by choice!
I am a people person to the core;
But may I try to explain this new course of the lack of involvement!

Once your kids all grow up and they leave home;
(As they should)
You no longer have anyone to keep you company while driving around doing errands.
(So now, I talk to the Lord)
You no longer spend your days homeschooling.
(Reading aloud to the children was interesting)
Lack of interaction in that arena;

My grandchildren are very busy with school and their families!
I have them often, but just not as much as when they were younger.
My grown children have busy lives, raising their children and having their friends.

When I did a ladies bible study a while back, I was gone for over 4 hours,
And that was so not good for me or my home.
How can we take care of our homes if we are away for that long of a period.
I have found I also prefer having a one on one visit with my girlfriends.
Or a plan on a ladies tea party for a bunch of us!

Also being gone and running around town by yourself is not necessarily safe.

I went into our thrift stores yesterday and it felt old and out of style.
Maybe you enjoy it more when your treasure hunting with a friend!
Mostly realized I truly do not need a thing...

Also, I have noticed when I am gone all day, it is harder to make dinner.

And seeing your house is in a need of a good dusting and you don't!
(Not Good)

When you meet a friend for lunch, by the time you get home your
Too tired to cook, not to mention gut rot from eating out.
And the money you spend just leaving home!

I have been keeping closer to home!
Cleaning out my desk and paperwork feels so good!
Deep cleaning and getting organized around my home.

Trying to save some energy to be able to prepare a good meal daily.

I am learning to enjoy the quiet and to read and study and create;
For myself and my family and my hard working hubby!
(A Hubby enjoys seeing his home in order and his wife rested)
That is why we need to count the cost of being away from home too often
Or too long of a time period!

We must have the wisdom to know what we should be involved in!
And this applies to every stage of life!!

A Proverbs 31 Lady;
Does not have to be involved in everything that comes down the river!
We need to learn to be content with not being busy and gone!

~Just remember God gives us fruit to firstly minister to our Husbands and our Homes~

Being Home, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Living From Glory To Glory

Friday, August 18, 2017

We Have Lost Our Shame In This Culture...

Lovely and Innocent, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Lovely and Innocent

We have lost are shame dear ones in this culture;

There was a time when you knew who the Harlot was;

Now, we have the results of free love and no correction!
Every top has very low necklines
Every design is provocative

When was the last time you blushed?

How often do our young women blush anymore?
Look they have been exposed to everything
(Between the movies and magazines and books)

This has gotten so out of control!
Even the kids that were supposedly protected many have been exposed through
The internet, and other friends!

We are sex crazed and sweet romance is long gone.
But, may I say that even if the world is living like this.
We can stay pure in our hearts and thoughts!
True romance is from the Lord;
Where HE brings two together to become one!
Protect your eyes!!
Protect your heart!!
We are told in the Word that we should make a covenant with our eyes.

The Washing Of The Word, Living from glory to glory blog...

We need the washing of the Word!
But a crooked and perverse heart will bring ruin and destruction,
On both men and woman!

I can't change the world, but I can guide my home;
And there lies my effect on society...

Your HOME is a sacred place!

Having good boundaries and keep the fruit stealers away...

Please be diligent, keep active and alert!

Read good wholesome books!
Watch good wholesome movies!

Look the other way when weirdness and sensuality struts by!
They just want to shock us and demand we except their stuff!

Hate the sin, but love the sinner...
What I usually do is smile and say hello and go about my business!

Blessings To You All
I so appreciate Your visits here;
My Little Part Of A Happy Home!
And a better world...

Monday, August 14, 2017

Does Pollyanna Walk Again...


Does Pollyanna Walk Again? Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I watched this sweet movie a few weeks back, and it was delightful!

At first I thought, I didn't want to watch this movie again!
As I have seen it so many times as a child.
But I decided I needed to look at it with a different perspective.

I saw so many things this time that were so good!
She was a little orphaned girl, because her parents died,
And she went to live with her very rich aunt.
This Aunt of course had money, but lacked in love.
Well, Pollyanna had plenty of that!
But it was her way of looking at life...
She always looked at the bright side of everything.
She played this game, that she called,
~The Glad Game~

Being an optimistic person, brings life and hope to others!

In Pollyanna's case she touched a whole town!!

So many wholesome changes were made in individual lives.

One lady was planning her own funeral just waiting to die.
But Pollyanna helped want to live and smile and be happy.

