Friday, November 29, 2013

Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure
There have been so many times in my life, that
As a mature older woman ,I have experienced this kind of
Or, really maybe more like an outside influence.
Sometimes it may be people, other times it
can just be all the appointments on your schedule.
You know those seasons in your life where there are
so many changes going on, you sometimes can
be pressed into doing things that are putting
a greater discomfort on your well being.
For me it is usually keeping me up past my bedtime!
This girl needs her sleep!!
Sometimes just having to miss a meal, while
out shopping, and your routine is now hijacked
can allow your world to spin out of control;
Just because you missed a meal?
Or only 1/2 the amount of sleep needed?
It's all little dramatic, well it's my blog!
When we first start to feel this pull,
we rationalize and say,
Oh, have fun it's only this or this or this!
The truth is THIS;
When I get really out of sync,
My body suffers!
My Hubby gets less of me because I am feeling tired.
If I am gone all the time, my home looks a wee bit neglected.
I  must learn to navigate and to hear what
my body is saying!
Really the strain of doing and going on "sure will power",
can and will wear a girl out!
Now, don't get me wrong here;
We all need to push and persevere!
We have our homes to manage!
But at what cost to our health?
This girl loves here sweet sleep!
I function better on a full tummy!
What are some of the things that come at you that
might feel like peer pressure to YOU?
You should never put your tongue on a metal pole
No matter the peer pressure you may be feeling!
Or, you may have to call the Fire Department!


  1. You always have a word that blesses me! Wonderful post!

  2. I once put my tongue on a metal cake tin that had been in the freezer - it has the same effect and gave me quite a fright, I thought my tongue was going to be stuck for ever!!

    Wise words - learning to say NO is very hard and one that can take years to learn.

    May you have a lovely week. I need a few early nights myself, still trying to catch up after being away for a week. I love visiting my parents, but its so nice to be at home.


  3. I can so relate, and I need my sleep, too! I fail so often and pay the price :( Thank you for the encouragement not to give it!
    Blessings and a hug, Roxy!


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