Friday, November 15, 2013

Life Is Too Short For A Bad Cup Of Coffee

Life is too short for a bad cup of coffee!!
You are either a coffee drinker or not. But may I just give a
little advice to the world....
Do not assume just because  it looks like coffee,
Or smells like coffee. It must be the coffee.
When I go into a restaurant and I just want a cup
Of coffee, as soon as the waiter person asks if I want coffee?
I then must say yes, with this response!
(Only, if you will brew me a fresh pot) 
A pot of coffee that has been sitting there for 20 minutes,
Is not considered fresh to me :)
I also do not really care for the strong thick coffee's that
Is served in most Coffee Houses.
Then I get asked would you like cream?
Yes please!
(But I do use a lot so bring me plenty of it!)
I once won a a jingle that said to me,
Answer quickly!!
What is good to the last drop???
Maxwell House Coffee!!!
You're our winner!
I think it was a coupon, can't really remember.
But the point of this post is this...
Life is too short for a bad cup of coffee;
So let us drink coffee that helps us feel wonderful
Deep down inside.
I have been drinking this Breakfast blend from
Of course;
Maxwell House;
After all I was a winner.
So, please give me a fresh cup of coffee,
With lots of real cream,
And, I also use sugar please.



  1. Hello~
    How are you? I am good....I am 'another' Mayo daughter and its been a blessing to meet you!
    I had wanted to leave you a note to say A BIG HUG on the coffee!! You drink it just they I like it:)
    Yummy....and I also do (sometimes) coca,cool whip ect...!
    Have a great rest of your day:)
    Loving Jesus~
    P.S Mom says to tell you she is working on email to you but this past week we've had computer problems and just now getting it back on!Email coming sooooooon

  2. I'm with you- I immediately ask if the coffee is fresh when I order it and ask if they will brew a fresh pot if it has been sitting there. I don't like how bitter it tastes when it has been sitting over a heat plate...but I do drink it black. xo Diana

  3. I read your post to my husband who just broke into song about how Chock Full of Nuts is a heavenly coffee. We are fans of Tim Horton's coffee. I agree with you about fresh coffee with cream and sugar. My husband however say that there is no such thing as a bad cup of coffee. I say that he is chock full of baloney!

  4. I use to drink coffee however a few years ago I had a very bad case of the flu and have never drunk it since. I love the smell but can't drink it. These days I drink Jasmine Tea or a hot chocolate (on a cold winter's day). And because I watch my weight, I add a dash of milk and that is all.

  5. I'm bad. I drink coffee left over the next day! But the enchilada recipe looks great.

  6. I so agree!!!! But, I'm not a fan of Maxwell House, sorry! It's Cains for me and yes real cream and sugar too!!! After all, life is too short, and so am I! lol

  7. Roxy,
    I am just learning about cold drip coffee. I only heard it talked about once yesterday and didn't get much info, but I'm so interested because it is like soaking takes out the acidifying properties. I've so much to learn :0

  8. Hi Roxy, I am not a coffee drinker, but always loved the smell of it brewing in our home growing up! Yes, life is too short to not enjoy the better things in life. The title of my blog came from that cute commercial about that darling Swedish Mrs. Olson and Folgers. I finally got around to posting about my darling apron. Love it and again, thanks so very much!


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