Sunday, November 17, 2013

Take Five...

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Sometimes we all just need a break!
Nothing wrong with saying Time Out!!

I think what is really wrong is this;
Not helping our children or others that rely
upon us to know that there are healthy boundaries.
Or a line that sometimes people will cross.
Sometimes we allow others to demand more from us than we
Are equipped to do!

We may even be stepping over what God is doing in someones
life, and trying to rescue them.
God, has a plan always in motion, to train and teach us!
We must always pray for those who are struggling,
But, we must ask God what is this situation about?

And to help our children to learn some self control.
The: I want it NOW syndrome has caused much
Distress, and a self- made ME world...

If you are about to just flip;
When the baby is screaming or the children are
Fighting and you are bone weary.
Take  5 minutes or longer
To pull yourself together!

Boundaries and time out, are both very healthy
Things that a Godly woman can do, before the
Last nerve is laid bare!
Do not carry a burden that only Christ can carry!
Cry out to Him!
Rest in Him!
Tell your family that you're Super Mom uniform is
at the dry cleaners :)


Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Great message here, Roxy! I often open my mouth and say YES when I should have said NO! We do need to just turn things over! xo Diana

  2. Completely agree :))

    Have a lovely week.

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  4. 'We may even be stepping over what God is doing in someones
    life, and trying to rescue them.'

    Loved this : )
    This is so important Roxy. We must listen to His quiet voice if He wishes us not to interfere. Our 'good works' (leaning on our own understanding) can prolong the pain that someone is going through because of this.

  5. Hi Roxy! Love the new look on the blog! It's so clean and white and 'airy' feeling...nice!

    I loved that little photo you put up at the start of the post, it made me laugh! Who hasn't thought that this would be a great idea when the kids were younger (or older, just get stronger clothespins!)? I do think that it's not just the kids who need the 'time out', sometimes it's Mom!

    Wise, level-headed advice today, my friend!

  6. That photo made me laugh...hope that he's safe up there. Good word!

  7. Yes, it is true, and all too easy to fall into the "over-doing it" category. Love the post, and got such a laugh at the picture; too cute for words.
    Love and blessings,

  8. This is confirmation of the very thing the Lord has been telling me! Godly boundaries! Yes!

  9. You know me so well. Thanks for the reminder... And yes, I think my cape, I mean apron is at the dry cleaners for about a month! :)

    Oh, and you can borrow my kitchen aid now, it's not being used. HA Ha!

    Love ya,

  10. Excellent message, dear Roxy, and one that I truly appreciate. As a mom I can understand how easy it is to snap when I'm on my last nerve. Again, thank you, friend, for sharing this.

    Blessings to you!


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