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Why I Am Becoming A Loner In This Stage Of Life...


Being A Loner, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Becoming a loner at this time and stage of life has been so different!

I am in no way a loner by choice!
I am a people person to the core;
But may I try to explain this new course of the lack of involvement!

Once your kids all grow up and they leave home;
(As they should)
You no longer have anyone to keep you company while driving around doing errands.
(So now, I talk to the Lord)
You no longer spend your days homeschooling.
(Reading aloud to the children was interesting)
Lack of interaction in that arena;

My grandchildren are very busy with school and their families!
I have them often, but just not as much as when they were younger.
My grown children have busy lives, raising their children and having their friends.

When I did a ladies bible study a while back, I was gone for over 4 hours,
And that was so not good for me or my home.
How can we take care of our homes if we are away for that long of a period.
I have found I also prefer having a one on one visit with my girlfriends.
Or a plan on a ladies tea party for a bunch of us!

Also being gone and running around town by yourself is not necessarily safe.

I went into our thrift stores yesterday and it felt old and out of style.
Maybe you enjoy it more when your treasure hunting with a friend!
Mostly realized I truly do not need a thing...

Also, I have noticed when I am gone all day, it is harder to make dinner.

And seeing your house is in a need of a good dusting and you don't!
(Not Good)

When you meet a friend for lunch, by the time you get home your
Too tired to cook, not to mention gut rot from eating out.
And the money you spend just leaving home!

I have been keeping closer to home!
Cleaning out my desk and paperwork feels so good!
Deep cleaning and getting organized around my home.

Trying to save some energy to be able to prepare a good meal daily.

I am learning to enjoy the quiet and to read and study and create;
For myself and my family and my hard working hubby!
(A Hubby enjoys seeing his home in order and his wife rested)
That is why we need to count the cost of being away from home too often
Or too long of a time period!

We must have the wisdom to know what we should be involved in!
And this applies to every stage of life!!

A Proverbs 31 Lady;
Does not have to be involved in everything that comes down the river!
We need to learn to be content with not being busy and gone!

~Just remember God gives us fruit to firstly minister to our Husbands and our Homes~

Being Home, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Living From Glory To Glory


  1. So true. I spend a lot of time at our trailer at the lake in the summer. It is our "summer place", where Hubby drives after working all day. He says it refreshes him to be there in the evenings when I worry about him driving so far twice a day. It's SO easy to keep our little 29 foot trailer clean and have meals ready for him in my tiny kitchen. The "city" house stays relatively clean because we're not there. Our children and grandchildren all live far away and are not involved in our daily lives at all except through texts and facebook. (Thanks be to God for the person who invented those things so we can keep in touch so easily.) The summers at the trailer gives me even more time to read the Word of God and study. There is no running errands or spending money. It's much too far to jump in the car just to shop. I count myself blessed to be able to have this luxury of uninterrupted time.

  2. This was timely. I feel the same way about leaving home even for good things like Bible Study. It is hard to really focus on homemaking while also running around town, shopping, socializing,etc. My husband asks me why I don't go to the gym... and this is the reason. People don't understand when I turn them down for retreats or Bible Studies, " But you don't have a job! What do you do all day?" I guess it's hard to explain but sometimes I wonder if I am inefficient with my time. Good to know I'm not alone. Thanks for this post.

  3. What a good word for those of us at this stage of life. I do still love Bible studies, but I opted to have the ladies come to my house. I enjoy this time and the fellowship seems to be as important as the study since the women are all at the same place with no children left at home. I find great pleasure in sharing from God's word and serving coffee and tea to them each week. Our group has grown in number and become very close since we moved from the church to my home. The atmosphere is very different in a home. My husband is retired and encourages me to share our home each week. I do not attend retreats or involve myself in other social activities. I try to concentrate my time and energy on what I know God has for me to do. Then, do it with joy. I want to enjoy my husband and each day that God has given to me by serving Him through serving others.

  4. I understand what you mean, Roxie. I spend most almost all my time at home. My family live is the US, so I don't see them but very rarely. I miss them very much, and truthfully, sometimes I find I get lonely. I know I could go out running around town to fill a few empty hours, but truthfully I prefer to be in my home. There is always plenty to do, and resting is important for me. I do feel very blessed by the peace we have in our home..

  5. This post was timely for me as well. I find I am spending a lot of time alone. I was wondering of something was wrong with me. I am happier at home with my husband and our personal activities. I love to study, sew, clean, cook and honor God by keeping our little place on the planet up to His standards. The hustle and bustle of the world really doesn't interest me.

