Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Featuring: Where Your Treasure Is

Apple Pie, Living From Glory to glory Blog...

Now Featuring!
Where Your Treasure Is
Is this photo of this Apple Pie stunning or What?
Is this art or really a pretty pie?
Is this a secret apple pie recipe??
I want to introduce you to one of my most favorite Bloggers!
Her name is Pammie!
She has many talents and her heart is genuine!
She has a great Love of the Lord Jesus Christ.
She has an amazing talent with her love for picture taking.
She is an artist!
She can write the longest Posts,
 And leave the best comments EVER!
She is my dearest friend !
Please Go visit her wonderful Blog!
You will enjoy her...
I promise :)
Go To: Treasures In an Earthen Vessel

If you scroll down you will find this amazing,
 Carmel Apple Pie Recipe on her Blog!
May we all take some time to honor another
Each and Everyday!
We are all so special and unique,
Each of us has something very valuable to share.
We are women who have taken our calling
As Homekeepers to heart!
Keep Your Home Fires Burning Dear Ones.


  1. What a sweet ~ sweet post!
    I will go by ands pay her a visit.

    You enjoy this wonderful Autumn day!

  2. You are such a kind, sweet friend to others and for you to introduce us to Pammie is very thoughtful of you :) Her pie looks and sounds amazing! Off to visit her. Have a lovely day, Roxy.


  3. May the Lord bless you for your goodness.


  4. Rox,
    You are so, so precious to feature me. Wow. You have really blessed me. You are a dear friend. Thank you. Have a wonderful day, and may you be blessed in all that you do.
    Much Love,

  5. I must say, I feel so blessed to know every one of you and it's a true honor!! God has given so much to all of us homemakers and to be able to bless and honor someone else is just simply wonderful! Pam is an amazing person and her love for her family, friends and her homemaking skills is just awesome!
    And, she is indeed an artist!! What an awesome ability God has given you and your entire family!


  6. thank you for sharing! i'm definitely going to stop by her blog! you have a wonderful heart :)
    have a great day today!
    and a great rest of your week!
    short sleeved pants

  7. Awww Roxy! You touched my heart just reading this about my Mama, and I do have to say that you are so right!!

    Love you so much!
    ~ Marie

  8. I'll have to stop by as well! And that pie is stunning!! :)

  9. And you are an ANGEL! What a beautiful and inspiring POST! I love you Roxy and God sure blessed us all with you and your family. I must say, you are a constant inspiration in your writing, posting, pictures and all that you do! What a bright and beautiful light you shine... I LOVE YOU....!

  10. What a great post- I will go check your friend out- xo Diana

  11. No introductions necessary! And I see my other sweet friend Carrie from Farming on Faith is first to comment and will be calling in on Pam. I do like visiting and bumping into people I know! I plan to visit you all in real life one day you know .. it will happen God willing! My daughter is in Canada right at this moment and has already met and stayed with another sweet blogger friend Camille from Flowers in His Garden (Carrie knows her!)she is returning there on Thursday and staying one more night before flying back to Australia on Friday.
    I just loved what you said at the end Roxy - 'We are women who have taken our calling as homemakers to heart! And that is what unites us together with the love of our Saviour. I am richer for having met you all!

  12. Beautiful! I never thought of making dough roses!


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