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Does Pollyanna Walk Again...


Does Pollyanna Walk Again? Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I watched this sweet movie a few weeks back, and it was delightful!

At first I thought, I didn't want to watch this movie again!
As I have seen it so many times as a child.
But I decided I needed to look at it with a different perspective.

I saw so many things this time that were so good!
She was a little orphaned girl, because her parents died,
And she went to live with her very rich aunt.
This Aunt of course had money, but lacked in love.
Well, Pollyanna had plenty of that!
But it was her way of looking at life...
She always looked at the bright side of everything.
She played this game, that she called,
~The Glad Game~

Being an optimistic person, brings life and hope to others!

In Pollyanna's case she touched a whole town!!

So many wholesome changes were made in individual lives.

One lady was planning her own funeral just waiting to die.
But Pollyanna helped want to live and smile and be happy.

An older gentleman was a recluse, and needed no one.
Pollyanna had a little sidekick, cutest little boy;
This little boy won the heart of this older man.
With the help of Pollyanna!

A young maid was in love, yet could not get the time to spend with him!
Because she had so little time off as she worked for Pollyanna's Aunt.
But Pollyanna used excuses to help her see her boyfriend.

There was also a maid in the same house that was a true sourpuss!
She cracked me up, as her face was always all scrunched up.
Pollyanna's" glad game" about drove her nuts.
But of course she grieved the most when Pollyanna was hurt!

But there was a tragic twist!
Pollyanna was told that she could not go to the town fair!
The reason for the fair was to raise money for a new orphanage.
And of course the Aunt was against the idea, as she pretty much ran the whole town!

But Pollyanna had a part in the fair, 
She was supposed to sing the lead in a patriotic song
 And she just had to be there!
The fair was the highlight of this little girl's life.
She even won her very first doll!

Climbing down the tree was easier, but climbing back up into 
The attic bedroom was a very different scenario;

                         Pollyanna fell out of a tree trying to get back inside her Aunts home;
                                                                She was paralyzed!

                                 This sweet little girl was crushed, as all the gladness was gone!

                           She was taken to the big city for an operation by the
                                                            Doctor and her Aunt!
                                             (The Doctor was in love with Pollyanna's Aunt)

                                            The whole town escorted them to the train;
                                                          Now, My Question is this:

                                                      ~Does Pollyanna Walk Again~


  1. You know, I love Hayley Mills but can you believe that I have never seen this movie in it's entirety? Always just bits and pieces so I cannot answer your question because I know it for a fact...I will venture a guess and say that yes, she did! Now you've made me to want to go watch the movie on You Tube! Many good lessons to learn in this movie, no doubt! Fun post, Roxy. :)

  2. STAY POSITIVE! We ALL have soooo much to be thankful for!

  3. Growing up I was only allowed to watch black and white movies, National Geographic or Walt Disney movies. So when my mother in law introduced me to this movie I was surprised I had never seen. I watched it with my 3 young sons, back in the 90's, and loved it. I would hope that Pollyanna did walk again, but her positive attitude I'm sure helped her through if she never did!
    I always try to see the positive in everything and now I know I want a Pollyanna attitude always!
    I must see this again soon!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Mrs. Robichaux

  4. I've often wondered about that. I'm guessing she probably didn't but she decided to make the best of it and she continued to encourage others around her.

  5. Would you believe I have never seen this movie? But of course I have heard of Pollyanna. Who hasn't? I hope that I can be a little like her. I have a tendency to be a worrier. Something I know the BIble teaches is worth nothing. I would like to have more of a Pollyanna attitude. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. I am not sure if I have ever seen this movie or not. I know I have read a book about Pollyanna, but sure I have never seen the movie. Now, I know what to add to my list of items to pick up at the library.

  7. I'm intrigued. I'm wondering the same thing. I've never seen this movie but I'm guessing her positive approach to life helped her accept her circumstances no matter what the turn out.
    xx Beca

  8. I watched this movie when it was first aired on 'The Wonderful World of Disney' back in the 1960's. Every Sunday night my sisters and parents watched 'Disney' and I remember every movie like it was yesterday. We all wanted to be Pollyanna with her happy outlook on life! xx Karen

  9. Well, Guess I'm too much of an optimist. Being the big kid that I am and watching too many "happy ever after" movies I assumed she did walk again. And besides I never saw an old Disney movie that didn't end happily ever after. Even Old Yeller ended well. :)


  10. Hi Roxy,

    I was just catching up on some of your posts, as I have spent less time on-line this summer. Yes, Pollyanna does walk again! Eleanor Porter wrote a sequel, "Pollyanna Grows Up". My sisters and I loved the sequel! As I recall she regains her ability to walk and marries Jimmy. : )



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