    The part of this lifestyle that confuses me is I see most other women my age in town who love and live for the various clubs and activities that are offered in our community. The thought of staying home doesn't even seem to cross their minds. I get the feeling they think I am the one with problems, but I sure don't see it that way.

    Thanks for the post, Karen

  6. There is great joy in homemaking. I love being around the house and life is definitely calmer when the routine of a clean and tidy home coupled with a good hot meal on the table. For awhile after I retired from teaching, I wondered if I was missing out by not going to lunch with the girls. Now, I love being home...I feel so much better just planning a happy home for my family.

  7. I am with you Roxy! Any time I have to leave the house, even for groceries or a trip to town, it is always so much to tend to when I get back. I am such a homebody, and being home makes me and everyone the happiest! I still have 2 college kids sort-of at home, and it is an in-between change of life for us. I am thankful for my blogging friends too, so nice to interact with them. Life is constantly changing, and we just have to go with it, but one thing I will always love is being at home with my garden, the animals, and just keeping house. It is fulfilling for me. Hugs to you dear friend!

  8. Perfectly described, Roxy. It gets more and more appealing to br at home.

  9. Since becoming ill, I have realized how I enjoy staying at home. I can do so much from home, that I just don't miss going out as much as I use to.
    Been involved in church activities or hobbies and the like, is quite fun, but not at the expense of our own home and the welfare of our family.
    Thank you Roxy for sharing...


  10. Roxy I enjoy being a homebody. I don't mind running errands but I'm so glad when I get back home. It's my sanctuary.

  11. I love alone time and wish my grandchildren knew this feeling!

  12. Thanks so much for this post, Roxy! I can really relate! I just finished homeschooling my youngest, just hit menopause, and feel like pulling up the "draw-bridge" and curling up on my sofa pouring thru the Word of God. The Lord Jesus is my Peace in these wicked days...May we all draw near to Him! Linn

  13. I too think on this.. but I do attend church on Sunday mornings I look forward to it and bible study on Wednesday evenings. And we have Ladies empowerment on Friday evening a month. But I barely visit a thrift store these days because I have way too much and are thinking of lessoning things. For I can't keep up anymore. But I don't feel to be away from home a lot either. I have one chi,d whose grown at home with two grandchildren and even tho I lo e them dearly I have been thinking a lot of living alone.. I'm just ready now for peace and quit with occasional visiting.. I don't do half the things I used to.. love and hugs Janice ps nice post

  14. You inspire me in so many ways. I'm now on house arrest until after Labor Day at least. By then, I'll know if the medicines are starting to work on my bone marrow to make white blood cells or not. So far it's not been working as it should this time through.

    It worked so well the last 4 times, I assumed it would keep working.

    Well, enough about me.

    You find beauty and truth and bless your husband and family. You are a true Titus 2 lady.
    God bless you!

  15. This is such a lovely post. It is so true!

    Imagine if more homemakers felt this way. So many of our homes would be restful lighthouses throughout this stressful land.

  16. I have a lot of people that I care for. It is easier now that most of them just got back to school. I enjoy being at home and stay there a lot. I also make time for God each day and talk to him often. If we are too busy we can't focus on God, right? He is now the center of my life instead of an evening prayer I can barely utter before I fall asleep. Thanks for sharing your insights Roxy. I always enjoy your posts.

  17. my husband has often shared that our home is a haven..
    i want to keep it as such. through a series of life
    happenings i've become more and more a lone lady.
    i don't have great desire to scout about the town
    and always get together with friends. this is a rare
    happening. today i'm meeting a friend for lunch
    and am instead wanting to remain home. in my haven.
    but i'll go .. then happily return to my home,
    my pooch, and my husband when he returns from work. ♥

  18. I've read this post over and over again...and it seems to sit as a gentle reminder of what being a homemaker is about. Being home! The world beacons us with enticing busyness. Of gain and adventure....but it lacks the peace of home. The world calls women out of the home painting it in a dim light. What I have come to learn is that it's just smoke and mirrors. Home has all the qualities of any great career and the fulfillment of following in the Lord's will for our lives. This is why the older women are to teach the younger...their wisdom flows down to us so that we may learn what is most important. I value you!

  19. This post takes on different meaning in a Covid world, doe it not?
    To think I was in the middle of chemo when you wrote this.
    God is so good to us.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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