Friday, August 18, 2017

We Have Lost Our Shame In This Culture...

Lovely and Innocent, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Lovely and Innocent

We have lost are shame dear ones in this culture;

There was a time when you knew who the Harlot was;

Now, we have the results of free love and no correction!
Every top has very low necklines
Every design is provocative

When was the last time you blushed?

How often do our young women blush anymore?
Look they have been exposed to everything
(Between the movies and magazines and books)

This has gotten so out of control!
Even the kids that were supposedly protected many have been exposed through
The internet, and other friends!

We are sex crazed and sweet romance is long gone.
But, may I say that even if the world is living like this.
We can stay pure in our hearts and thoughts!
True romance is from the Lord;
Where HE brings two together to become one!
Protect your eyes!!
Protect your heart!!
We are told in the Word that we should make a covenant with our eyes.

The Washing Of The Word, Living from glory to glory blog...

We need the washing of the Word!
But a crooked and perverse heart will bring ruin and destruction,
On both men and woman!

I can't change the world, but I can guide my home;
And there lies my effect on society...

Your HOME is a sacred place!

Having good boundaries and keep the fruit stealers away...

Please be diligent, keep active and alert!

Read good wholesome books!
Watch good wholesome movies!

Look the other way when weirdness and sensuality struts by!
They just want to shock us and demand we except their stuff!

Hate the sin, but love the sinner...
What I usually do is smile and say hello and go about my business!

Blessings To You All
I so appreciate Your visits here;
My Little Part Of A Happy Home!
And a better world...


  1. Amen and Amen! Thank you once again for your very wise words.

  2. Dear Roxy, Such a powerful post! I am in total agreement with you; I also am so saddened when I see young woman wearing short shorts and low tops to church.
    Praying you have a blessed weekend.

  3. AMEN to THAT ! I agree 100 per cent! Our world is COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL !

  4. I know- it scares me to think of what kind of a world our sweet grandkids are growing up...and all the hate and violence that seems rampant in the world scares me. I just keep praying for them and for a more peaceful world. xo Diana

  5. None of this is a surprise to God even though it surely breaks His heart. The world is getting to be a scary place.

  6. So true, no one blushes anymore. I would hate to be raising young ones these days, but of course I hope to have grandchildren. It is a sad state we have allowed ourselves to be.

  7. All I can say is come Lord Jesus quickly!

  8. The world continues to be the way the prince of this world manipulates it to be. As for me, I'm with you in the way we see the world.... I smile, and go about my business. I don't interact nor comment, but I do pray for them.

    Our Lord is surely seeing this and sees the perversion of the world...and the tears must be bitter.


  9. Yes, it's sad Roxy. Morality is in short supply these days. We can only hope that virtue and morality will come back in fashion one of these days. In the meantime, we can live by our own values and pray for the rest. Sending hugs and blessings for your weekend. xo Karen

  10. I do my best to help my daughters. No t.v. Homeschooling. Unfortunately, some of the worst things they've been exposed to has been the result of going to church. If the church doesn't have standards they enforce, how will young people or older people ever achieve any semblance of holiness?

    We spoke on the phone of kindness. How many young people don't even truly know what common courtesy and kindness are? I was raised to smile and talk to people. My girls do the same. It's just who we are. One never knows if the smile you give or the encouraging word you give are the only ones that person has received that week. I used to say that day, but we go longer between kindnesses now it seems.

    So, I'll keep smiling. I'll keep being kind. I'll keep talking to people. I'll keep sharing the love of Jesus...even if I don't feel like it at the time. I truly believe that it is true that they will know we are Christians by our love. If we cannot offer that, why would they want to know more?

    Be blessed my friend, thank you again for calling.


  11. Dear Roxy,

    How some of these "Christian" young women dress today really sickens me. I wonder what we should do? It seems we must say something, as we are to "teach" the younger women to be chaste, etc. I just wonder how. If they really are Christians, they are marring the precious holiness of Christ by their unchaste behavior, and I'm sure are causing men to stumble...

  12. Let us focus our attention and energy on where we do make a difference. Let us teach our children in the Word of God and follow in His ways. Lovely and Innocent is definitely not something valued in this culture. It is a blessing to see one shows sensitivity. As a mother, I have learned to shelter my children. As the world scorns I rejoice when my children are sensitive to what they meet. Where they steer away from but are polite to the "unique" members of our society. Praying my girls find the true romance that the Lord will guide them to. Praying the Lord continues to teach me to a watch woman of our home.


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