An older gentleman was a recluse, and needed no one.
Pollyanna had a little sidekick, cutest little boy;
This little boy won the heart of this older man.
With the help of Pollyanna!

A young maid was in love, yet could not get the time to spend with him!
Because she had so little time off as she worked for Pollyanna's Aunt.
But Pollyanna used excuses to help her see her boyfriend.

There was also a maid in the same house that was a true sourpuss!
She cracked me up, as her face was always all scrunched up.
Pollyanna's" glad game" about drove her nuts.
But of course she grieved the most when Pollyanna was hurt!

But there was a tragic twist!
Pollyanna was told that she could not go to the town fair!
The reason for the fair was to raise money for a new orphanage.
And of course the Aunt was against the idea, as she pretty much ran the whole town!

But Pollyanna had a part in the fair, 
She was supposed to sing the lead in a patriotic song
 And she just had to be there!
The fair was the highlight of this little girl's life.
She even won her very first doll!

Climbing down the tree was easier, but climbing back up into 
The attic bedroom was a very different scenario;

                         Pollyanna fell out of a tree trying to get back inside her Aunts home;
                                                                She was paralyzed!

                                 This sweet little girl was crushed, as all the gladness was gone!

                           She was taken to the big city for an operation by the
                                                            Doctor and her Aunt!
                                             (The Doctor was in love with Pollyanna's Aunt)

                                            The whole town escorted them to the train;
                                                          Now, My Question is this:

                                                      ~Does Pollyanna Walk Again~

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Country Boy...


Country Boy, Cowboy boots, Living from glory to glory blog...

Time to Reflect...

Here I sit thinking the yellow school bus will be coming down the road!
Well, maybe not!
 I think as all the children have grown up or moved away on this old country dirt road!

I homeschooled my own children, but I have always loved
this time of year when school supplies were being sold in bulk.
Notebooks and pencils and colored pencils and pens galore.

I am not really sure who really learned the most, myself or the children!

These boots no longer fit the little boys...
They are all taller than grandma!

I just thought I would share a couple of thoughts with you all!

I am slowing down a bit!
Freezer jelly sounds easier than canning!
Still trying to teach myself to play the piano!
Entering my Doll house into the State Fair this weekend!
(I will share some photos soon)
Doing a lot of praying for friends and family!
Trying to eat a bit healthier!

I am working on getting my joy back from losing my friend from brain cancer.

Taking a rest from many things I have done for 30 plus years!

Doing what I love!
Staying away from things that cause me stress.
Keeping in touch with the friends that I love and love me back!

I do not want to look back and see that I have just gone through the motions...

Simple Life
Simple Foods
Simple words of encouragement
Simple prayers
Simple truths
Simple lifestyle
Simple in being thoughtful
Simple in just being me...

I want to just say hello and thank you for all your kind words over these many years!

May you aspire to live the life you always prayed for!

Love, Roxy
Living From Glory To Glory

Christ Being Formed In Me...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Always Being A Bride To Your Spouse...

Being A Bride, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

How A Bride Looks And Feels...

When a woman prepares for her wedding day it is a 
 day that comes with much contemplation and preparation!

But sometimes a woman can put forth more effort on her wedding day itself,
 yet completely miss the part of till death do us part!

When we marry it must be for all the right reasons;

May we allow the love we once felt in our marriages;
Continue to prosper and not grow cold!

Too many women get so distracted and busy with just life,
They can stop putting forth any effort to foster loving words
and actions and being aloof.

When you live with your spouse for a long time
 you can either grow apart or closer together!

The choice is really yours!

May I encourage you to make each day a bit special!

You can prepare for either a special evening together.
Or an early morning alone time!

Remind yourself that being a bride is not just a one day occasion...

It is learning to be a bride daily!

Looking beautiful...
Feeling beautiful
A Gentle and quiet spirit
(I am sure you were not bossing him while walking down the aisle)
Being funny and witty!
Having an expectation of what is coming (alluring to him)
Smiles and a bit giddy...
Love is a powerful thing!

A wife must even see the side of a learning to be quiet!
(Not always talking)

The Old saying about the way to a mans heart is through his stomach;
Well, I can tell you this:
When a man is well loved and fed, he can so much easier enjoy his bride!

Keeping the peace and keeping the home fires burning...
In the kitchen and in the bedroom (smiles)

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