Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Man's Ego...

A damaged Ego; Living from Glory to Glory Blog
Your Man's Ego
Did you know that if a man has a healthy Ego,
 it can and will help him become the
 Leader and protector of his home.
And a healthy ego will allow him to be your family's provider.
Many men, have damaged ego's because of there early
Childhood training,
Or a dominant Mother figure.
Or maybe what we might call a
(Mama's Boy)
Or a belittling Father.
A Mother did all the training, there was no man's influence.
Or from being spoiled and not taught how to work,
Or taught how to speak firmly, as a leader should.
So, what I wanted to say to all wives today is this;

Destroying your Man's Ego!
You must allow and help this very thing called
(A mans Ego)
To function and mature.
It is God who has given Men an Ego!
God created Men to have these ego's!
It is the world view to be alarmed over a
Young man's over inflated ego.
What really needs to happen is more understanding,
On how we as wives and mother's can
help in this area.
A healthy Ego is the very thing that will either
make him more masculine,
Or will destroy his manliness.
So wives if you want your husband to lead you,
You must first look at the ego.
What can a wife do to help his ego?

You must learn to let go of the always controlling everything!!
Do not ignore his advice...
Do not find fault with how he does things,
No matter if you think you could do a better job.

Tell him often:
 On how well he has handled or accomplished
something. We all need to know this very thing,
(that what we have done is good and right!)

Are you constantly finding fault with his efforts?
If you even utter these words...
You can't do anything RIGHT,
As soon as these words come out of your mouth,
or you have even thought them.
Repent to God,
Then apologize to him!
Look, it is like this, if you continue to nitpick
And find fault all the time, he will just quit trying
To lead you or his family!
More on this later;


  1. Hi Roxy! I think it's true that anyone can be brought low and feel 'less than' if they are not given support.

    Especially in these times of joblessness, where many men find their worth, the ego can take a real pounding. I loved your point about mentioning when your husband does well too. Too easy for me to just expect everything will be done. What about being grateful? I really should pay more attention.

    Good words today Roxie!

  2. Sorry! I meant "Roxy"! Ooops :)

  3. Ah, such wonderful wisdom and full of life this post has. Once, God showed me to let my hubby lead, all things went better and it glorified the Lord. Now, if only those other wives would figure this out, the better they will be too!

    I think we should praise them and be grateful for all that our hubby's do. They like it when we notice the things they do. And, that my friends is a great accomplishment!

    Happy Tuesday.... Wind and all! :)


  4. Good post - trying not to control one's husband is often a hard lesson to learn, but a very important one to do and a necessary one to achieve.



  5. Good post - trying not to control one's husband is often a hard lesson to learn, but a very important one to do and a necessary one to achieve.



  6. Very comforting to read this Roxy, and such a good reminder to me!

    I have enjoyed catching up on your blog dear friend!
    You always give me such a great foundation for my day!

    Love you

  7. Wow, so very true! And this wisdom is rarely seen or heard of these days. We as women need to hear truth concerning our homes and husbands. And when it is constantly avoided or never taught, we can all be left confused, hurt, angry, annoyed and ready for a good ole FIGHT! :) Thank you for your wisdom and insight Roxy! I loved what you wrote like I always do :)

  8. Mom, you could have not said it any better then that. It's so wonderful to hear that. I am so glad that you tell young mommies that are raising boys how important this is.


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