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How To Persevere In Difficult Times...

The Storm has passed. Living from Glory to Glory Blog...

How to persevere in times when we cannot see clearly...

As we all know each day has its own difficulties;
But we can live in such a way that we can have peace in difficulties;
Difficulties really are just another opportunity to advance;

When we can continue doing the very things that bring order
And peace with a calm attitude will restore an outlook that overcomes!

I am once again standing my ground;
I find that each time becomes a bit easier to stay the course!
We build endurance and what I call the bounce aspect!

A bleak outlook on anything causes our heart's grief.
So this is why it is so important to keep our eyes wide open.
We do not have to turn a blind eye to the difficulties,
But rather choose to see the providence that is being worked out...

When I see the things that come to bring confusion and strife,
And situations that bring us to a point of feeling weary!

Stay the course, dear ones!

I promise that soon you will be able to see clearly...

Perseverance- to continue a course of action in spite of difficulty

An idle hand or mind can become an open end;
May I suggest that you keep a book that feeds you close at hand.
Learn to do a craft such as knitting or crocheting,
As these can be done while sitting with your family in the evenings.

 Always keep a running list of ideas for improving your home...
Such as repainting something or deep cleaning an area of your home.
Always keep a box filled with lovely paper to make cards.

We are warned to keep watch...

As Godly women we can either allow the cares of the world to rob us of.
Our Qeenship status of our Homes,
We can obey God and be Homekeepers, that watch over our Homes!

Take the oil that has been provided for you!
Do not hide your light under the bushel
Shine On...

For your light is what will be seen coming from your windows
Of a Home guided by the word and love

I can see clearly now the storm has passed...


  1. The end reminds me of that old song- I Can See Clearly Now.

    When I have had times when I had to persevere I always try to look past what is right in front of me so that I can get to the other side. Sometimes it is not easy to do..but I find that it is always easier to go through something rather than try to circumvent it.

    Good post, Roxy. xo Diana

  2. This was beautiful! Thank you.

  3. Spot-on, Roxy. I'm reminded of the saying, "Go until you can see further." It applies to the fog in your posts image, the fog of adversity. We want to turn in our high-beams. We want to pull over until it lifts. But if we'll just put one foot in front of the other, if we'll just keep on keepin' on, we'll get through to the other side.

    Happy weekend,

  4. This was so encouraging Roxy. Thank you for the ideas for keeping my hands busy. I have been trying to think of more was to stay at home and stay busy.
    I am beginning to think staying at home is a lost art with folks nowadays. Everyone is running at top speed. I think it takes creativity to be at home and keep your mind and hands busy.
    I appreciate your continued encouragement.
    Hugs from Shirley

  5. It's the only way to live, Roxy! I hope you are enjoying your weekend :)

  6. Some excellent advice! I like the image you have selected. When I was overwhelmed by the driveway full of snow, John would remind me to just not think about it and focus on what was right in front of me. Then, too, so much is going on all the time,,,

  7. I needed this today, Roxy. Thank you...

  8. Dear Roxy, such an uplifting post - it encouraged me greatly today...
    My sister and I were talking about this very thing just yesterday when we were ''washed away'' at our local craft market... The rain came down, yet the Lord helped me to have joy in spite of it all! But sometimes it is so easy to give in to the difficulties that arise suring this blessed life - we need to persevere! There is always sunshine in the rain and calm at the end of a storm!
    Thank you for this beautiful post!
    May your day be wonderfully blessed! Enjoy your sewing this week, Roxy!
    Hugs and lots of love!

  9. Wow, this was really encouraging! There are seasons in life when you see a long long straight way ahead, and others when you know there´s a turning of the road coming, and you can´t see what´s after that. Your post really gives me strength by reminding me that the Lord has planned everything beforehand.
    What can I do, then? As the old poem said, just do the next thing. We have light only for the next step. It´s all about trusting in the One who is guiding.
    Thank you for the encouragement.

  10. Oh so true, Roxy, This is something I have been dealing with, I needed this reassurance this morning! Be still before God and wait on His guidance then carry on! Don't give up, Persevere!

  11. A beautiful post, Roxy. Thank you.

  12. I came here to be filled up and you didn't disappoint.
    I felt every word you wrote.
    I don't knit or crochet but I love the idea of keeping a box of pretty papers to make cards!

  13. I have finally grown to the point where standing my ground is not a choice! Those that oppose just know that is the way it is! I intend to be a godly woman and live a godly matter how hard the decisions to stay the course become! Thanks for an inspiring post!

  14. I think it is so good to keep busy with good things and not allow ourselves to sit and worry.
    And yes, staying the course and persevering is hard, but we need to "set our face like flint." In due time, we will reap the benefits.
    Blessings to you, xo

  15. It's all about perspective isn't it! We can choose to look down, or look up, and either way there is a path to follow - choosing the high road of faith is always best! Great uplifting words you've shared!

  16. Very wise words, Roxy; thank you for sharing.

    Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful week!


  17. Dear Mrs. Roxy,
    Thank you so much....God really gave you what we needed to hear and when. Thank you so much for sharing your heart! Love and blessings to you!! Love, Jessica

  18. This is just beautiful Rox. Wise words, and I agree wholeheartedly; and "having done everything to stand firm, we stand firm"…. Loved catching up with you the other day.

  19. Praise God we can be lights in and through our homes! I love to think about things that I can do to make my home better as I fall asleep at night. :)

  20. This was written years ago, but it is definitely applicable now. I plan to include it with my weekend reading post this weekend on October 17th.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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